The Stubberts is a 2019 Cartoon Network series that started airing on May 30th, 2019.

It follows the chaotic life of two teenage boys ( Seth Green, Josh Gad ) and 6 of their younger siblings.

After discovering that they all each have a unique strong super hero power, all 8 kids protect their hometown of Anderson well their parents backs are turned.



Scott Adsit as Mr. Stubbert

Tara Strong as Mrs. Stubbert

Seth Green as David Stubbert

Josh Gad as Joey Stubbert

Jeremy Shada as Jamie Stubbert

Gena Rodriguez as Emily Stubbert

T.J Miller as Robert, Ryan, & Rad Stubbert

Lucy O' Connell as Lauralie Stubbert


Theme/credit song: Burn the house down- AJR

Other songs: American Idiot- Green Day

The Monster- Eminem

My blood & Stressed out- Both songs by twenty one pilots

Radioactive- Imagine Dragons.


From the creators of Teen Titans Go!.

Stubbert is supposed to be pronounced like the word " Stubborn".

Jamies supersuit bares a sharp resemblance to the outfit that Jenny from my life as a teenage robot wears.



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