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The Sullivans is an American police procedural and legal drama television series, adapted as a spin-off of Hartman.

The series premiered on NBC in September 2029.

Set in Denver, Colorado, the series follows Denver PD detective Drake Sullivan who works for Family Justice Unit (FJU), an elite police unit that investigates crimes involving families, including but not limited to domestic violence, rape, murder, kidnapping and sexual abuse. Drake works with an team of elite detectives, in the Denver P.D., who all report to their ranking C.O., to investigate the crimes, collect evidence, interview witnesses and then, when the evidence points to a suspect or suspects, place the suspect(s) under arrest.

The matter is then taken over by Drake's wife Katherine and the prosecutors and investigators of the Denver District Attorney's office. They discuss deals, prepare the witnesses and evidence and conduct the people's case in the trial. The series also follows the personal lives of Drake and Katherine and to a lesser extent, their colleagues.

Both teams work with the Medical Examiners Office, Crime Lab and psychiatrists from both the police department and DA's office.


Regular Cast

Denver PD (Family Justice Unit)

  • Chris Pratt as Detective Drake Sullivan, a gritty 13-year (at the start of the series) DPD veteran and former Force Reconnaissance Marine. He is slightly hardened due to his combat experiences oversees, but remains a caring and dedicated man and figure to his colleagues and family. He has a soft spot for children and due to his own experience, the wrongly accused.
  • Nicholas Gonzalez as Detective Miguel Ruiz, a 13-year (at the start of the series) veteran on the force and Drake's partner. He is noted by his colleagues to be great at his job, but horrible at his personal life due to two failed marriages and a streak of womanizing afterwards, which he attributes to his parents' failings, and having been bounced around his family for a long period. Despite this, he is a dedicated father to his son Angel (from his first marriage) and his daughters Martika and Lupé (from his second marriage).
  • Corey Hawkins as Detective Jackson Holmes, a 9-year (at the start of the series) veteran and former Special Forces Army Ranger. Growing up in a military family, he appreciates the privilege to serve, and hates those who try to pose as military veterans and steal valor; as such, he and Drake have a close friendship. He is married to Kim, an ICU nurse, and the two have their first child, son Franklin, in the fifth episode. In the fourth season, he and Kim have their second child, daughter Tyger, in the two part episode "Snowfall".
  • Teri Reeves as Detective Andrea Donnell, an 8-year (at the start of the series) veteran from a prominent police family. Having grown up as the youngest child and only daughter of four children, she has often had to prove herself to be just as capable as men are in investigating and taking down suspects. She is divorced with two daughters, Danielle and Piper. In the second season, it was revealed that Andrea has another daughter named Audrey as the result of her year-long abusive relationship with her father's married colleague, Robert Evans, when she was 18.
  • Annie Wersching as Sergeant Nicole Richter (seasons 1–4; guest season 5), a 15-year (at the start of the series) veteran and sergeant previously from an undercover unit who is transferred to FJU to replace the late Landon Kruger. She is dedicated to her job and is divorced with a teenage son named Brian. She also a history of using opioids due to a gunshot wound she received in the line of duty and has been in-and-out of rehab several times for it. In the fourth season, she relapses due in part to her grief over Doyle's death in the previous season, and takes a leave of absence from the force in order to grieve and get clean again.
  • Joe Alder as Officer Kyle Francis (season 2–present; recurring season 1), a police officer who works as a tech analyst for the FJU. A 4-year (at the start of the series) veteran, he operates as the unit's expert on computers and surveillance. Starting in the second season, he begins to take on more work in the field as a result of the events of the the first season finale, and is partnered with Richter. Following Richter's departure in the fourth season, he is partnered with her replacement Sgt. Alicia Pearce.
  • Kelly Hu as Lieutenant Hannah Wie (season 2–present; recurring season 1), a seasoned investigator who was formerly the C.O. of the Denver Police's Vice Unit until her tenure there came to an abrupt end when over a dozen officers under her command were caught up in a corruption scandal. Winder selected her to be his new second-in-command in the FJU. She is widowed with a teenage daughter, and has also recently been raising her younger sister's two young children due to her younger sister being in an abusive relationship. In second season, after a back-and-forth quest to get Lisa to leave her husband, Wie finally succeeds, only for it to end in tragedy when Lisa dies in childbirth due of the physical stress of both it and her husband's final beating.
  • Afton Williamson as Sergeant Alicia Pearce (season 4–present; recurring seasons 2–3), former superior officer of the Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit who first works with the FJU on the case of a sex trafficking ring. An independent woman not afraid to speak her mind, her leadership of Vice Is known wide through the department. She is bisexual, married to a woman and is raising a blended family. In season 4, she transfers to the FJU to take the departed Nicole Richter's place after passing the Vice Unit's CO position to the recently promoted Rivas.
  • Keith David as Captain Eugene Winder, a 22-year (at the start of the series) DPD veteran and commanding officer of the FJU. A slightly gruff but loyal officer, he is stern but supportive of his subordinates and will do whatever he feels is needed to get justice. He was the investigating detective on Drake's case when he was framed for murder and convinced him to join the DPD afterward. He has been happily married for over 20 years and has two adult sons, Eugene Jr. and Anthony. He is also revealed to have served on the NYPD for 17 years before moving to Denver.

