Worst basketball game... EVER! is the 12th episode of the Stubberts.

Though they're both supposed to be rivalry sisters, Jamie & Emily finally learn to get along after discovering that they both something incomen… They both love writing fanfictions!

But when their fanfics are suddenly threatened by Big Hero 6 fanfics, the two sisters must challenge the BH6 team themselves in a crazy basketball game in order to save not only their fanfics, but the entire world of fanfiction itself.


Jeremy shada as Jamie

Gena Rodriguez as Emily

Lucy O' Connel as Lauralie

Tom Kenny as Baymax, Fred

Khary Payton as Wasabi

Hynden Walch as Honey Lemon, Go go.


The seen were Emily eats Hiro alive was inspired off of a seen in TEEN TITANS GO!: Artful dodgers were Raven consumes someones soul.


Burn the house down- AJR

American Idiot- Green Day.

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