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In this TAWoG fan-fiction, Gumball, Darwin and others have hit the teenage state and much has changed for the gang and their world.

Made by the user of Deviantart that goes by the name of Universal124.




  • Since Gumball became a teen his personality changed a bit. He's far more mischievous and cunning then he was before and is also shown to be stubborn. Gumball also likes to show off his guitar skills ,since he formed his own band, to his colleagues and boasts some times. He's also became more troublesome. 

    Art belongs to the user

    He pranks people, humiliates Miss Simian and Principal Brown, and other things that a mischievous male teenager would do. Despite all of the changes he's gone through, he's still nice, kind, and gentle when he needs to be. He still has a massive crush on Penny (since after the events of The Shell, he is Penny's official boyfriend).


  • Darwin has changed as well, he's still sweet, kind, silly, and naive. He constantly wants Gumball to play with him but the latter has no interest plus he thinks it's for babies since they're teenagers. Darwin is currently in love with Tobias's sister Rachel and tries to get her attention but his own silliness and clumsiness prevents him from doing so. Darwin is also involved in Gumball's schemes all the time and he joins Gumball willingly and hardly questions Gumball's plans.


  • Anais may be sweet and adorable on the inside but she's very cunning and manipulative on the inside. She's very smart to trick her parents to do whatever she wants including her brothers. Even though she's mean she can be nice and kind.


  • Nicole still takes care of her family like she did in the past (and in the show's canon) but to a much greater level. She's aware what Gumball is up to and constantly grounds him and punishes him, but he hardly cares.


  • Richard is still the same lazy father and poor role model just like he does in the show's canon. He spends his time watching TV, sleeps on the couch, and eating lunch; he also doesn't care what troubles Gumball and Darwin get into but he will focus, even when it's very serious.


  • Penny is a typical mellow down-to-earth high school girl. She's kind hearted and very caring, and is shown to be very protective of her friends, especially Gumball, when someone provokes them. She's described as prettiest and most attractive girl in Elmore High causing popular and obnoxious girls like Masami to become jealous. She too has a massive crush on Gumball and loses focus and has a difficult time speaking, but she can become very jealous when another girl flirts with Gumball.


  • Tina still remains the same but she has grown bigger and wears a spiked collar around her neck and some spikes bracelets on her arms and piercings on her nostrils and mouth. She more violent and aggressive but that's only when someone provokes her, she still bullies Gumball and other students but Gumball, instead of running, devises a way to get her back.


  • Carrie now grew a female body and wears punk like clothing, She also visits Gumball to play some tunes on their guitars and vice versa. Carrie is also a member of Gumball's band and she seems to be attracted to him.


  • Rachel hasn't really changed at all. She is always throwing sleepovers and will always no matter what will invite her crush, Darwin. Darwin is so messed up in Gumball' s plans though he can't even even pay attention to Rachel's hints.


  • He has a crush on Penny but Penny Don't love him back. He will do anything to be with Penny even if he has to go really extreme lengths.

More characters coming soon...

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