The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Is A  2016 Horror Thriller Mystery Film Remake of 1974,2003,2013 Starring Sara Paxton,Jared Padalecki,Selena Gomez,Bobby Campo,Johan Hill,Juliana Guill,Tyler Mane,Katy Battes and Dennsi Quaid.


a group of friends travel to Texas for a concert but encontrarce a woman on the road all change as she is pursued by a madman with a chainsaw


In the 1990's, a 10-year-old Thomas Sawyer is adopted by a family of hillbillys but him and his baby sister Natalie are abused by their step-father W.E. Hewitt and older sister. He encounters a couple and watches them but they attack him. In self-defense, he kills the girl but the boy holds him down and tries to stab him. However, the boy is shot by Criss Sawyer, Thomas' older brother. He helps Thomas hide the bodies. A teenager sees them and tries to shoot them but is shot by Drayton Sawyer, Thomas' father.


  •  Sara Paxton As Natalie
  • Jared Padalecki As Bo
  • Selena Gomez As Bonnie
  • Bobby Campo As Lex
  • Jonah Hill As Jimmy
  • Julianna Guill As Bree/Women in Road
  • Tyler Mane As Thomas Sawyer/Leatherface
  • Katy Bates As Grandmother
  • Dennsi Quaid As Deputy Criss Sawyer


Grandmother-Died of a heart attack (off-screen)

Unnamed girl-Accidentally bludgeoned with rock by Thomas Sawyer

Unnamed boy-Shot in head by Criss Sawyer

Unnamed teenager-Shot in chest by Drayton Sawyer

Bree/Women in Road-head is pierced with a knife (Accidental) when I attempt to stop the truck

Jimmy-Shot by Burt Hartman when going to seek help

Bonnie-pierced chest chainsaw to save natalie

Lex-ripped stomach with chainsaw when I try to escape

Deputy Criss-Crossed in chest with chainsaw by Burt Hartman

Bo-hit with chainsaw to allow time to run natalie

Burt Hartman-Slashed to death by Leatherface.




Sara Paxton's hair is dyed brown to play this role

Bobby Campo has short hair with a green mohawk

selena gomez have long hair in a ponytail

bo and natalie are couples like lex and bonnie

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