The Swashbuckler: Pirates of the Seven Seas is an American animated series. Set in The Golden Age of Piracy inspired world,

Tagline Where The Journey Begins


The series takes place in an accurate historical setting; a world ruled by the British, French, and Spanish colonies, with pirates representing freedom and independence from the colonies. The series focuses on

The series


Jacqueline "Jack" -a tomboyish teenager who is determined to seek the freedom of Jacqueline poses herself as a boy named Jack in order to survive in a male dominated environment. Jacqueline alludes to Mary Read.

-Jacqueline's biological father.He alludes to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Samantha "Sam" Raske- a fiery tempered red haired young woman. She was raised by her mother in Ireland who violently abuses her out of fear whenever she asks about her father's identity. One day, her mother abandoned her before convincing her to change her birth name and telling her to commit suicide if "a man with a large scar across his eye" come across her. She alludes to Anne Bonny.

Queen-A red haired mulatto daughter of an enslaved black woman and a French sea captain who allegedly disappeared at sea. She speaks with a thick Caribbean accent. Despite being mixed race, her light skin had allowed her to pass as a white woman. She alludes to Jacquotte Delahaye.

He is widely known as the most notorious and feared pirate among other pirates. He is later revealed to be Samantha's biological father. He alludes to Edward Teach.

Alys- widely known as the second most notorious and feared pirate in history. She is Jackie's biological mother She alludes to Elizabeth Swan.

Marie-Anne the daughter of and the half sister of Samantha. She alludes to Anne Dieu-le-Veut.

Jean Lorencillo: A Spanish/British mercenary and naval captain in the service of the British colony of Tortuga. He was sent out to capture Marie-Anne only to fell for her beauty. He alludes to Laurens de Graaf.

A Chinese former prostitute who leads a band of and is rumored to be the most feared pirate of the China Seas and the third most notorious pirate in history. She alludes to Ching Shih.

A Chinese pirate and brother. He alludes to Zheng Yi.

A Chinese pirate and cousin. He alludes to Zheng Qi

A 15 year oldAlludes to Cheung Po Tsai

A Scottish sailor who was captured and killed for piracy. He alludes to William Kidd.

A teenaged runaway from England who wants to follow the life of free will and independence as a free man. He alludes to Calico Jack.

A 16 year old former slave of African-Amerindian descent from Nicaragua. She alludes to John Julian.

He alludes to Samuel Bellamy.



Jackie:I what?


Jackie:You said" I"

Not "i". Aye.

Jackie looked confused. Rubbed the bridge of his nose.

It's a pirate thing. It means yes.

Jackie:Oh...well that made more sense.

Jackie gasps

What? Does the sword makes my bum bigger than it already is?

Don't touch me.

You ungrateful little bitch! I saved your life! lashed out and violently wrapped his hands around Samantha's throat. Samantha clawed at his hands, but his grip was firm You would've drowned in the channel if it weren't for me. I've kept you alive. I deserve something in return. Don'tcha think so?

The boy pulled her to him and forcibly kissed her. Samantha reached into the boy's pocket and curled her fingers around a handle.

Jean Lorencillo:



  1. Where Freedom Sails-
  2. The Whore of Worth-
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