The Texas Chainsaw is a 2024 American Psychological Slasher Horror film written by Ti West & Larry Fessenden and directed by Ti West. The film is a reboot of the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise that initiated with Tobe Hooper's 1974 classic.

The fifteenth film instalment of the Horrorverse franchise following Evil Dead (2013), IT (2017), Halloween Returns (2018), Hellraiser (2019), Child's Play (2019), Friday The 13th (2020) and Nightmare On Elm Street (2024).

It introduces the first supernatural elements to the series however throughout the primary plot maintains the initial elements of the original Hooper and Henkel film.

Stars Conan Stevens, Letitia Wright, Graham Phillips, Alia Bhatt, Ben Platt, Troy Gentile, Bria Vinaite, Sam Elliott, Peter Mayhew, AJ Bowen, Kelly McGillis, Lena Dunham and Nesta Cooper.

The film was a box office and critical success released theatrically and in IMAX theatres on April 12th, 2024.



In 1964 a burn disfigured eleven year old Edward Thomas, in an almost abandoned Emmerson County, Texas witnesses his older brothers Kenneth and Lyle murder remaining Deputy Hardesty, his wife Eleanor and son Brennan, under instruction from mother.

Edward then assists in the dismemberment of their cattle for food who are discovered by Kenneth to be sick and not viable for food. Edward is then helps on Lyle's suggestion dismember the Hardesty's for food instead with a chainsaw stolen from Deputy Hardesty. The Hardesty's rottweiler then attacks Lyle and is killed by Edward, who then proceeds to wear portions of its' face over his burn scars.


In 1974 June Burns, her adoptive brother Morris and their friends Mal, Aesha, Gareth, Tia and Imogen leave Dallas, Texas for Austin, Texas in Mal's combi van. After picking up a hitchhiker named Matthew bound for Austin also, they are directed into Emmerson County before he abandons them at a stop.

They meet local Deputy Kenneth Thomas who directs them out and they ultimately crash into a tampered car belonging to Houston friends Henry and Walt.

June, Mal and Henry depart for the service station they where they met Deputy Thomas, Tia and Walt head in the opposite direction and come across a house while Morris, Aesha, Gareth and Imogen stay with the disabled vehicles.

At the service station Deputy Kenneth is also revealed to be the proprietor of the gas station, explaining that Emmerson County since 1964 is now a ghost town, however his family had family had grown up here, with forefathers being the founders.

At the house seemingly empty Walt and Tia come across Jayne Thomas and her infant child, who is seen to be an asian child despite her racist prior comments.

Leatherface Edward Thomas then appears with a sledgehammer and brings it down upon Walt's head, almost killing him and rendering him unconscious. Tia flees from the house though the tea her and Walt had been drinking earlier is laced with a powerful sedative and is captured by Leatherface.

Lyle as the tow driver contacted by Deputy Kenneth comes to the scene of the accident and begins to tow them toward the house, claiming he works from home.

At the house in his back work room Leatherface kills Walt on a restraining table chainsawing into his chest, Tia awakening on a meat hook sees the off screen facial removal of Walt and his true face.

At the gas station Matthew the hitchhiker enters again the group's provided water having been drugged results in them being captured and brought to the house.

Tia escapes the hook but trying to escape is brought back by Leatherface to the work room freezer and thrown in.

The family led by mother Fiona Thomas gathers the family and has June, Morris, Aesha, Gareth and Imogen seated for the family dinner while Mal and Henry are restrained in the shed.

Imogen escapes her bindings and is able to break June's before running through the back room to escape, there she discovers Tia in the freezer who accidentally dies as she drops her mostly frozen body back down into the ice.

June breaks the others' bindings and sends Aesha out with Morris and a wounded Gareth, coming out to the shed she releases Mal and Henry. Henry is killed as he re-enters the house to acquire keys by Leatherface bringing down a sledgehammer down upon his head. Imogen is killed after surprising and stabbing Lyle in the cheek as Leatherface hooks her in the shoulder.

