The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II: The Sawnyers Strike Back is a 2015 American Horror-comedy film and a sequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2012 Remake). It stars Neve Campbell, Johnny Depp, Clancy Brown, Ray Park, and Andrew Bryniarski as Leatherface Bubba Sawnyer. It's Rated R. It is directed by Tim Burton. There will be a sequel called The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III: Leatherface's revenge.


The movie begins with a prologue telling the previous events and last shows Sally Hardesty (Emma Roberts) escaping from the Sawnyers.

3 years later, Sheriff Lefty (Johnny Depp) is at the Sawnyer house to arrest Leatherface (Kane Hodder). The family are protecting the boy but Jedidiah's brother Bear Sawnyer (Kevin Corrigan) to give him the boy and calls him a disgrace to their family. But Drayton (Clancy Brown) and Boss Sawnyer (Nicolas Cage) refuse to because Leatherface is family. Everyone disagrees with Bear, so Bear goes outside to negotiate but an angry mob arrives. One of them shoots Bear and shoot-out begins. Two Sawnyer brothers are killed and Boss Sawnyer is burned alive when the house is set on fire by the mob. Bubba Sawnyer (Andrew Bryniarski) and the first film's remaining Sawnyer's survive along with Edith Sawnyer (Emma Watson) and her sister (Mila Kunis). Tex Sawnyer (Eddie Wood) and Leatherface leave Texas while the others move to another place. Drayton gets arrested but manages to escape.

Later, two punks (Josh Peck and Drake Bell) harass a radio worker named Stretch (Neve Campbell) on a radio. But they see a truck following them and Bubba is on top of it holding Nubbins' corpse as a puppet. Bubba drops the puppet and attacks the punks with a chainsaw. When Bubba jumps off the car, Punk #2 is relieved until he finds Punk #1's head chop off in half and the horrifying event causes them to crash, killing Punk #2.

The Next Day, Sheriff Lefty Hardesty (Johnny Depp), Sally and Franklin's uncle, is investigating the crime scene and it reminds him of the first chainsaw incident. He is also shown to be Stretch's father. They try to find evidence that there are murderers in town. But she is harassed by her co-worker L.G. (P.J. Byrne) and he asks her on a date but she refuses and is too busy interviewing the winner of the chill making contest: Drayton Sawnyer. He doesn't tell anyone his secret ingredient because unknown to everyone, it's made from human meat. Drayton goes home in a meat truck but gets a call from home saying that their in trouble because they got a mole from the police station who has hired a radio worker to get evidence about the Sawnyer's involvement on the events of the first film. They hire Chop-Top (Ray Park) and Bubba (Leatherface) to go find them and kill them.

At the radio station, Stretch confronts Chop-Top and asks him to leave but he refuses and calls in Leatherface. While they try to get her, she and Leatherface get into conflict and have a argument until L.G. arrives and Chop-Top flips him off. L.G. tries to beat him up but is stabbed in the abdomen with a chainsaw and sliced in two by Leatherface. They take L.G.s body and Stretch with them. They are picked up by Drayton and put Stretch and L.G. inside the truck.

The next morning, Lefty finds out about the incident and goes to the store to get weapons and fight the cannibalistic family. At the Sawnyer's new house, Stretch wakes up tied to a chair and gets horrified by the bodys. She is introduced to the Sawnyer brothers' Grandpa Sawnyer (Christopher Llyold) and the dead body of Nubbins Sawnyer. They reveal that they're going to eat her and use her skin as a mask for Leatherface.

As Lefty enters the place, he finds the corpse of earlier victims, including his nephew Franklin. He gets enraged and declares war against the family. Grandpa is chosen first to kill Stretch and only does 1 % damage on her head. They are interrupted by Lefty, who sings the National Anthem. Lefty reveals himself as Sally and Franklin's uncle and is here to avenge him. He fights them and frees Stretch. He succeeds in killing Leatherface but outnumbered by Drayton. Drayton scratches Lefty's shirt with a knife but Lefty has a grenade belt on him. Lefty sets it off and says, This is something that should've been done along time ego. Drayton yells No!! until it explodes, killing Lefty, Drayton, and Grandpa. Stretch and Chop-Top survive and make it to a cave. Stretch finds Great Grandma Sawnyer's corpse and removes a chainsaw from it. Chop-Top gets furious and tries to kill her but she bisects him with the chainsaw, causing him to fall to his death. She goes crazy and waves the chainsaw in the air like a maniac.

After the end-credits, six months later, two off-duty cops (Orlando Bloom and Patrick Warburton) encounter Edith Sawnyer a.k.a. Heather Miller (Emma Watson) and her sister (Mila Kunis) at a bar and are invited by them to go visit Texas with them but they might suffer the same fate as the earlier victims, we last hear Sally's scream.


  • Neve Campbell as Stretch Hardesty - The Main Protagonist of the film and the only hero in the series that is single because she dislikes romance.
  • Johnny Depp as Sheriff Lefty Hardesty- The Secondary Protagonist of the film and the uncle of Sally and Franklin Hardesty.
  • Clancy Brown as Drayton Sawnyer - The Main Antagonist of the film and the Sawnyer's mild-mannered middle-aged brother.
  • Ray Park as Chop-Top Sawnyer - The Secondary Antagonist of the film and Drayton's mentally-disabled younger brother.
  • Andrew Bryniarski as Bubba Sawnyer a.k.a. Leatherface II - The Tertiary Antagonist of the film and Jedidiah's twin cousin.
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