The Tales of Death is a 2012 anthology horror film. It features a series of found-footogage shorts, it was directed by Adam Wingard, Emmanuel Ltier, Harmony Korine, James Wan, Darren Lyn Bousman & Tobe Hooper. The film tells 6 diferent stories of people supposdely facing paranormal events. The movie was followed by a sequel released in 2013 entitled The Tales of Death: Feeble They Are, Harder They Die.


Slumber Party Killing Spree

This history follows 4 charactres (4 young girls named Lucy, Amanda, Yaneth & Shelby), this girls are setting a party in an abandoned house, upon entering the house the party starts.

As the party goes on, Shelby goes to the bathroom to make up herself, then she sees a demon face in the glass, then she shouts and faints, their friends go to help her. Later, when the party is over, the girls are up to clean the place, Shelby tells their friends she need some fresh air, and when she is out of the house, she vomites and starts to convulse, later her eyes turn red and she stands up returning to the house.

Amanda, notes Shelby's strange attitude, Shelby tells Amanda to follow her, they then start to get drunk & start to have sex, Shelby then starts to sodomize Amanda during their sexual relationship, Amanda then starts to spit blood and she is finally impaled & killed. Yaneth & Lucy then enter the room and they discover Amanda's corpse, Lucy is up to investigate about this and she eventually finds Shelby, both of them start to talk about the incident on Amanda's dead, then Shelby kisses Lucy's mouth, both of them start to kiss and then Shelby rips Lucy's tounge and also takes off her stomach.

Yaneth, hearing Lucy's screams, and goes out running. The last scene shows Yaneth walking down the forest, where she is attacked in a fierce way by Shelby.


Sarah, Michael & Joey are three friends who like to drink, smoke & go to parties, one day they are invited to a party by a mysterious person, with out a doubt, they accept the invitation. The party is held at a mental hospital, the three friends think that it was a mistake but Joey, decides to go inside the building, Sarah tries to stop him, but he does not listens to him and eventually goes inside.

Sarah & Michael decide to wait for Joey, but a long time passed and he didn't return to Michael decides to go inside to search Joey. Later Michael finds a door with the knob stained in blood, opening the door he discovers Joey's corpse with the face ripped out, arms cutted of and his stomach & lungs ripped off his body, then he gets out screaming and this caughts the attention of the serial killer Smoke who creates & records snuff films, he starts to chase Michael all around the building. Sarah then reacts and eventually discovers that it was all a trapt, so she decides to rescue her two friends.

Michael getting trapped, starts to get tortured by the killer, Sarah then enters to stop the killer but she is knoced out. Sarah waking up discovers she has been raped & gutted out, then she screams and the killer stabbs her several times while he records it.

Lunatic Asylum

Lunatic Asylum tells the history of a young man and his girlfriend who are going to see a concert, during their way, its vehicle breaks and this causes the pair to stop near a forest, when the young man goes for help, he founds what happens to be an asylum, he eventually decides to search some help over there.

The young girl, waiting for hours, realizes that something has happened and goes in search of her lost boyfriend, she also finds the old asylum, she decides to enter thinking her missing boyfriend is on there, while entering she spots a little kid watching her, when she decides to follow him, the child runs away.

As the girl chases the little kid, he leads her into an empty room, where she is knocked out. Waking up later, she sees her boyfriend beeing tourtured by some Lunatics that live in the asylum, unable of doing something, she suffers the same faith. The last scene of this history shows the Lunatics cannibalizing the pair.

Call 666

This history is about a woman who is returning from work to her home, taking her cellphone out, she sees about 666 calls from the same number. Upon entering her house, she decides to take a look at the calls, all of them have different voices and/or sounds, the voices tell her things in different lenguages and the sounds are like a demon or beasts sound, scarried, she decides to erase the calls, later her home phone rings and a harsh voice tells her that "he" is coming to get her.

The next scene shows the woman running from something that is chasing her in the dark, afraid of it, she searchs for help near the police station. Upon arriving the station, two policemen help her and interrogate her about the mysterious calls, when suddenly the window breaks and the lights turn off, then both policemen start to shot at the intruder, but they are eventually killed by this one.

She, scarried decides to fight the intruder herself, grabbing a gun of one of the policemen, goes in search of the creature, the screen is later cut off and screams and shots are heard. As the screen turns black a horrific face appears in the screen.

A message appears saying the following:

"This recording was found on a cassette recorded by the camera on the station...

It was never known what or who did it, the bodies were completely mutilated and ripped of, blood was everywere such as fear..."

Death Holocaust

Death Holocaust deals with the history of a group of campers who go on a trip to a desolate island to film a documentary on a supposed legend of a creature who feed on human's life.

As the group goes on its trip, May the youngest of the girls is bite by something, this causes her to go sick and infected with an strange virus, John the leader of the group decides to stay and take care of May while the others continue to film.

Later, Katie the second on lead, dissapears while the group is sleeping, the remaining members decide to go in search of her. After a long search, they found Katie's shoes on the entrance of a cave, the group enters the cave just to fall on what seems to be a dead end, one member of the group discovers an entrance to a secret place of the cave, then they spot Katie lying on the floor, when they arrive to her, they see her bleeding all over the place and she whispers something, after that the group is attacked by an unkown force, one by one begin to die as screams and other sounds are heard, when the camera falls, the face of a demonic creature appears.

Thy Lost Woods

Thy Lost Woods or also known as the "Final Sequence" is a fotogage of a young girl beeing stalked by different monsters in her home, until she is finally killed.

The song Mysterious Pain by Polish band D.O.D. displays on this sequence.


The Tales of Death uses songs from different compositors and classical/dark music compositions for its initial soundtrack, later the same year another soundtrack was released.

The Tales of Death: Original Soundtrack

Track Listing

  1. Scorn Performed by Dark Matter
  2. Life In A Vacuum Performed by Fear and Aghast
  3. All Hail The Sat-Tan Performed by Beltane
  4. Tomb of Insomnia Performed by Katatonia
  5. Wo Adlers Wagen Performed by Bethlehem
  6. Crossing the 45th Parallel Performed by Woods of Ypres
  7. Day Performed by Katatonia
  8. 12 Performed by Katatonia
  9. Schatten Aus der Alexander Welt Performed by Bethlehem
  10. Boys Performed by Bauhaus
  11. Neglect... Performed by Happy Days
  12. Sneni Performed by Trist
  13. Do You Know My Name?: (Falling....Reprise) Performed by Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
  14. Mysterious Pain Performed by D.O.D.*
  • The song is not included in all the CD releases.


Reception for the movie has been positive, It currently stands a 87% at Rotten Tomatoes based on 6 reviews.

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