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The Terminator (2022 film) Action film Reboot from 1984 film of same name.

Sequel of Terminator 2: Secret of T-800 (2023 film).


  • Jake Manderson as Sergeant Kyle Reese[1]; former U.S Marines from 2033 timeline.
  • Rudy Swaby as Mikey \ Kyle Reese; an bartender.
  • Evelyn Swaby as Sarah Connor; Kyle's love interest.
  • Jasser Camacho as T-850; main antagonist.
  • Junior Swaby as General John Connor; deceased son on 2033.
  • Oliverio Swaby as Dr. Schmidt; creates by The Terminator.
  • Abby Banks as Emily Connor; blood-by-sister of John Connor.
  • Clifford Cotan as Jack / David Nixon; on boats friend of Sarah and Emily and fisherman.
  • Clibland Swaby as Rick Nixon (uncredited only)
  • Joseph Swaby as Smiley Nixon (photo only); half brother of Jack.


  • Andrew Smiley as The Terminator (Cameo only/villain)
  • Glenda Pino as Sarah Connor / 501 models terminator (T-X 400)
  • Jesus Pino as Kyle Reese \ Mikey
  • Yoandy Swaby as Sergeant James Wilson/T-609 model; 2033 timeline back time and half son of Kyle Reese.
  • Alric Lindsey as Mark
  • Diego Arcia Sabariego as Antonio Hew; an martial artist in Hong Kong Japan in teach in kung fu with Kyle.
  • Yuri Ferguson as T-90000 (cameo)
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