The Tale of Serena Anderson is an American fantasy romantic comedy-drama film. A retelling of Cinderella

Serena is a young girl who is forced to live under harsh and cruel circumstances by her family and she doesn't believe in fairy tales or love at first sight. They both just don't happen in real life until one day, she met a stranger named Gerald Charming whom she met in the woods. However, her twin stepsisters takes issue with their close relationship and casts a spell on Serena, which causes her to change her voice and to have the appearance of a maid in dirty rags.

Taylor Swift as Serena Anderson. In this version, She is a 16 year old half fairy daughter of a baron who lived through unfortunate circumstances as she suffered cruelty from her father, stepmother and stepsisters. She at first doesn't believe in love at first sight until she met Gerald Charming, but was then cursed b her stepsisters, as an act of jealousy towards Gerald's interest in Serena, into a handmaiden with a different appearance and voice and is forced to have an alter ego named Cinderella.

Chloe Grace Moretz as Cinderella, Serena's new alter ego.

as Gerald Charming, the prince from the Cinderella story. In this version, he is the only son and heir apparent of a duke and a duchess from the Charming Family who is surrounded by girls who wanted to marry him for his title and attractiveness.

Lord Wallace Anderson, a wealthy baron who refuse to acknowledge Serena as his own daughter as he condemns and blames her for the death of his first wife and even forced her to become a servant of his own house.

as Pristeena, the fairy godmother from the Cinderella story. In this version, she is a full blooded fairy who is Serena's maternal grandmother and is a household servant who works for Serena's family.

Kristen Stewart as Mandy, a household maid who works for Serena's family and is Serena's close friend.

Tina Fey as Duchess Camilla Charming, the mother of Gerald Charming. She was an old friend of Serena's deceased mother and is desperate for Serena and Gerald to be together.


And Cinderella and her prince lived happily ever after. Who wrote the fairy tale of Cinderella? And why? Do they actually believe something like that could happen to a servant? My story is similar to Cinderella's but i don't see any Prince Charming, ready to carry me away from my awful home. I think better explain who i am, since you all are giving me the look that clearly says that i'm insane. My full name is Anyway, when my mother was sixteen and was a servant, she married my father. Everyone had been envious since my mother had been the most beautiful lady in. When my mother gave birth to me, she passed away. So, my own father hated me for that. Moving on to my 12th birthday, my father married a distant relative named Jacqueline and she had two daughters of her own from a previous marriage. Yup, here comes the evil stepsisters part. The older one who was a year older than me who's name is Adriana. The younger one, Linda, was sixteen and is my age.

Ella, i can no longer look at you because every time i do. i see my deceased first wife.

Ella. enough of your nonsense. Ever since you killed my first wife, i have hated you. Now shut up and go transfer your belongings to the servant wing.

Dad, i was only born when it happened! I can barely remember her! But what will people think if i become a servant?

Of course, you will still go to social events but in this household. You shall be treated no better than the lowest servant.

Why not say i was dead?

Because people will think it was my fault if you died. Already, one woman died from my life. Now get out of my sight.




Cinderella:Oh crap! What did i forget this time?

Jacqueline screeched from the dining room offscreen.

Jacqueline:What on earth did you do with these potato slices?

Cinderella moaned and scurried out to the dining room, where her two stepsisters were picking primly at their beef and cheese casserole. Jacqueline was ramrod straight in her chair and had a murderous expression on her face. She is just about average height, 5'6. Long black hair that fell to her waist and her face was pale and pointy.

Jacqueline:(in a dangerously level voice) These potato slices are charred and there aren't enough of them.

Ella:(shouted)Wait, there aren't enough?! I used the rest of the potatoes! I put them in the oven so they weren't touching each other, exactly like you said! They stayed in he oven for twenty minutes, just like you ordered! Seriously, what the heck could i have done wrong?!

Dorienne:(shouted)You're supposed to make twice this many, that's why they're burnt.

Ella:(angrily)What do you want me to do about it then?

