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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part III is a 2010 American slasher film and a sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II. The film is directed by Greg McLean and follows a woman traveling across Texas, only to be stopped in the town of Fuller and preyed upon by the surviving members of the Hewitt family, who have since taken over the town in the last couple of years, having forced them into cannibalism. The film stars John Gallagher Jr. as Nate; Gallagher Jr. previously starred in McLean's 2016 horror film The Belko Experiment. The film also features Callie Hernandez as Laura, a young woman on the run from her abusive husband.

The film was shot on location in Grange, Texas, while the same tunnel sets were reused that had been built for the previous film.

The film is inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leatherface.


A young woman named Anna watches the news, which reveals that WTX journalist Kim Burns survived her encounter with the Hewitt clan and is now in a hospital. Anna's husband, Richard, comes home drunk and attempts to physically assault her. In response, she wounds him with a boning knife, before collecting some belongings and leaving in Richard's vehicle. With nowhere to go, Anna plans to cross over the border into Mexico, stopping in the town of Fuller in Travis County, Texas, for the night. She stops at a gas station where she goes to relieve herself, only to be watched by the attendant, Clem, whom she threatens with a pistol. She leaves and gets a room at a local motel, run by a man named Lyle, who watches as she prepares to shower. However, she discovers the remains of a man in the shower, before she is ambushed by serial killer Thomas Brown Hewitt, or Leatherface. He pursues her to the motel office, where she barricades the door and escapes by climbing out a small window. She encounters Lyle in the parking lot, but he subdues her.  Some time later, Richard begins searching for Anna, planning to get vengeance, by using a police communicator to follow reports and sightings on Anna, which lead him to town. Anna's younger brother, Lee, also arrives in town searching for his sister. He enters a local bar to request help, but is subdued by the patrons, who bring him to the Hewitt clan. Anna wakes up in the derelict Hewitt house, surrounded by the family. Richard discovers the vehicle and obtains the pistol, before entering the same bar to get help, but is ambushed by the patrons, one of whom he shoots. The men point him towards the Hewitt house, where he goes to rescue Anna and Lee, who are being tortured by the family. Lee attempts to escape, but is captured and his legs are smashed with a sledgehammer. Richard appears and threatens the family members with the pistol; when Jedidiah approaches him, Richard shoots him in self-defense. A melee ensues and Anna manages to escape the house, while Lee attempts to delay Leatherface, who in turn decapitates him with a chainsaw.  Leatherface pursues Anna to a nearby meat processing plant, while Lyle murders Richard with a meat cleaver to the face when his gun jams. Anna hides behind some plastic sheets in the factory, while Leatherface searches for her. She soon ambushes him, wounding him numerous times with a meat hook, before they are knocked over a banister and into a large cistern filled with blood. With Leatherface's chainsaw still whirring, Anna manages to climb out of the blood and escape the plant. She manages to stop a passing motorist in a truck, but Leatherface appears once again and murders the man by swinging a meat hook into his mouth. Covered in blood, Anna pushes the man's corpse out of the truck, driving away, while Leatherface swings his chainsaw in frustration over another escaped victim. 


  • Anna Daniel
  • Lee 
  • Richard Daniel
  • Thomas Hewitt 
  • Lyle Hewitt 
  • Clem Hewitt 
  • Luda Mae Hewitt 
  • Henrietta Hewitt 
  • Montgomery "Monty" Hewitt 
  • Ezekiel Hewitt