The Sword in the Castle is a 1962 animated feature produced by Michael Shires Pictures and Pentagon Distribution and originally released to theaters on December 26, 1962.


Welly’s Dad tells her a story about a Sword in a castle, so she goes exploring the next day and teams up with a retired superhero called Captain Cluton to be the first to pull it out, but in order to reach the Sword, they much pass three tests.

Voice Cast:


  1. We’re Together - Welly and Her Dad
  2. Three Tricky Riddles - The Sword Protector, Welly, and Captain Cluton
  3. The Power of Two - Welly and Captain
  4. You Can’t Find Me - Queen Quartz
  5. The Gift of Intelligence - The Sword Protector


  • This was a Co-production with Disney.


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