D.A. Office

  • Bryce Dallas Howard as Executive Assistant District Attorney Katherine Sullivan, Drake's wife, a 15-year (at the start of the series) veteran ADA who has been newly promoted to Executive ADA due to a near perfect conviction record. She and her brother Joey witnessed the murders of their parents and two older siblings by a mob hitman, after their father, an NYPD detective was about to give damning testimony against a New York mob boss. She and Joey managed to hide from the danger, and were raised by relatives, but became estranged from each other later in life due to her wanting the hitman caught and him wanting to move on. Katherine is known to be steadfast & uncompromising against those who commit unspeakable acts against families & children, but is compassionate toward victims of domestic violence, child abuse & rape and loves her family.
  • John Francis Daley as Assistant District Attorney Trent Doyle (seasons 1–3), Katherine's original second chair. A prosecutor for four years (at the start of the series), he is known to be smart, but brash and is a competitive ADA. Doyle particularly comes down on those who commit hate crimes, especially against the LGBTQ+ community. He is openly gay and his boyfriend, Jake Montgomery, is a construction foreman; the two marry halfway through the second season and have their first child, daughter Joyce, via surrogacy. Near the end of the third season, after surviving an assault by an anti-gay organization that also kidnapped Joyce, Doyle considers leaving the D.A.'s office to explore other opportunities. Tragically, he is fatally shot by Russian mobster Igor Loginov during the court house breakout in the two-part season finale, and dies in surgery, devastating his family, friends and colleagues.
  • Jeremy Ratchford as Head Investigator Mario Nazario (seasons 1–2; recurring season 3–present), a former Denver homicide detective who now works as a DA Investigator, who left the force due to health reasons brought on his hard-living habits (his years of drinking, smoking and some poor dieting). He often serves as a mentor towards other investigators. He is a widower with two sons. He is promoted to Head Investigator at the end of the second season after dealing with poor health.
  • Sheila Vand as Investigator Hessa Cohen, a third generation Iranian-American DA Investigator who was previously a FBI agent, until she was fired from the bureau for brutally interrogating and beating information a terror suspect in custody who had planned to bomb 16th Street Mall to stop the attack. Katherine subsequently helped her get a job as a DA Investigator and she becomes Nazario's partner. Her older brother is a FBI agent.
  • William "Big Sleeps" Stewart as Investigator Lance Quelling (season 3–present; recurring season 2), a former Technical Sergeant and pararescueman in the US Air Force, former Denver P.D. officer, and new D.A. investigator who becomes Cohen's temporary partner after Nazario deals with a health crisis. Following Nazario's promotion at the end of the second season, he is partnered with her from the third season onwards.
  • Matthew Goode as Assistant District Attorney Joshua Saxe (season 4–present), Katherine's new second chair. A prosecutor for 16 years, he is shown to have several chips on his shoulder and is even more reckless and ruthless in his pursuit of justice than Doyle was, to the point of bending or even breaking the rules to ensure criminals get what they deserve. This often brings him into conflict with Katherine, who prefers to adhere to at least some of the book of the law.
  • Scott Glenn as District Attorney Andrew Bishop (seasons 1–3), a conservative district attorney who was an ADA for over 30 years before he was elected DA. He is Katherine's mentor and helped her clear Drake's name when he was framed for murder. He was married to his wife Stacy for 45 years until her death in the second season, and has five children (two sons and three daughters) and eight grandchildren. Due to his conservative views, he was estranged from one of his daughters for several years after she came out as a lesbian, but has since reconciled with her. At the end of the third season, Bishop retires from the D.A.'s office in the wake of the courthouse shooting that results in multiple deaths, including Doyle's, due to continuing to hold grief from his wife's death the previous season, and wanting to spend his golden years with his children and grandchildren.
  • Neal McDonough as Executive Assistant/Interim District Attorney Jeremy Peake (season 4–present; recurring seasons 2–3), a EADA and former JAG lawyer whom Bishop appoints as a temporary replacement while he takes time off following his wife's death. He is later appointed Interim D.A. of Denver following Bishop's retirement at the end of the third season.


  • Jason Maybaum as Finn Sullivan, Drake and Katherine's son, who is 10-years-old (at the start of the series). He is an insightful and intelligent boy who enjoys sports and appears to have a particular knack for science. In the second season, Finn is shown to be protective of his sister Mary, particularly when she befriends Audrey Evans.
  • Spencer Moss as Mary Sullivan, Drake and Katherine's daughter, who is 8-years-old (at the start of the series). She is a typical innocent child who loves swimming and dancing (especially ballet), but can sometimes be wise beyond her years as well. In the second season, Mary becomes friend with a young waitress named Audrey and becomes tangled up in the mysteries behind Audrey and her "adopted" father, Robert Evans.
  • Clancy Brown as Ryan Sullivan, a retired criminal court judge with a prominent career and the father of Drake, Amanda and Lydia. Drake, Katherine and their children live in his house and he watches over Finn & Mary while their parents work. He also provides Drake and Katherine some insight and wisdom on cases they work on.

