The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 2012 Horror-Mystery film. It is a remake of the 1974 Film of the same name. It was directed by Matt Reeves and scored by John Frizzell. It stars Emma Watson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Vincent Martella, Danielle Panabakler, Michael Cera, Sharlto Copley, Sam Rockwell, Ray Park and Kane Hodder as Leatherface. Reeves would return to direct It's sequels, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II: The Sawnyers Strike Back, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III: Leatherface's revenge, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre IV: Return Of The Family, and prequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 5: The Origin.


The film begins in 2012, with a car, being filmed, with driver Sally Hardesty (Emma Roberts), her paraplegic brother, Franklin (Danny McBride) and their friends Jerry (Michael Cera), Kirk (Jason Schwatzman) and Pam (Brie Larson) set to visit an old grave belonging to Sally's and Franklin's grandparents, that are rumored to being vandalized.

In their way, they find a hitchiker (James Franco), who begins to tell the story of his family, stating that he used to work on the slaughterhouse. When the teens look strange to him, he takes Franklin's knife and cut himself, later offering to cut all of them. Hearing this, Sally puts him out of their car.

Later, they found themselves with low gasoline, and stops at a near gas station. The owner (Robert Downey Jr.), however, reveals that the pumps are empty. Deciding to have fun, Franklin reveals to Kirk and Pam about a near swimming-hole, and the three arrives at the place.

Looking for someone to help them, Kirk and Pam founds out a mysterious old, but conserved house near the swimming-hole. Kirk asks for someone as Pam awaits in the house's yard. Receiving no answer, Kirk enters through the house's unlocked door. He sees a picture of a family called The Sawnyers. However, Leatherface (Kane Hodder) appears and knocks out Kirk with his sledgehammer.

Pam then enters, finding a room full with human bones and flesh. But after she can act she is stopped by Leatherface, whom captures and take her to a apparent kitchen, impaling her on a meathook, preparing to bisect Kirk with his chainsaw, who is also on a hook.

Jerry then heads out to look for Kirk and Pam, just to find the house at a distance. Upon entering to investigate. While silently searching through the house, he finds Pam, alive and her mouth sewed shut, in the kitchen's freezer. But before he can do anything, Leatherface appears and stabs him in the back with a knife, sliting Pam's throat and putting her back into the freezer, impaling Jerry with a chainsaw, and dragging him down to the basement.

With night falling, both Sally and Franklin set to find Pam, Kirk and Jerry. As they find the house, Sally asks for someone's help, just to Leatherface appears from nowhere in the darkness and decapitates Franklin's throat with a chainsaw. Traumatized and running away from the killer, Sally gets upstairs the house just to find the bodies of Jerry and Kirk. Leatherface appears, but she manage to escape from him by pulling herself out of the 3rd floor window, breaking her arm.

She finds the same gas station they were passing by, and asks for the owner's help. He responds by tying and drugging her, making she sleep. He returns to the house, were he is revealed to be Leatherface's brother, Drayton Sawnyer, as well with the hitchiker, Nubbins Sawnyer, revealing Leatherface's name to be Jedidiah "Jed" Sawnyer.

Back in the house, with Sally tied up and gagged with tape. Leatherface, now dressed like a woman and wearing a female-like leather mask, begins serving dinner to the large family, also consisting of mentally disabled Chop Top Sawnyer (Ray Park), Grandpa Sawnyer (Christopher Lee), normal-looking Tex Sawnyer (Elijah Wood) and dead Grandma Sawnyer. They reveal that their cannibals and are going to eat Sally. Deciding what to do with Sally, they sugest that Grandpa should kill her to them all eat her later, however, giving Sally time to untie herself and escape through the road.

Leatherface and Nubbins begins to chase Sally, but Nubbins is killed by a passing truck, witch Sally grabs to escape. Traumatize, Sally is finally free, as Leatherface waves his chainsaw up, crying and frustated.

After the end credits, two cops (Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen) searching the old house, just to be killed by Jedidiah and real-life footage of him is last seen, the ending narration reports the case still remains open. However, end credits shows that in 2017, Jedidiah was later arrested by the FBI and end credits text reveals that he serves several life sentences in a federal prison.


  • Grandma Sawnyer - Passed away before events of the film (off-screen).
  • Kirk - Head bludgeoned with sledgehammer, head impaled on hook, bisected with chainsaw.
  • Pam - Impaled on meat hook, tongue cut off, mouth stitched together, and throat slit with broken scissors by Jedidiah.
  • Jerry - Stabbed in back with knife, impaled with chainsaw, and dragged into basement by Jedidiah.
  • Franklin - Decapitated with a chainsaw by Jedidiah.
  • Nubbins - Accidentally runned over by a trucker.
  • Officer #1 - Stabbed and throat slit with machete by Jedidiah.
  • Officer #2 - Stabbed with meat clever by Jedidiah.


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