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This article only exists in the NBC Nordic universe, where the youth channel Kanal Prince Bih (formerly known as NBC 2, The Art Entertainment Network, and Tattoo) exists in the universe.

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The Stupid Adventure with Limmared's School is an American action-adventure-anthology-drama-educational-fantasy-music television-religious-science fiction-black comedy-space opera parody animated/live-action series created by Bailey Harper for Neon Nights.

This is one of the first animated series that are aired on the network along with Gree City and Eek! The Cat.

This show is known for their parodies, dark jokes and exclusively swearing, which that's simply why this show is rated TV-MA.

It is also the second longest-running animated series in the U.S. along with The Simpsons (#1), Arthur (#3), South Park (#4) and Family Guy (#5).

The Stupid Adventure with Limmared's School was cancelled after the final season, mainly because of the upcoming animated/live-action series The Bloo Show! for both Viasat+ and Prince Television.

International broadcast

The show that is currently aired here in the U.S. is on Neon Nights (1992-2021), Adult Swim (2006-present), TNT (1999-2003), and Audience (2016). While internationally TSAWLS was aired on Teletoon/Teletoon at Night (2012) in Canada, Nightline on Sky One (2003-2021) in the U.K., and currently Neon Nights in most European countries, excluding Russia.

In Russia, the show was supposed to air on 2x2, but it ended up getting a controversy of this show in their country, that is the reason why the show was banned in Russia until they lifted in 2020, which began to air the show on Viasat-owned channel known as VIP Serial.

In the Spanish-speaking Latin American region, the show was aired on Viasat Neon, but it was moved to I.Sat, and again, they were moved to Star Channel. Plus, that in Brazil, it was also aired on Viasat Neon, until they were moved to TV Cultura.

In Australia and New Zealand, it was also aired on Neon Nights, also aired on other channels, like Comedy Central, FOX8, and 7mate. While in Sweden, it's currently aired on Neon Nights, Paramount Network (formerly Comedy Central), and TV3, and also aired on the male-oriented youth channel TV6.

The fact is that the show originally aired on MTV Europe from around the 1990s to the 2000s.