Recurring Cast


Sullivan family

  • Elaine Cassidy as Lydia Graves, Drake's younger sister and the youngest child of Ryan. She works as a Chicago P.D. dispatcher. She is married to Police Sergeant Owen Graves and they have four children: Christine, Matthius, Jeffery and Robin.
  • David Ramsey as Owen Graves, Lydia's husband who is a former Navy SEAL and now Chicago police sergeant. They have four children.
  • Emily Deschanel as Amanda Whitman, Drake's late older sister and a prominent defense attorney who successfully defended her brother in his murder trial. She was well on her way to becoming a judge like her father when she was unexpectedly killed in a car accident six years prior to the series, leaving behind her husband Nathan, and their two sons Wesley and Lucas. She appears in flashbacks throughout the series.
  • Sebastian Arcelus as Nathan Whitman, Amanda's widower and father of their two sons. He is an entrepreneur and owns multiple businesses, including a strip mall. In season 4, he purchases the "Ace Of Hearts" bar and grill where Drake and Katherine met, and renames it "Amanda's" in honor of his late wife.
  • Edie Falco as Rachel Sullivan, Ryan's wife, and Drake, Amanda and Lydia's mother who died of cancer four years prior to the series. She appears in flashbacks throughout the series.
  • David Gallagher as Joey Ashford (seasons 1 & 3), Katherine's younger brother and sole surviving sibling. An accomplished crime fiction writer residing in his hometown of New York City, he faced the trauma of witnessing the murders of his parents and two other older siblings by a mob hitman after their NYPD detective father agreed to testify against a mob boss. This has lead to him and Katherine being estranged due to her wanting to find and bring the hitman to justice and him wanting to just forget and move on, despite the trauma's effects on his psyche. He also has a girlfriend, but due to his trauma, has various relationship issues with her. At the end of the first season, after being kidnapped and then rescued from his family's killer by Drake, who ends up killing the man, he finally decides to reconnect with his family and get help for his issues.
  • Caitlin Carmichael as Sophie Laine (season 3–present; guest season 2), the illegitimate daughter of Ryan's brother Patrick.
  • Adam Baldwin as Jack Miller (season 3), Drake's maternal uncle and Rachel's younger brother who is a former CIA agent-turned-Interpol official.

Ruiz Family

  • Joshua Bassett as Angel Ruiz, Ruiz's troubled teenage son.
  • Alison Fernandez as Martika Ruiz, Ruiz's oldest daughter.
  • Elle Paris Legaspi as Lupé Ruiz, Ruiz's youngest daughter.
  • Julie Gonzalo as Erica Muñoz (season 2–present), a NASA astronaut, who is Ruiz's girlfriend.

Holmes Family

  • Anna Diop as Kim Quincy-Holmes, an ICU nurse and Jackson's wife. They have their first child, Franklin James, in the fifth episode. In the fourth season episode "Snowfall", they have their second child, Tyger Zora.
  • Ashley Thomas as Terrell Holmes (season 2–present), Det. Holmes' older brother and a former Army Specialist who now works as a legitimate arms dealer and a CI for the Vice Unit.
  • Danny Glover as Frank Holmes (season 2–present), a retired Army Colonel with a decorated military career and the father of Det. Holmes.
  • Darlene Love as Laura Holmes (season 2–present), Det. Holmes' mother.
  • Algee Smith as Peter Holmes (season 2–present), Det. Holmes' youngest brother and a Army medic on tour.
  • Camille Winbush as Army CID Agent Jennifer Carter (season 2–present), Det. Holmes' younger sister and an Army CID agent.
  • Mykelti Williamson as Colonel George Holmes (season 4), an Army Colonel who is Det. Holmes' uncle, Frank's youngest brother and Darryl's father.
  • Denzel Whitaker as Darryl Holmes (season 4), Det. Holmes' cousin and an Army Ranger.

Donnell Family

  • Kevin Connolly as Lieutenant Joseph Donnell (season 2–present; guest season 1), Andrea's oldest brother and a SWAT negotiator.
  • Joseph Sikora as Sergeant Michael Donnell (season 2–present), Andrea's older brother and a police patrol sergeant.
  • David Morse as Division Chief Burton Donnell (season 2–present), Denver PD Chief of Investigations and Andrea's father.
  • Rene Russo as Maggie Donnell (season 2–present), Andrea's mother and a former Denver police officer.
  • Stephen Amell as Sergeant Connor Donnell (season 2–present), Andrea's older brother and a K-9 officer.
  • Cailee Spaeny as Audrey Evans (season 2–present), a young waitress with a mysterious past who become friends with Mary after standing up to her bullies in the café. She was believed to be adopted by Robert Evans but it was revealed that Robert is her biological father and Audrey's biological mother was revealed to be Andrea Donnell, Robert's ex-lover. In the third season, she enrolls in college with the hopes of becoming a police officer herself.
  • James Badge Dale as Trevor Dunnigan (season 3–present), a widowed Denver firefighter and single father who becomes Andrea's boyfriend.

Other Family Members

  • Miles Heizer as Brian Harper, Richter's openly gay son who adjusts to the ups and downs of coming out.
  • Shawn Hatosy as Joe Harper, Richter's estranged ex-husband.
  • Khandi Alexander as Jane Winder, Capt. Winder's wife.
  • Ashton Sanders as Dr. Gene Winder, Capt. Winder's eldest son and resident at Denver Memorial Hospital.
  • Luke Macfarlane as Jake Montgomery (seasons 1–4), a construction foreman, Doyle's fiancée-turned-husband, and co-father to their daughter Joyce. He is later widowed following Doyle's death at the end of the third season and later moves away with Joyce at the start of the fourth to be close to his in-laws.
  • Kelly Marie Tran as Lisa Wie-Russo (season 2), Lt. Wie's younger sister, who is in an abusive relationship which she finds difficult to escape from, especially after learning that's she's pregnant with her third child. In the second season, after going back and forth over reconciling with her husband Jason, and making a failed attempt to do so, Lisa finally decides to leave him, but is ambushed and severely beaten by him; the beating sends her into labor, and combined with the stress of giving birth, ultimately kills her, devastating her entire family.
  • Vincent Rodriguez III as Dr. Nolan Wie (season 2–present), Lt. Wie's younger brother and Lisa's older brother. He is openly gay and works as a surgical resident at Denver Memorial Hospital.
  • Nina Lu as Joss Cho, Wie's teenage daughter.
  • Molly Quinn as Dr. Kira Francis (season 2–present), Officer Francis's twin sister and a pediatric resident at Denver Memorial Hospital.
  • Treat Williams as Dr. Mark Francis (season 4), the chief of Denver Memorial's Intensive Care Unit and the father of Francis and Kira.

