Their was this group coming from LA to go to Texas for a vacation. Their car broke down. Billy and his friend John pushed the car up to the gas station.They met The Hitchhiker. The Hitchhiker ask your car broke down. Billy said "Yeah can you help me please?" He said "Definetly buddy hold on i'll be right there"The Hitchiker ran into the gas station and grabbed a shot gun. He walkied out and walked closer to John. John was getting the money from his wallet to pay him.. The Hitchker pulls the trigger and shots him in the head. Billy jumps out of the car and Screams. "WTF Man why did you did that?"The Hitchiker said "Because he deserves it it's good for people to die." Billy said "You crazy motherfucker!" Billy and The Hitchhiker was fighting. The Hitchhiker was fighting.The Hitchhiker took a butcher knife out and stabbed Billy 18 times. Billy's girl friend Maranda got out and said "What The Hell is going on?" She turned around and found them dead. She screamed "Oh My God".She cried and said "You sick Son Of A Bitch!" another one of Billy's friends got out and found them dead. Tyrese said"Oh Shit" Maranda was crying and Tyrese said it's not worth it Maranda come on let's try to get out of here.==Section heading== Tyrese,Miranda,another Billy' friend Jay,Scarlet,Ladeja,Drew,and Bobby walking altogether lost Bobby asked "Where The fuck are we?' Tyrese asid "I don't know'A big sign said Texas and there far passed away from the Texas sign. Suddenly a ratling Chainsaw came closer to Bobby.Next thing Bobby was decapited.Miranda turned around and said"Oh Shit" Everyone ran.Everyone was tired and out of breath.They all found an old looking house and The Cowboy popped up and Asked"What's Wrong?" Everyone asked "Can you help us?"The Cowboy said "Well sure I could."The Cowboy went to the basement and grabbed a hammer and he put it into his pocket. He went up stairs and said to Miranda"Come on darling I'll help yabjust follow me." Miranda followed the cowboy and he gaved her the phone and The Cowboy seaked behind her, She turned around and bashed her in the head 19 times. Tyrese kept saying" Where the fuck is Miranda?" Tyrese came downstairs and slipped on her blood. He turned around and he yelled "Oh shit" Him and the Cowboy were fighting. Tyrese ran up the stairs and said"Miranda's dead we gotta get out of here" Everbody ran out of the house. Leatherface popped up out of nowhere and Tyrese fates unknown Leatherface takes the chainsaw and stabbed and cut him up into pieces.The door was knocked and Scarlet was yelling "HELP" The hitchhiker pops up and hit him on the back and cop him up 20 times.He comes in and everyone said"You that lunatic from the gas station."The Hitchhiker told Leatherface " Tommy,Get them motherfuckers" Leatherface grabbed Drew hang him up on the hook and decapitaded his torso. Leatherface walks upstairs and everybody with Jays face as a mask. Everybody was tied.

up. The Hitchhinker was saying"Is this fun?" La-deja yelled "LEAVE US ALONE" Drew yelled" You Motherfucker if you put your hands on her I fucking kill you" The Hitchhiker said "Tommy take this hammer you know what to do." Leatherface tooked the hammer and bashed his head 20 times. The cowboy took Ladeja upstairs and the Sawyer's family gaged up and torment her and raped her. They took out Grandpa. They put her head over the bucket.La-deja yelled 'SOMEBODY HELP ME' she was crying. She kicked The cowboy in the grown and ran outside. Leatherface chased her.Leatherface tricked her by hiding behind a car worked and it was a random car. La-deja got in and cried. She Hotwhired the car as soon as the car started Leatherface stabed here and cut here torso up into the head. Leatherface walks out of the car like nothing happened. 

Credits Tyler Leply-Tyrese Teaquan Richmond- Drew Kane Hodder- Leatherface Jeff Combs_ The Cowboy David Arquette- The Hitchhicker Jeremy Sylvers-John Luke Pegler- Billy Racheal Taylor- Miranda Danielle Harris - La-deja

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