The Stupid Thing is a 1953 animated short subject, part of the Matthew Mouse series, produced by Michael Shires Productions. Released by Republic Pictures on December 19, 1953, the short is notable as the final regular entry in the Matthew Mouse theatrical cartoon series.


At the start of the cartoon, Matthew is seen whistling to the tune of the song "The Stupid Things," Dluto sniffing behind him, spots a mussel as he tries to cover up miniature geyser along the way. The mussel then squirts water at him. Dluto barks at the mussel and the mussel barks back. The mussel gets trapped on Dluto's tail after they fight. He pulls the mussel up and attempts to shove it off his tail but instead he pulls the mussel up and down like a yo-yo. The mussel accidentally gets stuck in his mouth. Dluto then rushes to Matthew for assistance. At first Matthew thinks that Dluto is asking for food and feeds him a hot dog. The mussel then steals Matthew's sandwich and a full pepper shaker which causes the mussel to sneeze thus freeing itself from Dluto's mouth. The mussel bounces around sneezing and wakes up a seagull that decides to eat the mussel. The sneezing mussel escapes the seagull by entering the sea. The hungry seagull steals the hot dog that Matthew is feeding Dluto instead. The seagull then sets his sights on the fish bait Matthew is using and unsuccessfully attempts to steal the fish while the line is being cast. Dejected but determined, the seagull then sits on top of Matthew's hat and easily steals the fish as he is baiting the hook until Matthew shoos the seagull away. He then floats under the hat to the other bait bucket and again eats the fish until Dluto notices and shoos him away and the seagull by tying up Dluto using his own tail and ears. Matthew again catches the seagull in his bait and after the bird tries to fly away carrying the bait, Matthew throws a rock in it which weighs it down. To overcome this, the seagull spells out "FREE FRESH FISH" using flag semaphore to get the other seagulls to chase Matthew and Dluto away. The short ends with the seagull floating away with his portable radio and fish in his mouth singing the song "The Stupid Things".




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  • Michael Shires Cartoon Classics: Special Edition: Happy Summer Days/Fun on the Job!/The Boofy World of Sports


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