These are the outtakes of The Terror Of The Unknown Being.


1. Dylan looks up to see a shooting star (Bass.EXE).

Dylan: When suddenly, and without warning, there was this...

Three Chorus Girls: total eclipse of...

But before they could finish it, instead of Bass.EXE's spaceship, a moon from Majora's Mask appears out of nowhere, blocking the real moon.

Dylan & The Three Chorus Girls: Huh? That was unexpecting. (in unison)

All: (Laughing)

2. Dylan comes into the pet shop and supposed to confront Bass.EXE himself.

Dylan: Every household in America'! Thousands of you eating! That's what you...

But before he could finish what he's saying, he sees Mettaton EX from Undertale instead of Bass.EXE.

Mettaton EX: Hello darling!

Dylan: O...k..

All (except Dylan and Mettaton EX): (Laughing)

3. As the song Suppertime is playing, Bass.EXE prepares to kill Mr. Maxie.

Maxie: What the jibberjacker is that?

Dylan: Sir...

But instead of killing Maxie, Bass.EXE hugs him and acts like he's gentle.

Bass.EXE: Will you marry me?

Director: Cut!

All (except the director): (Laughing)

4. (Deleted scenes only) While Dylan is having a nightmare, Dylan ran into the hallway filled with fog and passes by a giant hourglass.

Dylan: I take these offers/that means more killing/Who knew success would come with messy nasty strings/I sign these contracts that means I'm willing/To keep on doing bloody...

But Dylan stops because instead of a portrait of Mr. Maxie, he sees Shocker The Elecman.EXE (Dylan's archnemesis).

Shocker: Finally, I have captured you. (Does an evil laughter)

As Shocker used electricity to pull some metal (that aren't immune to electricity) to build a cage around Dylan, Dylan gets scared and screams in terror as Shocker electricutes him, trying to turn Dylan into an Elecman.EXE much like Shocker himself.

Director: Stop it Shocker! Cut! Cut!

5. (Alternate Ending only) As three chorus girls standing in front of the USA flag sings Don't Feed The Net-Navis while the people are buying young Bass.EXEs, one person interupts the theme song and the customers by playing Everything Is Awesome music from The Lego Movie.

Director: Cut! Ok, who's music box is that?!

As the one who interupted came onscreen, it reveals to be Emmet from The Lego Movie.

Emmet: Sorry! I liked the music because it's awesome!

Everybody (except the director): (Laughing)

6. Dylan and Emma are married and comes to their new home, three chorus girls wearing their own wedding dresses, but as the camera goes into the garden, instead of a newborn Bass.EXE, Flowey from Undertale is in the garden and meanacingly smiles at the camera

All: (Laughing)

Director: Alright, cut!

7. As Otis uses the gas for him, he trips and falls instead of laughing and hitting stuff

Otis: Ow! You son of the b-(makes dolphin sounds)!

Director: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Easy with the swears! We'll just have to try again, that's all.

Otis: (Does an angry face towards the director) Just cut it anyway!

Director: I'm doing it! You don't have to tell me!

8. (Alternate Ending only) As the army of Bass.EXEs take over the world and one goes on top of a Statue of Liberty, Mario comes into the scene.

Mario: Itsa me! Mario!

Director: (facepalms) Really?

All (except the director): (Laughing)

Director: (Looks unhappy) Cut!

9. (Alternate Ending only): Dylan gets attacked and almost got killed by Bass.EXE, but instead of dying and becoming a Bass.EXE, the T-Rex from Jurassic Park appears and eats Bass.EXE, saving Dylan while the Jurassic Park theme plays

Dylan: Wha...?

T-Rex: (Roars)

Director: Cut! You don't belong here since dinosaurs are extinct!

T-Rex: Ruuooo...?

Director: What I meant was there are no third party characters in this movie, other than Bass.EXE himself (who resembles a similar character from Megaman Battle Network series).

T-Rex: (Gets angry and roars, attacking the crew members [except Dylan] and the director)

Director: Run!

10. While Dylan sneaks into the pet shop trying to sneak to prevent Bass.EXE from waking up, instead of just coming up, he's in a coffin Dracula styled.

Bass.EXE: (Comes lunging out yelling, scaring Dylan)

Dylan: Auugghh! Bass.EXE! (Looks at him with a grumpy face)

Everyone (except Dylan): (Laughing)

11. Dylan: The Emma II is not a healthy critter.

Maxie: Strictly between us, neither is Emmet 1.

Everyone (except Mr. Maxie): (Laughs)

Maxie: What's so funny?!

Director: Umm, I think you said Emmet instead of Emma. (Snickering a bit)

Radio: (Starts by the director and plays what Mr. Maxie said) Strictly between us, neither is Emmet.

Maxie: Oh, dipping crackers! (Says it while he's unappreciated as he facepalms)

12. As a guest who was Otis's victim fall from the ceiling and onto the chair, he and the chair crashes through and falls through the floor.

Guest: (Yells)

Otis: Uhhmm. Are you okay?

Guest: (Sprays BBQ sauce on Otis) Now I am!

Everyone (except Otis): (Laughs)

Director: OK, cut! Constructions, we gotta fix the floor.

13. As the ceiling collapses on Dylan while Bass.EXE laughs, instead of pulling out an exposed electrical cable, he pulls out a chainsaw as he gets out of the debris, while he then starts up the chainsaw and runs towards the director.

Director: Dylan?! What are you doing?! Just cut it! Just cut it!

Dylan: (Knocks over the camera with his chainsaw, also breaking the camera with it, causing the camera to stop working as the screen turns black)

Director: Dylan, and cut. Alright that's a wrap folks!

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