Jacqueline:(sighed impatiently)Well, it's a bit late for you to make more. But next time, there's no excuse.

Ella:(muttered as she turned toward the kitchen)I figured as much.

Jacqueline:(threateningly)What was that, Ella?

Ella stopped in her tracks and cringed.

Ella:(mumbled as she dashed back to the kitchen)Yes, Miss Jaqueline.

Once in the kitchen, she clenched both of her fists.

Ella:(whispers) Damn it. (shuffled over to the counter and started cleaning up the kitchen) I hate it when she does that.

Jacqueline: (shouted)ELLA! WASH THE DISHES!

Ella:Seriously? Why does she have to scream it every single time? Can't she just talk like a normal person?

Ella, can i talk to you for a sec? So...was the earl with you?

What do you mean?

I mean, during dinner, he and you weren't there.

I was ordered not to be there.

You were both missing. So, were you two together?

Mandy raised an eyebrow and

in a wobbly voice W-Well, if you don't want t-to t-tell me th-then i in-understand. I just t-thought you would tell your b-best friend about it.

Fine. You win. Yes, he was there.

You tricked me!



Like , did he like you?

Mandy, i barely like him. He only cares for the beauty of ladies. He's pure evil!

He can't be that bad.

He deserves either Adriana or Linda.

Ella Anderson! No one deserves them!

He does.

Truthfully Ella, what is he like?


Jacqueline: Ella, i don't hear the water running.

Jacqueline: You haven't even started the dishes yet? What on earth have you been doing?

Ella:I...uh... I was just... um...(gets slapped by Jacqueline)

Dorienne:You are the most insolent, ungrateful, lazy, incompetent child i have ever encountered in my life! If i hadn't promised your father that i would care for you whenever he's away or whatever, I would've turned you out years ago!

Ella:(muttered menacingly)You don't have to turn me out. You and dad never cared for me in the first place.

Gerald Charming:Don't...don't leave me. Please. You're... you're the only girl...the only one...

Well...i suppose we should get you packed. All of you. glared at Ella Now, since Ella will be at the mansion, she can't be treated like a servant. But Ella, you will treat my daughters with respect. If i hear that you did something disrespectful and trust me, if you thought your life was a living hell, wait until you come back.


Linda:And don't you even think about trying and stealing our Gerald Charming from us. Understand?

Ella:Yes, my lady.

You did a good jobs, girls.

Ella curtsied.

Ella:Excuse me sir, but i must ask: Why did you ask for me to attend the dinner when your orders were not to come?

The lady of the Charming Family requested it. She seems to highly favor you, Ella. Don't get your hopes up.

Ella:Yes, my lord.



Well, i knew it couldn't be long before they started ordering me around.


I wish we had more.

More?! Are you insane?!

Ow! Pain! Ouch! That evil chair had hit my knee! Evil!

That didn't hurt that much.

Oh really? Why don't you try?

Now go to the left and then make a right and then another left and straight and there's the bed. It's easy, Sooty Ella.


Cinderella wakes up.

Where do you think you're going?

Ella:To bed, sir.

No. I want you to scrub this whole hallway and don't rest until you are finished. Understood?

Ella:But I'm tired! It's already past nine, come on! Let me sleep! (gives her a death glare) Ugh! Fine...i understand!

Sir Wallace Here(hands Ella a bucket of water and a cloth before slapping her) and don't you ever used that tone with me again.

Cinderella:(grumbles)Why does she calls me by that stupid name? My name is Ella not Cinderella, geez.

To bed, Ella. You have a big day tomorrow.

Ella:(sarcastically)Yeah, torture Ella day.


Ella:I'm awake! I'm awake!

Linda:(with a sneer)Ugh, don't you ever take a shower?

Ella:Yeah, whenever you freaks let me.

Dorienne:(sneered)What did you just say?

Ella:I said i can only take a shower whenever you freaks let me.