Denver PD

FJU Support Personel

  • Kellita Smith as M.E. Robinetta Cooke, the local M.E. who assists the FJU on cases involving death. A former medic in the Air Force, she is keen on noting how a person lived as well as how they died. She is married with two children.
  • Tahj Mowry as Forensic Specialist C.J. Winston, the forensics specialist who is the younger brother of Detective Cleo Winston of Law & Order: New Orleans and District Attorney Cara Winston of Hartman.
  • Michael Dorman as Wayne Prescott, a troubled man born with a history of schizophrenia due to an emotional breakdown after the murder of his parents when he was a child. He has feelings for Sergeant Nicole Richter but in the second season, he agrees keep things professional and just remain friends with her. In the third season, Wayne got close with Richter once again after they both knowledge their feelings to each other. He now works as a tech expert for the FJU.
  • Tamala Jones as Celia Bennett, a social worker who often assists the FJU on their cases involving minors.
  • Odette Annable as Psychologist Dr. Kendall Fleiss, a forensics psychologist and criminal profiler who previously worked for Department of Homeland Security, helping get into the minds of terrorists and sleeper agents, before deciding to take a job slightly more toned down for her family's sake. She is married to former NFL player Will Fleiss and has five children.

Other FJU Members

  • Warren Christie as Sergeant Landon Kruger, the late sergeant of the FJU who was killed in the backdoor pilot. He appears in flashbacks throughout the series.
  • Dacre Montgomery as Officer Carter Wells (season 4), a Denver police officer and Francis' childhood friend. He was eventually revealed to be the estranged son of former DPD lieutenant Robert Evans.

Internal Affairs Bureau

  • Nestor Serrano as Detective Les Gomez (season 2–present), an Internal Affairs detective who is often quick to assume the guilt of any cop who is accused of misconduct or corruption.
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Detective Marvin Tuttle (season 2–present), an Internal Affairs detective and Gomez's partner who, unlike him, often likes to give those they investigate the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

Vice Unit

  • Kirk Acevedo as Detective/Sergeant Ramon Rivas (season 2–present), detective of the Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit and subordinate of Pearce. A head-strong, alpha-male detective, he is often ready to take charge, but also has a quick temper that hinders him at times. He is married with two daughters. During the fourth season, he is promoted to Sergeant and takes charge of the Vice Unit following Pearce's transfer to the FJU.
  • Tate Ellington as Detective Taylor Kellerson (seasons 2–3), detective of the Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit and subordinate of Pearce. A quirky but intelligent detective and former FBI trainee, he often has a special insight into people that allows him to see who they truly are. He is married with a son. He is fatally wounded in the courthouse shootout with the Russian mob at the end of the third season and dies en route to the hospital.
  • Sami Gayle as Detective Melody Spier (season 3–present), a new detective of the Denver P.D.'s Vice Unit whom Pearce has taken under her wing.
  • Patrick J. Adams as Detective Mickey Costo (season 3), a detective recruited from Vice's Narcotics section to assist in the Russian Mafia case. He is eventually revealed to be corrupt and working for the mafia, but tries to get out when the body count becomes to high, only to be executed by them to tie up loose ends.
  • Jason Alan Carvell as Detective Ty Willis (season 3–present), a detective recruited from Major Crimes' Robbery/Homicide section to assist in the Russian Mafia case.
  • Scottie Thompson as Detective Leah Dunleavy (season 3–present), a detective recruited from the Intelligence section to assist in the Russian Mafia case.
  • Ben Youcef as Technician Sayeed Nazar (season 4), a new member of the Vice unit, and Rivas's first hire as CO.

Major Crimes Division

  • Denis Leary as Captain Bernard Durand (season 3–present), a 20+ year DPD veteran and Major Crimes' new commanding officer.
  • Li Jun Li as Detective Amy Chen (season 4; guest season 3), a detective from MCD's Robbery-Homicide Section.
  • Erik Palladino as Sergeant Daniel Talfero (season 4), sergeant and immediate superior officer of MCD's Robbery-Homicide Section.
  • Jon Michael Hill as Detective Morris Oakes (season 4), a detective from MCD's Robbery-Homicide Section.
  • Lisseth Chavez as Detective Leticîa Garcia (season 4), a detective from MCD's Robbery-Homicide Section.


  • John Marshall Jones as Division Chief Curtis Johnson, the Chief of Patrol and good friend of Burton Donnell.
  • Julie Ann Emery as Sergeant Brenda Asher, Mikey Donnell's former partner and fellow supervisor of patrol.
  • James Ransone as Officer Lucas Thibideaux, an officer often seen at FJU crime scenes, and Soto's partner.
  • Laz Alonso as Officer Kenny Soto, an officer often seen at FJU crime scenes and Thibideaux's partner.
  • Mason Dye as Officer Paul Redden (season 2–present), a young rookie officer. Once caught up in a racially motivated traffic stop involving Holmes' family and his former TO, he now works to ensure his mistakes are not repeated, and often turns up at FJU crime scenes.
  • Merrin Dungey as Officer Esther Tucker (season 2–present), Redden's new TO following Sgt. Oxley's suspension. She provides Redden the guidance needed to avoid his former peer and superior's mistakes, and often turns up at FJU crime scenes.

