The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IV: Return Of The Family is a 2017 American Horror-Comedy film and the fourth installment of the franchise. A sequel to it was actually a prequel to the films and it will be called Texas Chainsaw Massacre V: The Origin.


The film starts with a narration saying that the Sawnyer family are no longer around, that Junior's younger son Tom was adopted by the Slaughter family but he already knows who his real family is, and Junior and Little Girl were sentenced to life in jail.

Childhood friends Tom and Jenny start going to the freshmen prom because Tom had a crush on her since they were kids but before the prom, Tom shows her his real face and she only is scared by it, causing bullies to beat him up. Tom gets revenge on them by killing them. Jenny invites him to talk with her at the docks but her step-dad calls the cops. Jenny wants Tom to turn himself in but he wanted be with her. However, they are interrupted by the cops and they shoot Tom until he falls in the lake, he is presumed dead.

3 years later, Jenny (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) goes to a senior prom with her new date Sean (Bobby Campo) and their friends Barry (Zac Efron) and Heather (Anna Faris). However, Barry is caught having an affair and his date dumps him. Jenny and Sean keep on remembering Tommy because Sean promised to take care of Jenny.

When they arrive in Texas, they meet a red neck named Vilmer Slaughter (Skeet Ulrich) and a ill-tempered hillbilly named W.E. Slaughter (Bill Moseley).


  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Jenny
  • Daniel Radcliffe as Tom "Leather" Slaughter
  • Bobby Campo as Sean
  • Zac Efron as Barry
  • Anna Faris as Heather
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