The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II is a 2006 American slasher film and a sequel to the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film was directed by Eli Roth and stars Rachel Nichols as a Texas news anchor, Kim Burns, while Bryan Cranston portrays Agent Baines, an FBI agent on a quest to avenge the murder of his niece, who was one of the victims from the previous film. Andrew Bryniarski reprises his role as Thomas Brown Hewitt, who is now known in the media as notorious serial killer Leatherface. R. Lee Ermey plays a new character named Hank, who is the twin brother of Charlie Hewitt, formerly known as Sheriff Hoyt. Jessica Biel reprises her role as survivor Erin Hardesty in archival footage. The film was shot on location in Texas, while all of the scenes that take place in the tunnels under the town of Fuller, TX were sets that were built on a lot and shot with actors.

The film follows Kim Burns as she investigates the murders with her news crew, while Baines and his team attempt to make some kind of sense of the investigation, with Baines using the investigation as a ruse to avenge the murder of his niece, Pepper.

The film is a direct adaption of the comic book sequel to the remake of the original film, which was simply entitled "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" by Wildstorm Comics.


A year following the infamous Texas Chainsaw killings, on June 13th, 1974, four police officers in Travis County, Texas are on a high speed chase, pursuing a mentally unstable man driving a meat truck. One of the police officers blows out the tires on the truck, causing the front end to tip over as a result. The man emerges from the wreck unharmed, laughing maniacally. The officers open up the back of the truck to see what is inside, where they discover human remains. Suddenly, infamous serial killer Thomas Brown Hewitt, now known as Leatherface, emerges from the cab wielding a chainsaw. He murders the responding officers, before freeing his psychotic cousin.

A week following the murders of the officers, two FBI agents: Baines and Hooper, are traveling through Texas, on their way to investigate the offices of Sheriff Hoyt, following Charlie Hewitt's death. They reach the police station, where they are met by their colleagues, Agents Henkel and Bond, and Sheriff Christie. The men set up a small command center at the Hewitt Gas Stop. Meanwhile, Kim Burns, a local anchor for WTX News, arrives in Fuller with her news crew: Marcus and Karla. The group stop at a trailer, where they ask for directions from a corpulent woman who attempts to serve them some tea, but they leave as she is walking out.

The agents review the footage of the walkthrough that appeared in the previous film, in which Leatherface murdered a police officer. They also discover Hoyt's office in the basement of the fueling station, where he had commemorated the family's brutal crimes, leading to Baines revealing he is the uncle of Pepper, one of Leatherface's known victims. The men go to investigate the now abandoned Hewitt house, where Bond and Henkel discover a secret passageway leading into the sewer system, as well as human remains.

Baines leaps down in after Henkel, who has stumbled upon the bodies. The men begin to explore the tunnel and Baines remarks some of the bodies are fresh, indicating the killers are nearby. Burns and her crew arrive at Blair Meat Factory, where they are given a tour by a worker named Hank. Karla is left alone outside in the van, only to be lured away by a little boy.

Henkel and Baines continue to explore the tunnel, while Hooper and Bond call in back up. Karla suddenly awakens in the Hewitt family's underground home, where she is tortured relentlessly. Kim and Marcus return to the news van, where they discover Karla has disappeared. They return to the factory to search for her, where Hank stuns Marcus with a cattle prod. Kim attempts to escape, but Hank stops her and knocks her unconscious. Kim awakens bound, gagged, and hanging from a meat hook, next to Marcus. Hank murders Marcus in front of her, before Kim escapes by leaping out of a window.

Baines suddenly arrives, having come out the other end of one of the underground tunnels. He and Hank proceed to fight with chainsaws, while the Hewitt family ambush the remaining agents. The Tea Lady and Henrietta knock Agent Henkel unconscious with a tea kettle, while Zeke emerges from a body bag and murders Bond by impaling him through the chin with a Bowie knife. At the factory, Baines manages to kill Hank, only for Leatherface to appear and attack him. Kim rescues him with her news van. The two retreat back to the gas station, where they discover Bond's corpse stuffed inside the front counter, while Henkel has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Hooper discovers the family in their underground lair with Karla, but when Hooper aims a gun at Luda Mae, Jedidiah intervenes and kills him with a meat cleaver to the head. An injured Baines tasks Kim with rescuing Hooper from the family. However, she is quickly captured by the family, who force her to take part in their twisted family dinner. Baines arrives to rescue her and holds the family hostage with a grenade, which Shiloh sets off as Kim escapes with a barely conscious Henkel. As the two make their escape, Leatherface decapitates Baines, before emerging from the ground and killing Henkel as well. Kim makes her way into town, where she stumbles into bar.

Kim begs for help from the bar patrons, who deny her use of the phone. Suddenly, Leatherface enters and drags her out of the bar, tossing her back into the truck. As they are driving back to the Hewitt family's now destroyed lair, Kim tricks Leatherface, who snags his prosthetic hand on a meat hook. She succeeds in pushing Leatherface out of the cab, before impaling Zeke through the back of his seat with the chainsaw. Traumatized, Kim emerges from the cab of the overturned truck, walking onto the highway with Leatherface's chainsaw in hand.


  • Rachel Nichols as Kim Burns, an ambitious news reporter for WTX News.
  • Andrew Bryniarski as Thomas Brown Hewitt, aka "Leatherface", a serial killer infamous for his mask of human flesh.
  • Bryan Cranston as FBI Special Agent Baines, a vengeful FBI agent looking to avenge the murder of his niece, Pepper.
  • Patrick Wilson as FBI Special Agent Hooper, Baines' young protege.
  • Laurence Fishburne as Agent Bond, an FBI agent assisting Baines in his investigation.
  • Ed Harris as FBI Special Agent Henkel
  • R. Lee Ermey as Hank, the twin brother of Charlie Hewitt.
  • Julian Richings as Zeke Hewitt, Leatherface's cousin and Shiloh's brother; he is one of the more ruthless members of the family, who enjoys murdering innocent people.
  • Matthew McConaughey as Marcus, Kim's cameraman who is hinted to have romantic feelings for her.
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Karla, Kim's assistant.
  • Marietta Marich as Luda Mae Hewitt, the matriarch of the Hewitt family
  • Terrence Evans as Old Monty Hewitt, an amputee and the oldest member of the Hewitt family.
  • Heather Kafka as Henrietta Hewitt, the daughter of The Tea Lady.
  • Kathy Lamkin as The Tea Lady, a corpulent woman with a taste for tea. Her relation to the Hewitt family is unknown, although it is speculated she may be Luda Mae's sister.
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Shiloh Hewitt, Zeke's simple minded younger brother and Leatherface's cousin.
  • David Dorfman as Jedidiah Hewitt, the youngest member of the Hewitt family.
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