DPD Command

  • Graham Greene as District Commander Dan "Red Fox" Cutter (season 1; guest season 2), a senior commanding officer with 32 years on the job. He often helps the FJU sort out the departmental politics of their cases. He retires at the start of the second season to take a job with the FBI.
  • Allison Janney as District Commander Julia Taggert (season 2–present), Cutter's replacement as District Commander following his retirement. She is gradually more by-the-book than him, but eventually realizes the leeway the FJU needs to solve it's cases.
  • Dennis Haysbert as Chief George Smith (season 2–present), the chief of the Denver Police Department.

Federal Agents

  • Jacob Latimore as FBI Special Agent Anthony Winder, Captain Winder's youngest son, who joins the FBI out of Quantico in the first season.
  • Andrew Rannells as FBI Special Agent Nick Graham (season 3), Cohen's former FBI partner and lead investigator on the feds' side of the Russian Mafia investigation. He is shot and killed in the courthouse shootout at the end of the third season.
  • Raviv Ullman as FBI Special Agent Tariq Cohen (season 3–present), Investigator Cohen's older brother and an FBI agent.

D.A.'s Office

  • Lake Bell as Assistant District Attorney Trudy Vale, a colleague and frenemy of Katherine's.
  • Echo Kellum as Assistant District Attorney Xavier Dixon, a colleague and friend of Katherine's.
  • Noel Fisher as Investigator Sean Farris, a D.A.'s office investigator and colleague of Cohen.
  • Mark Herrier as Head Investigator Vincent Caldwell (seasons 1–2), the initial head investigator for the D.A.'s office. He retires at the end of the second season, and is succeeded by Mario Nazario.
  • Gregory Smith as Investigator Zeke Swastiak (season 2–present; guest season 1), a recent addition to the D.A.'s investigators and Farris's new partner.
  • Logan Bartholomew as Assistant District Attorney Cole Diamantopoulos (season 3–present), a recent addition to the D.A.'s office and former law school friend of Katherine's.

Defense Attorneys

  • Judy Greer as Defense Attorney Emily Thornton, a known defense lawyer who has been friends with Katherine since law school.
  • Joel McHale as Chris Garrett (season 2–present; guest season 1), a public defender, Andrea's ex-husband, and father of their two daughters, Danielle and Piper.
  • Sam Jaeger as Scott Aiello (season 2–present), a powerful defense lawyer who is known to use underhanded tactics at trial.
  • Chet Hanks as Zack Stetler (season 3–present), Milo Stetler's nephew and a defense attorney.


  • Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Judge Adam Wellington, a sitting criminal court judge and friend of Ryan who occasionally presides over Katherine's cases.
  • Peter Onorati as Judge David Catalano (seasons 1–3), a sitting criminal court judge and another friend of Ryan who occasionally presides over Katherine's cases. He helps consult with the FJU during the joint investigation into the Russian mob activities, but is fatally shot in the courthouse shootout in the season finale and dies despite Katherine's attempts to save him.
  • Janine Turner as Judge Sylvia Grant, a sitting criminal court judge and another friend of Ryan who occasionally presides over Katherine's cases.
  • Ted Levine as Judge Warren Ollister, a sitting criminal court judge and another friend of Ryan who occasionally presides over Katherine's cases.
  • Sherry Stringfield as Judge Michelle Craig (season 2–present), a judge and former work colleague of Ryan's.
  • Viola Davis as Judge Charlene Pratt (season 3–present), a judge and old friendly rival of Ryan's.


  • Thomas Haden Church as Richard Coleman, aka the "White Tiger" (season 1), a former Delta Force operator and FBI HRT member-turned assassin, and the one responsible for the murders of Katherine and Wayne's families. He attempts to go to war with the Sullivans when they close in on him in order to stay hidden, but is ultimately killed in a standoff with them and their friends in Denver.
  • Dylan Walsh as Lieutenant Robert Evans (seasons 2 & 4-present), the now-former commanding officer of Denver PD's Major Crimes and the friend of the Donnell family. He has an adopted daughter named Audrey whom he appears to be overprotective of, especially when she become friends with Mary Sullivan. He was once married with a young son named Carter but his family left him due to his repeated infidelities. It is also revealed that he has a year-long affair with his colleague Burton Donnell's daughter Andrea, but their relationship turned sour after she discovered Robert's two-timing ways and he turned physically abusive when she refused to stay on as one of his "other women". Near the end of the second season, he is revealed to be involved in a nationwide sex-trafficking ring and Audrey is revealed to be his biological daughter whose mother is turn out to be Andrea. His corruption is exposed and he is arrested, but turns against his co-conspirators at trial due to their attempt to eliminate Audrey, in exchange for a sentence of 20 years for his crimes. Evans returns in fourth season where he gets involved in the FJU's case but still obsessed with Andrea and he even hired his own son to keep a eye on Andrea and Audrey.
  • Brian Hallisay as Jason Russo (seasons 2–3); Lisa's abusive husband and the father of her three children. After years of abusing Lisa, and a back-and-forth relationship with her ends up resulting in her death, Jason is arrested for her murder. He was tried on trial and, despite efforts from Milo Stetler and his lawyer nephew Zack, was successfully convicted.
  • Stephen Bogardus as Milo Stetler (season 3–present; guest seasons 1–2), a disgraced former ADA who was disbarred 15 years prior to the start of the series after he deliberately tried to wrongfully convict Drake for murder to make a name for himself and is now out for revenge against the Sullivan family for his downfall and public humiliation.
  • Ravil Isyanov as Alec Karpov (season 3), a key figure in the Russian Mafia. He dies alongside his son Vladimir in the courthouse shooting at the end of the third season.
  • Marton Csokas as Igor Loginov (season 3), the Russian mob boss in the Russian Mafia. After his escape during the courthouse shooting, he is shot in the back by Drake, leaving him paralyzed. He is later extradited to the Hague to stand trial for his crimes and given the death sentence.
  • Michael Rady as Dylan Fillmore (season 4), aka the "Mile High Slasher", a former Army Ranger turned serial rapist/killer.


