The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II is a 2017 North-American Slasher Horror Movie produced by Warner Bros and directed by Chuck Russell. The film is a sequel to the 2015 Horror Movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, also acting as a remake to the 1986 original sequel.

Main Cast.

  • Tom Holland as Norman Nubbins, the movie's protagonist. After the events of the first movie, he's grown more sociopath and barely even gets out of his house, when he hears the school is doing a field-trip to Texas, he decides it's time to take revenge on the remaining Sawyers.
  • Zendaya as Lucy Smith, Norman's only friend. Who is about to discover the truth of his past.
  • Paul Rudd as Michael 'Bucky' Hoes. A sheriff who will help the main trio to end the Sawyer Legacy.
  •  ??? as Quincy Sayer/Leatheface. One of the only survivor Sawyers who has taken the place of the cook/Drayton Sawyer after his death.
  • Seth McFarlane as Bobby Sawyer, now known as Choptop. Current head of the Sawyers who got significantly deformed since the explosion in last movie.
  • Jessica Rothe as Peppa Sawyer, she hates her real name so people just call her Foxie. One of Chotop and Leatheface's distant cousins.
  • Danny Trejo as Uncle Jojo. Foxie's morbidly obese father.
  •  ??? as Grandpa Sawyer.


The movie begins in the middle of a Texas Road, where we see a man wearing a fedora and a long coat walking towards a car salesman, who is trying to sell him a van. The man agrees and the salesman smiles, he asks for the money but the mysterious man simply pulls out a hammer and bashes it onto his nose, leaving him unconscious. The man removes the coat and the fedora, revealing a burnt, melted deformed face that somehow resembles Bobby Sawyer's, as it is revealed that the man is indeed, Bobby Sawyers. Leatherface slowly walks out from behind last movie's Gas Station, carrying a bag. Leatherface gets into the van along with Bobby, who says "It's time to chop the top of this fella... hey that could be a good nickname." and acquires the new nickname of Choptop, while the van drives up towards Austin, Texas and Come and Get your Love starts playing, the credits roll down the screen.

Meanwhile, in a small town in Maine called Greengrass, we see a class deciding its next field trip, a lonely boy wearing a black sweatshirt gets up, and says that the class should go to Texas, the boy looks up, revealing himself to be Norman Nubbins from the last film, the teacher decides that Texas should be its next destination. Meanwhile, in break time. Norman goes to the library to start planning his revenge on the Sawyers, but Lucy finds him and asks him what he's all about. Norman takes Lucy to a closet and tells her the whole plan, Lucy agrees on helping him. Eventually, the day of the fieldrip comes, and the class gets to a hotel, Lucy and Norman rest in their Hotel Room, Norman turns on the TV and zaps to the News Channel, where he hears about the opening of a brand new amusement park called "Texas Battleland", also noticing that the owner of the park is indeed Choptop, wearing a prosthetic mask that covers his pale, white skin. What they don't know, though, is that a figure is watching them from outside the hotel, Foxie Sawyer, who quickly steals a car and drives up to Texas Battleland, where she tells her fellow family members about Norman and Lucy.

Meanwhile, back in the Hotel, Lucy tries to seduce Norman, and the two eventually end up having sex. Although they get interrupted by a knock in the door, Norman quickly gets dressed and opens the door, a chunky figure is standing on the door, when Norman gets ready to slam a plate against it, thinking it's Leatherface. The figure steps out of the dark, revealing himself as Bucky, a sheriff who is also chasing the Sawyers. Meanwhile, in the hall of the motel, we see Leatherface slowly walking around, knocking on people's doors, the teacher opens, and thinks Leatherface is just one of his students dressed up, Leatherface decapitates him with his Chainsaw, a student hears the commotion and checks on the teacher's room, only to find Leatherface stuffing his dismembered body parts in a sack, the student tries to run away, but she gets trapped by Leatherface and stuffed in the sack as well. Leatherface takes the sack to the reception of the hotel and grabs a chair, then proceeds to slam it against the sack several times, crushing the student. Bucky comes out of the room and shoots Leatherface, who quickly gets up and chases him, the trio eventually gets out of the hotel. Leatherface forces the recepcionist of the hotel to drive his car towards the trio. The car eventually runs out of gas and Leatherface knocks the recepcionist unconscious, then stuffs him in the sack. He gets out of the car and chases the boys by himself.

