The Tanner’s New Alien Pet is a 1986 Indonesian-American-British Film Which is Directed By British Director Martin Rosen, The Devil‘s Sword Director Ratno Timoer and the Original Amercian Directors Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco.

It Takes Place After The Original 1970 Film.


After Angus Monster Dies in 1983, The Beginning In September 11 as Wallace Hagen Leaves Them, The Now in September 12-13 1986, The Tanners Decided To Get a New Alien Pet Whoever is a Male Melmacian Named ALF.


Voice (American)

  • Paul Fusco – ALF (puppeteer, voice)
    • Michu Meszaros – credited as one of ALF's assistants (in costume)
    • Lisa Buckley – ALF (assistant puppeteer)
    • Bob Fappiano – ALF (assistant puppeteer)

Humans (American)

  • Anne Schedeen – Kate Tanner
  • Max Wright – Willie Tanner
  • Andrea Elson – Lynn Tanner
  • Benji Gregory – Brian Tanner
  • John LaMotta – Trevor Ochmonek
  • Liz Sheridan – Raquel Ochmonek

Human (British)

  • John Bennett - Older Wallace Hagen
  • Hannah Gordon as Older Madia Hagen
  • John Hurt as Daniel Hagen
  • Richard Briers as Lash


  • Sparks - Lucky
  • Black Horse - Harry II
  • Golden Retriever as Bagels


100 Minutes

Release Date

US: October 31 1986

UK: November 1986


Angela Morley and Malcolm Williamson (Score)


  • It Takes Place In September 12 - 13 1986 Which is After The Death of Angus Monster Which In 1983.
  • This is Produced by Jasicomya Productions But In US, This is Distributed and Produced by United Artists and In UK, This is Distributed and Produced by 20th Century Fox.
  • John Bennett and Black Horse Makes The Cameo Take of The Film But Original Didn‘t Reprise in the Film.
  • The Flashback Between Angus Monster‘s Old Memories and The Clips of Angus Monster, Get Lucky Off My Couch!.
  • Angela Morley Will Reprise The Soundtrack in The Film But Malcolm Joins the Soundtrack.
  • This is Based Off of the 1968 Book by Mochtar Lubis.
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