The Sullivans/News Archive

Season 5 News:

  • The producers has confirmed The Sullivans and sister series Vargas & Shane have each been renewed for another season.
  • The season will consist of 22 episodes and will premiere alongside alongside the season 1 premiere of Denver Memorial in mid July.
    • The 100th episode will be the 9th episode of the season.
  • The season premiere will take place five months after the fourth season finale. Drake will find that some things have changed since he's been gone.
    • Wayne will return to give an update about Richter; a return for her this season is possible as well.
    • Francis and Wells, after having made a vital break in the Mile High Slasher case, have gotten their reputations back and have been promoted to detective.
    • Andrea's brothers Joseph and Mikey will have been promoted to Captain and Lieutenant respectively
    • Priscilla Quintana and Charles Melton will recur throughout the season as new plainclothes officers assigned to the FJU to learn.
    • Audrey will have graduated the police academy and will start as a rookie officer; Andrea Bordeaux will portray her training officer.
    • Commander Taggert will have been promoted to Division Chief of Administration following Chief Ingram's promotion to Deputy Chief.
    • Katherine and Saxe will each have a law student interning as a clerk for them; Justice Smith and Darcy Rose Byrnes will portray them.
  • Season 5's seasonal case will be FJU working to solve the murders of a female police detective and male A.D.A. with the victims being found in bed, having been killed just after having sex. The murders will be connected to a cold case from 20 years before.
    • Daniel Di Tomasso will recur as a detective from the Cold Case Unit assigned to help the FJU in the case. He will also be revealed to be in a relationship with Cohen from before the season started.
    • IA Detective Tuttle will also appear more after being assigned to assist in the case as well. His partner Gomez will be assigned to a different case which will be revealed to be connected to the seasonal case.
  • Yasmine Al Massri and Sophia Taylor Ali will recur as vital figures connected to Drake's military past.
  • Pearce, Saxe and Quelling's family lives will be explored in the season.
    • Rosario Dawson will portray Pearce's wife Sonya Watkins.
    • Wesley Jonathan will portray Pearce's ex-boyfriend and father of her two eldest sons Charles Davidson.
    • Rachelle Lefevre will continue as Saxe's ex-wife Victoria Hammersley-Saxe.
    • Nicole Beharie will portray Quelling's wife Sheryl.
    • Derek Webster will portray Quelling's brother Jordan in one or two episodes.
    • Richard Roundtree will portray Quelling's father who is a four star Air Force General in one or two episodes.
  • Alexander Ludwig will reprise his role as Pierce Whitaker in two episodes this season.
  • Reiko Aylesworth will have a recurring role as Katherine's OBGYN, Dr. Renee Heller, which she will also play on Denver Memorial.
  • Kathryn Hahn will reprise her role as Robin Neely on a recurring basis.
    • Justin and Brooke Fitzgerald will also appear this season.
  • Michael Potts will have a recurring role as the new District Commander after Taggart's promotion to Division Chief of Administration.
  • Ian Harding, Stephen Hill, Matt Barr and Courtney Henggeler will portray U.S. Marshals who pursue an escaped mass-murderer who killed his family.
  • One episode will revisit the sex trafficking case from season 2, when disgraced White House Chief of Staff Darren Nelson is found dead in his prison cell. The case will become complicated when it revealed somebody had him murdered. The fingers will initially point at some of Nelson's imprisoned subordinates from the ring (including Robert Evans), who had a clear motive of wanting Nelson dead, but the team will then focus on somebody else. It will be on episode 6.
  • There will be a crossover event between The Sullivans and new series Denver Memorial.
    • The crossover will involve a New York mob boss who knew Teresa Crowe in the past when he came to Denver as she teams up with the FJU to try to help him confront the past and redeem himself.
      • George Clooney will have a special guest starring role as the mob boss whom Crowe and the others stage an intervention to stop a vicious gang war that escalated from New York to Denver.
      • Laura San Giacomo, Peter Facinelli, Mike Colter, Omar Gooding, Mamie Gummer, Dylan Baker and Desmond Harrington will portray guest stars in The Sullivans part of the crossover.
  • The later part of the season will have a two-part episode where Drake and Katherine go to a mountain town after a friend of theirs asks for their help in solving a woman's murder.
    • Derek Luke, Simone Missick, James Remar, Rhys Coiro, Steven Boyer, David Norona, Jessica Paré and Madison McLaughlin will guest star in the two-part episode.


Backdoor Pilot (2029)

#Hartman Season 11 Episode 15 - "Mile High City - Part 1"'

Hartman, Ramsey and Vargas volunteer to go to Denver to help Denver PD detective Drake Sullivan, his ADA wife Katherine and his team to track down the killers of two murdered families, but the aftermath of Gordon Fontana's case causes a bit of tension between the teams during the investigation.

#Hartman Season 11 Episode 16 - "Mile High City - Part 2"

After a brutal ambush leaves one Denver cop dead and two others wounded, Hartman, Drake, and their colleagues go all out into uncovering and bringing down the ring behind the family murders and multiple kidnappings, as well as its mastermind.

