The Swashbuckler: Pirates of the Seven Seas is an American animated series.

Tagline Where The Journey Begins


The series


Jacqueline "Jackie" tomboyish, strong willed teenager who is determined to find her parents and search for the legendary Stone of the Sea. As a victim of sexism, Jacqueline poses herself as a boy. named Jackie. Jacqueline alludes to Mary Read.

-Jacqueline's biological father.He alludes to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Samantha "Sam"- a fiesty red haired illegitimate child of a wealthy lawyer and a servant. Samantha alludes to Anne Bonny. haired mulatto daughter of a black woman and a white father. She alludes to Jacquotte Delahaye.

He is widely known as the most notorious and feared pirate among other pirates. He alludes to Edward Teach.

Alys- widely known as the second most notorious and feared pirate in history.

A prostitute who She alludes to Ching Shih.

A Chinese pirate and love interest. He alludes to

A Chinese pirate and cousin. He alludes to

A Scottish sailor who was captured and killed for piracy. He alludes to William Kidd.



I what?


You said" I"

Not "i". Aye.

Jacqueline looked confused. Rubbed the bridge of his nose.

It's a pirate thing. It means yes.

Oh...well that made more sense.


What? Does the sword makes my bum bigger than it already is?


  1. Where Freedom Sails-
  2. The Whore of Worth-


All of the characters of the series are based on real and fictional historical figures.

The Swashbuckler: Pirates of the Seven Seas explores gender inequality, racism, and feminism.

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