The Thing 3 is a science fiction horror movie starring Danielle Panabaker, Kay Panabaker, Chelan Simmons, Ryan Merriman, Odette Yustman, Meagan Good, Dakota Fanning, David Paetkau, A.J. Cook, Megan Fox, Crystal Lowe, Michael Cera, Jesse Metcalfe, Ashanti, Ellen Page, Seann William Scott, Ben Foster and Woody Harrelson.


After the plane crash, Two sisters discovery of shape-shifting alien who kill people in Antarctic. They go to find a alien with the help from they friend and scientists but they had to try to not get killed by alien.



Danielle Panabaker as Danielle Prescott

Kay Panabaker as Karen Prescott

Chelan Simmons as Ashley Tucker

Ryan Merriman as Trevor Anderson

Odette Yustman as Marnie Patterson

Meagan Good as Trish Sanders

David Paetkau as Randy Mitchell

A.J Cook as Dr. Chrissy Campbell

Megan Fox as Sally Nichols

Dakota Fanning as Carrie Perkins

Crystal Lowe as Jessica Ridger

Michael Cera as Peter West

Jesse Metcalfe as John Carson

Ashanti as Dr. Gina Coleman

Ellen Page as Emily Cyrus

Seann William Scott as Dr. Nick Baxter

Ben Foster as Dr. Michael Randall

Woody Harrelson as Professor Eric Bosley

List of Deaths in chronological order

Emily Cyrus ( Assimilated by the thing, imiation incinerated with a flamethrower by Trevor)

Dr. Gina Coleman ( Impaled in the eyeballs, head ripped open by the Emily-Thing)

Professor Eric Bosley ( face bitten off by the Emily-Thing)

Dr. Nick Baxter ( Assimilated by the Emily-Thing, imitation incinerated with a flamethrower by Karen)

Dr. Michael Randall ( Impaled with the Baxter-Thing's appendage, killing him)

Peter West (  Impaled through the chest with the Baxter-Thing's appendage)

Carrie Perkins ( Impaled through the back with the Baxter-Thing's appendage)

John Carson (  Assimilated by the Baxter-Thing, imitation frozen and destroyed with liquid nitrogen by Trevor)

Sally Nichols ( Assimilated by the Carson-Thing, imitation incinerated with a flamethrower and blown up with a dynamite by Danielle)

Marnie Patterson ( Gored and devoured by the Carson-Thing)

Trish Sanders ( Impaled and ripped in half by the Sally-Thing)

Randy Mitchell ( Assmilated by the Carson-Thing, imitation destroyed in the explosion while Chrissy sets the self destruct button)

Jessica Ridger ( Decapitated by the Sally-Thing)

Ashley Tucker ( Raped and consumed by the Randy-Thing, She was incinerated by Danielle to put her out of her misery)

Dr. Chrissy Campbell ( Killed in the explosion along with the Randy-Thing while she sets the self destruct button)

Assmilated Characters:

Emily Cyrus

Nick Baxter

John Carson

Sally Nichols

Randy Mitchell


Danielle Prescott

Karen Prescott

Trevor Anderson

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