Season 1 (2029-30)

Main article: The Sullivans (Season 1)
Episode No. Title
101 "Pilot"
The FJU detective work to help a badly beaten woman and her two children from her violently abusive husband. Sergeant Nicole Richter, a former undercover officer who has a history of using opioids, joins the squad to replace the late Landon Kruger.

--Series Premiere--

102 "Custody Battle"
103 "Bitter Splits"
104 "Behind You"
105 "Modern Hate"
106 "Bones"
107 "Grief"
108 "Unusual Suspects - Part 1"
109 "Unusual Suspects - Part 2"
110 "Unusual Suspects - Part 3"
111 "My Way or Highway"
112 "Wild Things"
113 "Shards of Innocence (1)"
After making a horrifying discovery at video game store, the FJU teams up with Chloe Hartman and her three colleagues to tracks down the operation of a child sex slave ring.

--Crossover with Hartman, part 2 is Hartman Season 12 episode "Shards of Guilt"--

114 "The Denver Six"
115 "Past"
On their 12th anniversary, Drake and Katherine tell their family and colleagues on how they first met, how Drake was inspired to became a cop and how Drake & Katherine became the couple they are today.

--This is mostly a flashback episode.--
--60 minutes special.--

116 "Not What It Seems"
117 "Fame"
118 "911"
119 "New Light"
120 "It All Comes Together"
121 "Face to Face - Part 1"
122 "Face to Face - Part 2"

--Season Finale--

Season 2 (2030-31)

Main article: The Sullivans (Season 2)
Episode No. Title
201 "In the Dark"

--Season Premiere--
--Joe Alder (Kyle Francis) and Kelly Hu (Hannah Wie) have been upgraded to series regular--

202 "Lost"
203 "Cause of Death?"
204 "Save Our Children!"
A school bus full of children has been hijacked by criminals who demand ransom from several rich parents and the FJU is called to assist the FBI to rescue the children and stop the hijackers.
205 "Therapeutic End"
206 "Frat Pack"
207 "Untouchable Part 1"
While returning home from a trip, Drake, Katherine and their family spotted a boy and his badly injured sister who are on the run from their violently abusive, rich father who killed their mother. With help from other colleagues, Wie stands up against Jason.
208 "Untouchable Part 2"
Drake, Katherine and their colleagues try to protect the two siblings from their brutal, wealthy father who goes to great lengths to get his children back. Wie is questioned by Internal Affairs over her confrontation with Jason.
209 "Seeing Double"
210 "Wreck the Halls"

--Christmas episode--

211 "Driving While Black"
212 "What's Our Dysfunction?"
213 "Shoot the Whales"
214 "Gone To Pieces - Part 1"

--Bishop doesn't appear in this episode.--

215 "Gone To Pieces - Part 2"
216 "Baby Blues"
When a pregnant woman who is high-risk was abducted, the case hits close to home for Katherine as she Drake and their colleagues team up with Katherine's old OB doctor (Mike Farrell) to find her before she and her baby die.

--Nazario and Bishop doesn't appear in this episode.--

217 "Blues Day"
218 "My Brother's Keeper"

--Nazario and Bishop doesn't appear in this episode.--

219 "A Hidden Darkness"

--Nazario and Bishop doesn't appear in this episode.--

220 "Top of the Chain"
221 "Trial of the Century - Part 1"
Katherine is assigned to be a member of the prosecuting team in Washington D.C. on a huge, widely-publicized and heavily secured trial against the surviving members of the human trafficking ring. The trial becomes an intense battle of wits against the elite prosecution team and the powerful defense team.
222 "Trial of the Century - Part 2"
As the trial reaches towards it's climax, Drake, Katherine and others work to discredit the defense team.

--Season Finale--
--Final appearance of Jeremy Ratchford (Mario Nazario) as a regular--

Season 3 (2031-32)

Main article: The Sullivans (Season 3)
Episode No. Title
301 "Policy of Truth - Part 1"
In the aftermath of the sex trafficking ring trial, a women's rights movement arises as Lt. Wie's brother-in-law goes on trial for her sister's murder. Drake, Katherine and company, however, are shocked when they learn old enemy Milo Stetler is assisting the case's defense which is also being run by his nephew, and is hoping to get revenge on the Sullivans by getting Jason acquitted and will do anything to make that happen.

--Season Premiere--
--William "Big Sleeps" Stewart (Lance Quelling) is upgraded to series regular--

302 "Policy of Truth - Part 2"
After the defense team uses shady tactics to get vital evidence thrown out, Katherine and the prosecution double up their efforts to expose Jason as the abusive, insecure man he is to discredit his defense and prevent him from walking free. Meanwhile, Doyle's plans to handle the protest situation backfires on him and Sophie calls Ryan for help.
303 "Empire"
304 "Signs Of Depth"
305 "Obsession"
306 "Family Reconnect"
Drake, Katherine and their family attend a funeral of Katherine's relative in upstate New York, where she reunites with her brother Joey and their other relatives. Later, Drake and Ryan help the grieving Katherine raise her spirits by visiting the rest of the Sullivan family in Boston. Also, Ryan reveals his secrets about Sophie to Drake and Katherine.

--Drake, Katherine, Ryan, Mary, Finn and their family only appear in the episode.--
--A 60 minutes special.

307 "Dysfunction: Part Deux"
308 "Class and Crass"
309 "Part Of The Problem - Part 1"
310 "Part Of The Problem - Part 2"
311 "Lockdown"
312 "Rocky Roads"
A huge clue sends the FJU and JACTF to Denver as they continue to investigate the mysterious deaths of the bank president and paralegal, but both teams find themselves walking into danger after Cohen makes a discovery of her own which leads to the criminal underworld within the Mile High City.

