The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part IV, also known as The Legacy of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is a 2012 American slasher film

The film was shot on location in Grange, Texas at the same plantation, while some of the scenes where shot on a lot in California.

The film is based upon the comic "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Cut!" which follows a group of young filmmakers as they attempt to film a documentary about the Texas Chainsaw murders. The storyline of one of the group trying to connect the murders to her mysterious past was incorporated by writer Simon Barrett.

Plot Summary 

  • While on a trip with some friends, a young woman uncovers her hidden past and encounters a group of cannibalistic, chainsaw-wielding psychopaths in this sequel to Marcus Nispel's 2003 reimagining of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Plot Synopsis 

The film begins in August of 1995, as Jessie and Darla, two University of Dallas students, are picked up outside their apartment by three men: Mike, Darla's boyfriend and an aspiring documentarian, his camera man and friend, Marty, and sound man, Vince. The group are en route to Fuller, Texas, a defunct town haunted by the unsolved Texas Chainsaw murders, which occurred in the 70's. The students stop a couple of miles out of Fuller where they get a motel room, before continuing on and discovering the town is hosting it's annual Meatfest. They attempt to interview some locals, who turn them away. One of the contestants for Meatfest reveals he knows the location of the abandoned Hewitt farm and offers to take them to the house later that night, so that Mike can film some stuff. 

The group drive back to the motel, where Darla and Jessie remain. Mike, Marty, and Vince meet the Cook at an abandoned factory, and he leads them through some woods to the house. Once there, the Cook gives them a tour of the place. While Vince is setting up some equipment, a deformed man sneaks up on him and kills him with a bolt gun to the head. He then drags Vince's remains away. Marty is likewise ambushed by Leatherface, who hangs him from a chandelier and disembowels him his chainsaw. Mike doesn't hear the commotion when he and the Cook go outside. When they return they discover Mike's friends have disappeared. He returns to the motel, believing that Marty and Vince had simply passed out from smoking too much marijuana. 

When Mike returns to the motel without his friends, Darla and Jessie become concerned. They return to the abandoned house and factory the following morning and search for them, and Jessie discovers human teeth and discarded photographs. The group search the house, and Darla is ambushed by the same deformed man, who murders her with a sledgehammer. Jessie encounters the Cook, while Mike slips in Darla's blood, discovering her remains. Suddenly, Leatherface emerges from the basement and slices Mike's Achilles' tendon, while a horrified Jessie runs upstairs. The men capture Mike, while Jessie hides in a bedroom. She escapes Leatherface by jumping from an upstairs window. Jessie runs back to the factory and attempts to escape in their vehicle, but discovers it is useless.

As Leatherface appears and begins to force his way inside the van, Jessie escapes and runs to a nearby barbecue, where she encounters an old woman. The woman offers to help her, and Jessie discovers that the meat being cooked is actually human flesh. In her attempt to escape, Jessie is wounded by the woman, who knocks her unconscious. Some time later, Jessie wakes up, surrounded by the remains of her friends, as well as the reunited Hewitt family. A frightened Jessie is forced to watch as Mike is dispatched using a bolt gun. She manages to escape her ties and kills the Butcher by shoving a knife through his throat. 

The Cook and Momma send Leatherface after Jessie, who discovers the Blair Meat Factory in some nearby woods. She uses a large knife to defend herself with, hiding in a nearby locker. As Leatherface approaches, Jessie emerges from the locker, wounding him and causing him to drop his weapon. As she continues her assault on him, they are knocked over a banister and into a large container charged with blood. The two struggle and Jessie manages to climb out of the container, leaving Leatherface's fate unknown. A traumatized Jessie emerges from the woods, appearing on a nearby road, covered in blood. A young couple stops to help her, as Leatherface appears, swinging his chainsaw at them. 

Some time later, Jessie is interviewed at a small clinic in Dallas, where she watches as a catatonic woman is wheeled by on a gurney. The women glance at one another, recognizing the trauma they have been through, as the film concludes.  

Cast and Characters 

  • Jessie is the most resilient of her group and turns out to be the survivor. She is best friends and roommates with Darla, and was once a foster child, who ran away from home numerous times, staying in the system until she came of age. She works as a waitress at a truck stop in Dallas, TX, and goes with the group out of curiosity.. It is later discovered that Jessie is the daughter of the distraught hitchhiker from the beginning of the first film, having been rescued by Erin Hardesty twenty five years prior. She is revealed to be majoring in Social Work, due to her background as a foster child. 
  • Thomas Brown-Hewitt (also known as Leatherface), is the main antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and a serial killer who remains unapprehended in Texas. He was thought to have been killed in a vehicular accident following the previous film, though this remains to be seen. He is the brother of the Butcher and Cook in this film, and is somehow related to Henrietta, the old woman and daughter of the now deceased Tea Lady, a once corpulent woman and member of the Hewitt family, who was known to drug her victims. Leatherface is known for his grotesque masks of human flesh, as well as his chainsaw. 
  • The Butcher is the son of Hank and the nephew of Leatherface, though his name is never given. He is a deformed young man with a large scar on his face, who wields a bolt-gun. 
  • The Cook is the older brother of the Butcher, and bares some unknown relation to the Hewitt family. He is thought to be the son of Henrietta, but this is never revealed. He operates a local barbecue restaurant that was once the gas station seen in the previous films. 
  • Momma is the matriarch and leader of the now defunct Hewitt family. She is just as ruthless as her sons. 
  • Mike is a film student at the University of Dallas and the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Darla. He is revealed to be edgy and has an obsession with serial murderers and unsolved crimes and is known to record everything on his camera. He is best friends with his roommates, Vince and Marty, who also act as his camera and sound men. He is seen as the most intelligent of the group. 
  • Darla is Mike's on-again, off-again girlfriend and the best friend of Jessie, regarding her as a sister she never had. Darla is loud and outspoken and is usually seen as more outgoing than her friend and roommate, Jessie. She is also known to be more sexual and confident. She works as a waitress at a diner with Jessie, though she is revealed to be attending school along with Mike and the others. 
  • Vince is one of Mike's best friends, as well as his sound equipment assistant. He is close friends with his roommate, Marty, and is usually seen ogling Darla or Jessie. 
  • Marty is Mike's other best friend and camera equipment assistant. He is close friends with Vince and is usually seen smoking marijuana. He is a stoner. 
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