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The Three Calloways is a 1945 American animated film and the 7th theatrically released animated feature produced by Michael Shires. It was released to theatres by Republic Pictures on July 12, 1945.


  • Don Barclay as Douglas Duck
  • Jack Mercer as Joe Pocala
  • Harry E. Lang as Jakie Moarti
  • Dink Trout as Wallace Woodpecker
  • Bernard Holloway as Professor Holloway


  • Sound Recording: C.O. Stevens
  • Process Effecs: Bert Gilbert
  • Directing Animators: Mike Klein, Fred Thompson, Oliver Jones, Walt Kennedy, Walt Richardson Eric Dodgers, Nigel Freeman, Wallace Lester, Mike Davis, James Lasseter
  • Animation: Fred Michaels, Harold King, Harold Anderson, Hal Ambro, Bill Charles, Bob Johnson, Henry Thomas, James Stevens, Ed Augustin, Virgil Jones, J.W. Williams, Martin Ansolabehere, Volus Jones, Carlo Vinci, Dick Lundy
  • Special Effects Animation: Graeme Rowley, James Michaels, Don MacManus, John Brown
  • Songs by Frank Marsales, Frank Cosgrove, Ray Gilbert, Allie Wrubel, Sammy Fain, Eliot Daniel
  • Layout: Doug DeGuard, Ralph Bruckheimer, Kendall O'Connor, Dick Bickenbach, Yoram Patterson, McLeonard Stewart, Charles Phillips
  • Background: Al Davidovich, Mike Core, Clarence Chase, Ray Hellmann, Robert Gentle
  • Musical Directors: Clarence Wheeler, Eddie Kilfeather, Paul J. Steck
  • Production Supervisor: Bert Stevenson
  • Story: Ernest Peters, Otto Englander, Webb Smith, Ray Cartwright, Roy Wallace, Bill Phillips, Tom Oliver, Tom Oreb, Mike Beck, Bob Beck
  • Art Supervisors: Mary Spargo, Kenneth Armstrong, John Hathcock
  • Sequence Directors: Robert McKimson, Gerry Chinqiuy, James Kenny, Robert Stevens
  • Director: Joshua Meador
  • Photographed by Gregg Toland
  • Animation Camera: Gene Moore (uncredited)
  • Art Director: Richard F. Irvine
  • Choreography: Billy Daniels
  • Photographed by Gregg Toland
  • Technicolor Color Director: Natalie Kalmus
  • Assoicate: Morgan Padelford
  • Color Consultant: Phil Dike
  • Process Technician: Richard Jones
  • Technical Advisor: Gail Papineau
  • Film Editor: Douglas Holiday
  • Live-Action Director: Harve Foster