--Crossover with Vargas & Shane--

313 "Love & Family"
314 "The New Cold War"
315 "Trip to Copenhagen - Part 1"
After discovering that the Russian Mafia is after a former member and his daughter who are hiding in Copenhagen, the FJU and others travel there and enlists help from Copenhagen Police and the Interpol to find them before the Mafia kills them.
316 "Trip to Copenhagen - Part 2"
Drake, Katherine and their allies find themselves at the crosshairs with the Russian Mafia in Copenhagen while trying to protect the father and daughter from them.
317 "Overbearing Mother"
318 "On The Inside"
319 "Not So Ill"
320 "Multi-Faced"
321 "Mouse Hunt"
322 "The Devil Within"
Drake, Katherine and their teams prepare for extradition for members of the Russian Mafia to The Hague. But later, the court hearing ends in an unthinkable event.
323 "Ashes to Ashes"
After the shootout results in multiple fatalities, including several fellow colleagues, Drake, Katherine, the FJU, the FBI and such work to hunt down the escaped Russian mobsters.

--Season Finale--
--Final appearance of John Francis Daley (Trent Doyle) and Scott Glenn (Andrew Bishop) as a regular--

Season 4 (2032-33)

Main article: The Sullivans (Season 4)
Episode No. Title
401 "Retribution"

--Season Premiere--
--First appearance of Matthew Goode (A.D.A. Joshua Saxe).--
--Neal McDonough (Jeremy Peake) is upgraded to series regular.--

402 "The Mile High Slasher"
403 "Old Wounds"
404 "We Need To Talk About Robert"
405 "Reaching Out"
406 "Nothing to Lose"
407 "Friday the 13th"

--Final appearance of Annie Wersching (Nicole Richter) as a regular.--

408 "Blind Hate"

--Afton Williamson (Alicia Pearce) is upgraded to series regular.--

409 "Push To The Limit"
410 "The Trust"

--Christmas episode--

411 "Gridiron Grind"
412 "Under the Shadow"
413 "Snowfall - Part 1"
A massive blizzard causes snow in Denver and the FJU and the D.A. office have to work to help a mother (Haley Webb) and her son who are abused by her husband while trying to investigate another murder by the Mile High Slasher, but a survivor who hit the masked killer reveals that there was a follower with him. Wie gets trapped inside her car during the blizzard, but is picked up by a snow plow driver (Cliff Curtis) who seeks to find his family trapped in the blizzard. Kim goes into labor during the storm.
414 "Snowfall - Part 2"
As the blizzard continues to hit Denver, with communications knocked out, the FJU tries to protect the woman and her son from her unbalanced spouse. With Drake and the others at the hospital helping the surviving victim of the Slasher, Katherine, Finn and Mary find themselves in fight for survival in the storm when Emily is injured by a vicious wolf that has been driven into their neighborhood. As Wie and the plow driver help a family who crashes in a bridge, Holmes tries to get Kim to the hospital while she is in labor.
415 "The Lost Angel"
The Sullivan family cope with heavy emotions over a delicate situation regarding the hit-and-run driver responsible for Amanda's death as they remember events before and after the tragedy.

--A 60 minutes special.--

416 "Butterfly on a Wheel"
417 "Denver Memorial - Part 1"
While investigating the gang-rape of a college student by local gangbangers, the FJU get caught up in a drive-by shooting done in retaliation by the victim's gang-linked older brother, resulting in multiple injuries of gang members and civilians that takes them Denver Memorial hospital. The event comes down heavy upon Drake, who is struggling to deal with his family's situation, while Katherine and the others continue to cope with recent events

--Backdoor pilot of Denver Memorial.--

418 "Denver Memorial - Part 2"
As Drake and the FJU try to stop a gang war, more casualties are set to Denver Memorial hospital. Meanwhile, Drake and Katherine share an relatively awkward reunion with the hospital's chief of staff, Dr. Teresa Crowe while seeking advice on how to help cope with their recent trauma. Also, Drake's Marine friends came over with some shocking news.

--Backdoor pilot of Denver Memorial.--

419 "Behind Closed Doors"
420 "Secrets & Lies"
421 "Sweet but Psycho"
422 "Colorado's Most Wanted"
423 "People Vs. Slasher - Part 1"
The trial of Dylan Fillmore is set as the prosecution team and the defense team prepare their witnesses and make their arguments on trial.
424 "People Vs. Slasher - Part 2"
The trial of Fillmore continues as both prosecution and defense teams continue to square off in court. Meanwhile, Drake gets shocking news from his fellow Marines that causes him to make a hard decision while Katherine prepares to tell Drake about her pregnancy.

--Season Finale--

Season 5 (2033-34)

#1 - ""

#2 - ""

#3 - ""

#4 - ""

#5 - ""

#6 - ""

#7 - ""

#8 - ""

#9 - ""

  • 100th episode of the series.

#10 - ""

#11 - ""

#12 - " (2)"

  • Crossover with Denver Memorial

#13 - ""

#14 - ""

#15 - " (1)"

#16 - " (2)"

#17 - ""

#18 - ""

#19 - ""

#20 - ""

#21 - ""

#22 - ""


  • A spin-off, Denver Memorial, focuses on the personnel of Denver Memorial Hospital, a state-of-the-art level-one trauma center, and will premiered in September 2033. Set in Denver, Colorado, the series follows doctors, surgeons and nurses at the hospital as they work tirelessly to save lives while also handling the drama in their own.