The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2019 American independent exploitation horror film and a reimagining and reboot of the 1974 film of the same name. The film features Rosa Salazar, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Marcia Gay Harden, Eamon Farren, Shiloh Fernandez, and Luke Grimes, along with Karl Glusman.

Plot Synopsis

The film begins as a young woman named Annie and her friend and roommate, Jess, prepare for a road trip. Annie reveals that her grandmother has passed and she must travel to the small town of Newt in order to learn what was left in her will. Annie is implied to have been a foster child and juvenile delinquent who would often run away and live on the streets, than be moved from home to home.

Jess, as well as Annie's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Travis, and her own boyfriend, Luke, are accompanying her to the funeral as a support system. They attend the funeral, before discovering that her grandmother had left nothing for her, writing her out of her will. Distraught, Annie opts to return home. They pick up a teenage hitchhiker named Russell, who reveals he has ran away from home; when asked why, he refuses to answer. They drop him off at a gas station and continue onward. An unseen assailant in a truck picks him up. Meanwhile, Annie and her friends stop at a gas station, where they encounter an old woman, who reveals that the pumps are empty and won't be filled until the following morning. The group decides to stay at a nearby motel, where each couple reserves a room.

That evening, Travis proposes to Annie, who rejects his advances. He becomes irritated and leaves the motel, walking a couple of miles down the road, where he discovers a seemingly abandoned farmhouse. Believing he might be able to buy some gas off the occupants, he enters the house. However, he discovers human remains and bones of animals strung up around the house and macabre photography. Entering a room, he discovers a cell phone on a table, cracked but still working. Suddenly, Leatherface appears and bludgeons him with a hammer, before impaling him on a meat-hook over a bucket.

The next morning, Annie awakens Jess and Luke to alert them to Travis's absence. They decide to search for him, questioning the motel clerk, who reveals he had walked a couple of miles down the road. Jess remains behind, while Annie and Luke walk down the road and to the house. Upon entering, they encounter a drunken man who makes vulgar comments about Annie, before implying Travis's fate. Leatherface lunges forward and attacks Luke, amputating his leg with his chainsaw. Annie escapes upstairs, where she discovers lamps and furniture made from human flesh. She escapes by leaping from a second story window. She runs back to the motel, where she alerts Jess to the murders.

The women attempt to alert the motel clerk, but discover him dead, having been beaten to death. Suddenly, a deformed young boy emerges from the room and attacks them. Leatherface also appears, but Jess and Annie manage to barricade themselves in the bathroom. As Jess begins to help Annie climb out of the window, Leatherface appears and murders her by shoving his chainsaw through her torso. Annie flees the room, but is attacked by the same deformed boy named Bubba. She electrocutes him with a lamp and runs to the gas station to get help

Annie attempts to alert the elderly couple who own the station to the danger, but they seem uninterested. When she goes to use the phone, Papa begins strangling her unconscious with the cord. Some time later, Annie awakens in a powder room, where she is washed and redressed by the old woman from the gas station, known as Momma. Annie passes out from exhaustion once again, before awakening at a dinner table, surrounded by Leatherface, Papa, Kitty, and Bubba, as well as the family's supercentenarian grandfather. Momma feeds Grandpa some stew flesh, causing Annie to gag.

Bubba begins to terrorize Annie by recording her screams of terror on Russell's phone. She discovers Leatherface wearing Travis's own face as a mask and Bubba donning the engagement ring he had bought for her. When Luke is murdered by the family, Annie becomes enraged and insults the family's incestuous relationships and Momma becomes violent with her, promising to rip her teeth out with pliers. Annie, who had managed to struggle free of her ropes, takes the family matriarch hostage, holding a butcher knife to her throat. She slashes Momma's throat and flees the room, dodging Papa and jumping from a window into the front yard.

Leatherface and Bubba pursue Annie to a nearby road, where a passing motorist runs Bubba down, seemingly killing him and causing the motorist to crash his vehicle. Leatherface murders the motorist in retaliation, as Annie attempts to stop a woman and her son for help. They allow her to climb into the bed of the truck, as Leatherface advances upon Annie. The truck pulls away just in time, as Leatherface swings his chainsaw in frustration.

Some time later, Annie is interviewed by an officer in Childress, Texas, who shows her reports of a similar incident that occurred in the same area decades prior. Annie stares at a photo of Sally Hardesty, before the scene cuts to Leatherface swinging his chainsaw in frustration and the film cuts to black.

Main Cast and Characters

  • Rosa Salazar as Annie
  • Shiloh Fernandez as Trevor, Alex's on-again, off-again boyfriend.
  • Jane Levy as Jess, Alex's longtime best friend and roommate. They also work at a diner together.
  • Luke Grimes as Luke, Jess's boyfriend.
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Leatherface/Papa
  • Marcia Gay Harden as Momma
  • Eamon Farren as Bubba
  • Karl Glusman as Russell
  • Unknown as Grandfather
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