The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is A  2016 Horror Thriller Mystery Film Remake of 1974,2003,2013 Starring Sara Paxton,Jared Padalecki,Selena Gomez,Bobby Campo,Johan Hill,Juliana Guill,Tyler Mane,Katy Battes and Dennsi Quaid.


a group of friends travel to Texas for a concert but encontrarce a woman on the road all change as she is pursued by a madman with a chainsaw


In the 1990's, a 10-year-old Thomas Sawyer is adopted by a family of hillbillys but him and his baby sister Natalie are abused by their step-father W.E. Hewitt and older sister.


  •  Sara Paxton As Natalie
  • Jared Padalecki As Bo
  • Selena Gomez As Bonnie
  • Bobby Campo As Lex
  • Jonah Hill As Jimmy
  • Julianna Guill As Bree/Women in Road
  • Tyler Mane As Leatherface
  • Katy Bates As Grandmother
  • Dennsi Quaid As Deputy Criss


Bree/Women in Road-head is pierced with a knife (Accidental) when I attempt to stop the truck

Jimmy-dismembered with chainsaw when going to seek help

Bonnie-pierced chest chainsaw to save natalie

Lex-ripped stomach with chainsaw when I try to escape

Grandmother-Throat Sliced with Knife by Natalie

Deputy Criss-Crossed in chest by chainsaw

Bo-hit with chainsaw to allow time to run natalie

Leatherface-hit the truck up of natalie





Sara Paxton's hair is dyed brown to play this role

Bobby Campo has short hair with a green mohawk

selena gomez have long hair in a ponytail

bo and natalie are couples like lex and bonnie

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