Dorienne:That's what i thought. (slaps her across the face)

Ella:(rubs her red, swollen cheek)Jeez, sorry.

You dare try anything...anything at all that interferes with my own daughters marrying Lord Charming's son, mark my words: you will pay.

Ella:Um...Scary moment right there.(stared at her with cold eyes and had a tight grip on her wrist) Ow, circulation!

Do. You. Understand?

Ella:Yes, sir.


Ella:Ow, that was painful.

Now get out of my sight.

This belonged to your mother and take special care of it for me.

Ella:Thank you, Grandma.



Adriana: Milady.


Adriana: No, no, no. Yes, milady. or yes? And to what?

Adriana: Ella!


Adriana: Stop playing this childish game right now!

Ella:Game? We're playing a game?

Ella:Wait, for what? What are we even talking about?

Ella:Wow! A door! Um... what's in it?

Lady Camilla:This is your room, Ella.

Ella:Oh. My room.

Lady Camilla:That's where Gerald will be.

Ella:Oh...what?! Are you joking?! Anywhere near that man was...complete torture! (starts panicking)Ah! I will be breathing the same air everyday! AH! SAVE ME! (turned to Gerald, who has a look of amusement on his face. Ella points at him) He's still evil!

Camilla:Down the hall is where your stepsisters shall sleep.

Ella:Whoa. What? Why was i the only one suffering?! Why God? Why? (Adriana and Linda stared at her in anger and jealousy)What did i do this time?! The evil lady did it! Not me! I'm innocent i tell you! Innocent!

Adriana and I have been observing you, Cinderella. We have seen things. Like the way Gerald looks at you, the way he smiles... the way the whole Charming family favors you, even those twin brats! We even know that the mother of the family favors you.

And You're too much of a problem, a distraction, to Gerald and we will not have him distracted.

But how? How could we sneak away the girl Gerald so openly loves?

We thought of it...pondered of it. And-

Cinderella:Excuse me? Um...just a quick question, then you can continue. What happened with the door? It was opened. Err... yeah...

Because instead of waiting for Lady Camilla to get the man, we got ourselves and got him to open the door. Now, shut up and listen.


nodded towards , continue if you please.

And we hatched up a fool proof plan to get you away. We wanted, of course, Clover to help, since she seems a bit close to you, but we doubted she would. We also thought of asking your handmaid, Megan; soft enough to control, easy enough to manipulate.

Cinderella:Soft? Easy? Megan? More like now abusive used to be sweet Megan.

But we decided against it. No, we were going to use someone already on our side. someone who would already help us.

Oh Lord, the deed. I'm going to die, I'll never have food to eat again. Oh no, Oh no, Oh no.

Priscilla here is going to help us. She holds a special dislike for yoy.


Because your stupid godmother. Yes, I know you have one. But we'll speak no more of the matter. Let us continue.

Yes, well, we'll have to tell Cinderella if this is going to work. turned to Cinderella Cinderella... Priscilla is my fairy godmother now. I don't need a watcher fairy because Priscilla is already here, always watching over me.

Now, you might be confused. Let us make it simpler. We want you eliminated, out of the way. Priscilla is a fairy. We want Gerald...doesn't matter who, at least one of us. You stand in the way. Priscilla is a freaking fairy. (grin widened) Understand?

Cinderella:Death? Priscilla the fairy godmother is going to kill me! Calla, get over here, I'm going to be murdered!


Cinderella:You''re going to kill me? Death! Death! Death! Ah!

Of course not, you idiot. We're going to disguise you. You see, our handmaid just arrived except we sent her away, disguised as a lady...disguised as you. She's pretending to be you and is ill. We couldn't send you, no. What id someone looks for you and finds you? So we're going to disguise you. As a servant. Our servant.

And i would agree to this because...?

Because we have this. And if you do no agree, Cinderella...we're gonna burn this right in front of your very eyes.

Do we have a bargain, Cinderella?

my eyes began to widened as her dark brown hair was transforming to red hair with loose curls and lengthening. She grew a bit smaller than her normal self.

