The Technos is an animated tv series made by Sheep Animation Studios and Monscow Productions. It is aired on Nickelodeon in August 15, 1993 through November 20, 1997.


The show is about a family of robots who lived in a futuristic city called Brightburg. They are the Technos.

Voice Cast

The Techno Family

Carlos Alazraqui as Bob Techno and Granny Techno

Jill Talley as Ingrid Techno

Tom Kenny as Ollie Techno

Tress MacNeille as Izzy Techno

Frank Welker as Barker, the Techno Family's robot pet dog.


Peter Cullen as Megaman, a superhero from a comic book and a tv show.

Jim Cummings as Henry Nerdington


Doug Lawrence as Fred Oilton and Franny Oilton

Charlie Adler as Jason Bullyard

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