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This article only exists in the NBC Nordic universe, where the youth channel Kanal Prince Bih (formerly known as NBC 2, The Art Entertainment Network, and Tattoo) exists in the universe.

The thirtieth and final season of the live-action/animated hybrid television series, The Stupid Adventure with Limmared's School will be premiered on Neon Nights in the United States and Sweden, Sky One in the United Kingdom, Star Channel in Latin America, TV Cultura in Brazil, and Neon in Canada.

Age Ratings

  • TV-MA L (United States; sometimes)
  • TV-MA DLV (United States; sometimes)
  • TV-MA LV (United States; sometimes)
  • 18+ (Canada)
  • 14+ (Canada; sometimes)
  • 16 (France)
  • 16 (Netherlands)
  • 16 (Brazil)
  • 18+ (Russia)
  • 15 (Sweden; on HBO Nodic)



  • Bloo (student)
  • Vladislav Ronell (student)
  • Thor Saturnin (student)


  • Tycho Abramsson (student)
  • Peter Johansson (student)
  • Samir Muhammed (student)
  • Melvina Lund (teacher)
  • Catherine Karlsson (teacher)
  • Mashal el-Ahmadi (a new student)
  • Angry Grandpa
  • Tina
  • Psycho Dad
  • Daddyofive (a villain, and has appeared only in the episode The Secret Organization)
  • Bill Jensen (a villain, and has appeared only in the episode The Secret Organization)
  • Copper (only in the episode The Secret Organization)
  • Ice Bear (licensed by Cartoon Network, and has appeared only in the episode The Secret Organization)



No. in


Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 Pandemic Frederick Black Roman Lawson September 2, 2020
2 Pandemic, Part 2 Frederick Black Grayson Flowers September 12, 2020
3 TBA September 24, 2020
4 October 8, 2020
5 October 17, 2020
6 Nazi A** Frederick Black Bailey Harper October 24, 2020
In the Home Economics lesson, Tycho and Peter are doing nonsense. Catherine is trying to stop them three times, but they didn't listen. Then one boy points at his butt while saying Nazi A** to Catherine (while the student laughs about that). Then he points out to the teacher that she supports white supremacy. Many students wondering if Catherine opposes the Neo-Nazis or she supported the Nazis. Let's see what the rumors are all about.
7 TBA November 5, 2020
8 November 14, 2020
9 November 25, 2020
10 December 10, 2020
11 December 23, 2020
12 January 6, 2021
13 The Secret Organization Frederick Black Monty Armstrong January 15, 2021
Samir from school had the plan to create a secret group with five members by burning Limmared's School and taking down Neon Nights and Prince Television, and banning programs that are related to two of those channels themselves. Then they would be spreading influences across the world, and they want entertainment to be no more, replacing with nothing at all. The teacher Melvina starts to investigating the secret society and will defeat the group itself.
14 The New Student Frederick Black Monty Armstrong January 22, 2021
15 New Student Hates TikTok Frederick Black Bailey Harper February 10, 2021
16 Gaga ball in School during the Recess Frederick Black Grayson Flowers February 19, 2021
17 The Broken Glass Grayson Flowers Bailey Harper March 5, 2021
18 The Ending, Part 1 Frederick Black Monty Armstrong April 1, 2021
19 The Ending, Part 2 Frederick Black Monty Armstrong April 15, 2021