What?! She's...pretty...


She isn't bad on the inside, you know. Her inner self isn't hideous. I managed to only change her clothes to a servant's attire, however.

This can't be happening. We want her hideous! With a scar on her face, a large nose or something more gruesome!

Linda:Cinder Cindy.

Andriana:Oh i know, what about Cinderella!

Now go, Priscilla has all of your belongings sent back to your father, to make it look as if you really left and my handmaiden has left her trunk of clothing. now get out of my sight. And out of our way to Gerald Charming, our soon to be future husband.

Priscilla: What are you forgetting something, my dear?

Wincing, Ella turned around and curtsied.

Ella:(in a sad voice, and her voice has changed) Yes...milady.

As she left, her head hung and the threesome laughed at her defeated state. And when she entered her room, she cried.

Adriana:We were sleeping all night.

Linda:We even have a witness. Isn't that right, Cinderella? turned back to the noble family She's our new handmaiden; she came in last night. She even saw Lady Ella leave, did you not Cinderella?

While the Charming family turned to Ella, Adriana and Linda's tear filled face suddenly filled with malice and a threatening look. Ella curtsied.

Ella:Yes, milady, that is correct. I came in late at night, while thy

Gerald Charming:She...She didn't say of any letter, did she now?

Ella sadly shook her head.

Ella:None that i know of, my lord.

Gerald nodded and left the room. Lady Camilla throws a glare at Adriana and Linda before stomping out of the room.

Sir Matthew:

Adriana:He will forget about you, Ella. He will grow to hate you for leaving him and his heart will feel as if it were breaking into a million pieces.

Linda:All because of you. But don't worry; as me and my sister had stated before...he will no longer care for you and one of us will become his wife.

Adriana:Now then. Go fetch us breakfast. I wish for it in bed today, servant.

Ella nodded and curtsied.

Ella:As the ladies wishes.

Can we have a walk around the gardens?

My and my sister find them to be beautiful.

Ella:(whispers)Come on Gerald, fight. Don't go anywhere near them.

However Gerald did the opposite as he gently smiled at the stepsisters.

Gerald Charming:Of course.

Then they began walking away, him smiling at them and throwing Ella a hidden triumphant look. Ella froze in her work, staring after the three. Tears pricked her eyes but with them came a wave fury.

Ella:How could could he just...and with them...the garden, the place of which he told me the story...

You may leave Gerald; I shall tell her of her rescuer once she awakes.

Gerald Charming:And to have faint at the thought of a noble saving her? No, please omit my part in any of this...I don't need another fan girl. (sighed and runs his hand through his hair) However, i best be off. Father wishes to discuss some matters.

Gerald Charming:Hey, you are the maid that ran into the door! (Ella stared at him)Oh don't worry, i won't tell anyone. (Ella remained silent, causing Gerald to frown) Why not speak maid?

Well. if you aren't a comical sight? What in the name of God are you doing?

I'm on my way to attend the ball, so if you'll excuse me.

Ah. How wonderful i suppose you expect the earl to fall instantly in love with you.

Actually no, the only thing i want is my appearance and my life back?

Oh, and how did i ruin this little life of yours?

You cursed me into becoming a maid against my will and you work for my wicked stepsisters?

Well, since i did make that mistake, i will do you a favor. But only one and don't tell your stepsisters that i'm giving our favors. And don't expect any more! I'm not your fairy godmother, you know. Consider us even, Ella Anderson or should i say, Cinderella.

Listen to me, Cinderella. You will find your own love someday and then you'll understand. And i know you will find someone to love you. You're charming and pretty...

How can you say that i'm beautiful when you've never even seen my face?

Because i love you. I could have married any pretty girl, but i don't love them. It's you that i love and i know that when i do see you, you will be beautiful. Do you love me?

I do love you.


Everyone turned to the one who had shouted Ella's name with such shock and disgust. All eyes were on Linda and Adriana.

Morrigan? Ella?

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