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The Teacher (Earth-8000)
First Teacher.jpg
Titles & Aliases
 Real Name Unknown
 Current Alias The Teacher
 Aliases Mavis Vermilion, John Smith
 Editorial Names Fairy Tactician
 Base of Operation
 Identity Secret
 Citizenship Gallifreyan
 Marital Status Single
 Occupation Time Traveler, General of the Gallifreyan Military, Intergalactic Engineer, High Commander of the First Fleet of the Galactic Frontier, Fairy Tail First Guild Master
 Gender Female <span style="color:(1-4)">Blue, Male <span style="color:(5)">Blue
 Height Variable
 Weight Variable
 Eye Color Variable
 Fur Color
 Hair Color Variable
 Unusual Features
 Origin Time Lord, Gallifreyan
 Universe Earth-8000
 Place of Birth Gallifrey
 Creators Atlas
First Appearance

Incarnations of White
Accepted Incarnations
More Ambiguous
These are those who cherish the bonds of their friendship, helping them in times of need, and caring for those they very held dear to their heart, and no one, not even the mighty Living Tribunal can cut those bonds.
~ Third Teacher

The Teacher is the main alias for a Renegade Time Lord from the planet of Gallifrey, originated from Earth-8000 of the Second Cosmos, First Multiverse. The Teacher was the inventor of the TARDIS during the early stages of Time Lord society.




Before the Time War

After the Time War




Biographical Summary

The Teacher's Incarnations


Causes of Regeneration

Collective Powers & Abilities


Power Grid
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills*
* Higher values represents the usage of items and scientific instruments or other incarnations.

Time Lord Physiology

Memory Manipulation: As a Time Lord, the Teacher is able to manipulate the memories of most sentient, and non-sentient species, able to not only fabricate new memory, but also erased memory of the individual.

Magic: Ever since the Third Teacher gained the ability to use, and perform Magic, the Teacher is now able to learn spells, and other magical incantations for the future carnations to come.

Regeneration: Upon being mortally wounded, the Teacher will begin to regenerate, the process of Shapeshifting into a new body, face and personality.


Super-Level Genius: The Teacher in all of his incarnations, are highly intelligent, being more smarter then any humans on Earth, and any human worlds.

Average Strength Level


  • Loneliness: Due to the Teacher being the Time Lord from the Second Cosmos, the Teacher eventually become the embodiment of loneliness. Even if the Teacher is with individuals, such as friends, he feels alone always, and will always feel alone regardless of those around him. Due to him existing for as long as the Multiverse itself, making his true age truly unknown. They may take away some loneliness, but the Teacher will still feel alone.
  • Memory Manipulation: Despite being able to control memories as well, another is able to alter the Teacher memories as well.
  • Magic Negation: Will nullify/negate the Teacher magic powers, spells and incantations.


  • The Teacher is based on "The Doctor".
    • The name of the Teacher came from a SCP.
  • Teacher of Knowledge is the only incarnation that is genderless.
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