The group rendezvouses at the gas station and lock themselves in the side diner, discovered to be formerly worked at by Fiona and Jayne Thomas, where Fiona was sexually assaulted resulting in Edward's conception, his disfigurement a result of the father the diner and station proprietor who is dead in the back. Leatherface enters the diner with Kenneth and Gareth is knocked into a boiling deep fryer by Leatherface. Kenneth shoots and kills Mal, Aesha slits her own throat as Leatherface closes in on her and Morris in the diner freezer.

June sets the diner and station alight and escapes with Morris, the two flee to the Hardesty farmhouse and Morris is able to surprise and kill Kenneth by pushing his pistol back against him.

June struggling with Mother Fiona upstairs in the bathroom, almost getting drowned is able to overpower and kill her by pushing her down upon the kitchen sink.

Matthew reluctantly is convinced into helping them not agreeing with the family violence but is killed by his brother Leatherface with a chainsaw by accident, Morris then sacrifices himself for June, chainsawed in the stomach.

June makes it to the main road out of Emmerson and is almost saved by a truck driver who passed earlier who crashes into an attacking Leatherface, Leatherface dying is able to utilise his chainsaw one last time to kill the driver, June takes the truck and comes to the Thomas house crashing through, she acquires a gun and after contacting the police shoots Jayne and takes back the baby she stole from a victim.

A dead Leatherface is found by a deadite possessed Herbert West who using the Naturom Demonto resurrects him and hands him his still revving chainsaw.


  • Conan Stevens as Edward Thomas/Leatherface
  • Letitia Wright as June Burns
  • Graham Phillips as Mal Willems
  • Alia Bhatt as Aesha Khatri
  • Ben Platt as Morris Burns
  • Troy Gentile as Gareth Turnstall
  • Bria Vinaite as Tia Anderson
  • Nesta Cooper as Imogen Tyler
  • Sam Elliot as Kenneth Thomas
  • Peter Mayhew as Lyle Thomas
  • AJ Bowen as Matthew Thomas
  • Kelly McGillis as Fiona Thomas
  • Lena Dunham as Jayne Thomas
  • Lewis Pullman as Henry Tavon
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger as Walt Morren
  • Teri McMinn as Chance Turnstall
  • Edwin Neal as Ivan Morren
  • Jacqueline Bisset as Moira Willems
  • Swoosie Kurtz as Gena Anderson
  • Bill Johnson as Dane Anderson


  • Leatherface's resurrection at the end of the film is the second occurence in the Horrorverse franchise of a deadite possessed Herbert West with the aid of the Naturom Demonto doing this, following Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th (2020)
  • Lewis Pullman, the son of popular actor Bill Pullman had previously featured as a main protagonist in The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018) which concerned masked assailants and family unit out to murder him
  • Kenneth Thomas draws inspiration from the R. Lee Ermey Sheriff Charlie Hewitt Hoyt from the 2003 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • The third location shift of the murderous Leatherface family, from Newt, Texas in the original franchise to Travis County in the Platinum Dunes remake and it's prequel to Emmerson County in the reboot
  • The film features West's frequently used horror film actors: Lena Dunham, AJ Bowen and Kelly McGillis
  • Leatherface kills three characters with his titular signature weapon chainsaw
  • Body-Count: 18 plus a rottweiler and six cattle
  • The longest take is the combi and sedan collision
  • All songs featured in the film minus the end credits song are 1974 released songs
  • Ben Platt was initially reluctant in going to audition, convinced by fellow Pitch Perfect star Hailee Steinfeld to pursue the role


  1. Laughter in the Rain- Neil Sedaka
  2. Ozark Mountain Daredevils- Jackie Blue
  3. Waterloo- ABBA
  4. It's Magic- Pilot
  5. Can't Get Enough- Bad Company
  6. Sideshow- Blue Magic
  7. Head to the Sky- Earth, Wind & Fire
  8. Fire- The Ohio Players
  9. Tell Me Something Good- Rufus
  10. September- Earth, Wind & Fire
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