The Switch On is a 2014 American Biography Drama film written by James McBride and directed by Spike Lee starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Seth Rogen, Emma Stone, Sarah Paulson, Matthew Macfadyen, Giovanni Ribisi, Josh Radnor and Eva Mendes.

The film trials the life and death of history's fourth most prolific inventor Thomas Edison, his inventions to his relationships and problems.

The film is slated for a January 14th, 2014 release theatrically.


A journey through the life of Thomas Edison, his inventions, relationships and problems.

A journey into the mind of a genius, a revolutionary and a journey that will change you forever.


  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Thomas Edison
  • Seth Rogen as Will Hammer
  • Emma Stone as Mina Miller
  • Sarah Paulson as Mary Stilwell
  • Matthew Macfadyen as Alexander Bell
  • Giovanni Ribisi as Chichester Bell
  • Josh Radnor as Charles Taintor
  • Eva Mendes as Mabel Hubbard
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