Bucky, Norman and Lucy get to a nearby bakery, and get helped by a man named A.J, in a reference to the original TCM2. While the main trio sleep, A.J gets stabbed in the back repeatedly by Choptop who has arrived along with Foxie, next morning. The trio wakes up to find themselves tied to bed. Foxie and Choptop laugh and Leatherface eventually arrives to finish the job, but Bucky manages to cut the ropes and escape the bakery with Lucy and Norman. Meanwhile, A.J's girlfriend sees the cannibalistic family and runs away, but Choptop picks up his truck and runs her over.

Lucy, Norman and Bucky finally reach the Texas Battleland and prepare to enter, but Leatherface and Foxie run in, Foxie runs after Bucky and Norman, who escape from her and slide down a pipe that leads to the underground section of the park, while Lucy, in a desperate attempt to escape Leatherface, gets on the roller coaster, Leatherface also hops onto the roller coaster, and starts chasing her through the wagons, but he falls on and a wagon runs over his leg, tearing it apart. Foxie arrives to help her cousin, she climbs over to Lucy's bagon and puts chloroform on her mouth, Choptop stops the ride and proceeds to help Leatherface while Foxie drags Lucy's unconscious body away.

Bucky and Norman reach a sub-area, a series of tunnels covered in human remains and dismembered chicken heads, along with bones hanging on the ceiling. Eventually, a gigantic plastic-looking train starts driving towards them, as it is revealed that the tunnels are like the rails of a train station. Bucky and Norman run for their lives as Uncle Jojo tries to run them over with his toy-train. Norman jumps into a hole in the wall, escaping his death. But Bucky falls into a pit of human intestines, the train eventually stops and Leatherface blocks the pit with a gigantic chainsaw cardboard. Bucky falls asleep in the middle of the gut pit, he eventually wakes up inside a small cage, gagged, as he observes the room around him, he sees a statue of Drayton Sawyer made of human remains and the Recepcionist bound to a table and gagged, Choptop walks in and says "Eh, I think we can cook these two, take the chick to the Foxie zone tho." He points at Lucy, who is also gagged and trapped in a small cage, that is taken to a metal room. Meanwhile, Bucky watches horrified how the recepcionist's skin is slowly teared apart, eventually, his eyeballs get slided out and his teeth get removed, before his head gets ripped off and cooked. Choptop opens Paul's cage and ties him to the same table, he rises the butcher knife and drops it onto his neck, killing him.

Meanwhile, Lucy wakes up in a dark room, she tries to move but she is apparently bound to table and completely naked. She tries to struggle free and the lights turn on, revealing Foxie wearing a surgery attire, she approaches Lucy and starts sexually abusing her, whipping and slapping her, before Foxie can finger her though, Norman slides down from a tube, grabs a nearby scalpel and stabs it onto Foxie's throat a bunch of times, which eventually kills the sex-obsessed serial murderer, Norman frees Lucy and helps her put her clothes on. Then the two sneak up to a weapon storage, where they get equipped with Chainsaws. Meanwhile, Choptop, Leatherface, Jojo and Grandpa have dinner while watching TV, laughing and jumping around. Leatherface hears a noise and goes to check, but he gets decapitated by Norman, who grabs his skin mask, revealing that it is indeed made of the skin of her sister Mary from the first movie. Norman screams in anger and throws Leatherface's head at Jojo, Choptop charges at Norman to have a Chainsaw fight while Lucy charges at Jojo and swings his chainsaw at his belly multiple times, gutting him, she then proceeds to help Norman against Choptop, who pulls out a grenade out of his jacket and throws it, Lucy runs away with Norman. But before the boy can escape, Choptop grabs his leg and pulls him in. Presumably killing him.

Lucy crawls out of the destroyed amusement park, the police arrives and take her to the station, a police shows her the pictures of Mary Nubbins and her friends, who were murdered two years ago by the Sawyer Family as well. Lucy starts having a mental breakdown as the screen fades to black, with the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre Flashbolt sound effect playing. In the Post-Credits scene, we see that Norman has survived the explosion, but is now locked in the remains of the subterranean section of the park, along with Grandpa, he walks over to Leatherface's skin mask and puts it on, while still holding his chainsaw, then the movie ends.


  • Car Salesman: Dismembered Offscreen.
  • Teacher: Dismembered.
  • Female Student: Crushed by chair.
  • A.J: Stabbed several times
  • A.J's Girlfriend: Ran over by Choptop.
  • Bucky: Stabbed, then cooked offscreen.
  • Uncle Jojo: Gutted
  • Foxie: Stabbed in Throat a whole bunch of times.
  • Leatherface: Decapitated
  • Choptop: Death by Explosion


  • The movie contains several references to other Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies, mainly The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 from 1986.
  • It surpasses its prequel in terms of gore, becoming the single goriest film in the entire series.
  • It's the first movie in the series that has more than a sex scene.
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