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The Summer of Yesterday is an American web series which tells the story of a young boy who iz with relatives for the rest of the summer.


Jack is a 12 year old boy who lives in a fictional rural town called Yesterday, Mississippi.


  • This...this young boy right here is Johnny Appleseed.

Johnny continued fo chew on the apple and waved at Jack.

Johnny Appleseed? What kind of parents named their kid Johnny Appleseed? Did they hated him or something?

No, everyone in the area nicknamed him Johnny Appleseed because...he likes apples.


It's the only thing this kid eats. He's addicted to them since birth. His love for apples are so strong that not even the doctors know what is wrong with him.

  • Does it work?

Does a bear crap in the woods?

.. Uh...yes.

Then there's your answer.




I'm sending you to your grandparents in the countryside for the rest of the summer.


Oh, you can bring your phone but I better not hear you always on your phone You are leaving in a couple of days.

Welp, sucks to be you.

...Shut up.

While you're in Mississippi, be sure to watch out for some alligators.

His parents ain't coming back anytime soon.


The neighbor laughed

You heard me. There's no use in knocking on their door. They ran off, told me if the little one didn't find anyone properly to look after him, I was informed that I must sent their son to an orphanage.

eyes widened


Like I said before, they ain't coming back anytime soon. So, if you ain't gonna look after him, I have no choice but to take the boy to an orphanage

My family will look after him.


Jack Bilson- a 13 year old boy and the main protagonist. He is the narrator of the series.

George- a friend of Jack who suffers from asthma. He is 12 years old

Jimmy" Johnny Apple Seed" Jones- who is seemingly mute and has an uncontrollable addiction of apples. He was later taken in by The Bilsons after his parents abandoned him.

Lakisha- an older African American girl and George's longtime crush.

Mara- an 11 year old girl who is extremely intelligent for her age. She is the only member of her family who sees strong potential in Lucy

Lucy- A fourteen year old sister of Mara who has a disability which prevents her from being able to read or write on her own. Her parents ridicules her for being "mentally retarded".

Patricia- a snobby rich girl who is dating Winston and constantly picks on him.

The daughter of the mayor of Yesterday. She and are

Mara and Lucy's mother

Mara and Lucy's father

  • He eventually married his longtime crush, Lakisha and together, they had over 25 kids.