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The Strangers 2 and or The Strangers II is a 2014 American Psychological Horror film written and directed by Bryan Bertino starring Tommy FlanaganCheryl HinesTyler Posey, Brie LarsonMargarita Levieva  and Liv Tyler.

The film serves as a sequel to the 2008 Box Office Hit horror film also written and directed by Bertino and which also starred Tyler as titular protagonist Kristen McKay whom she reprises the character of in this film.

Also returning is the three "strangers" of the first film who served as the titular antagonists and whom are reprised by Gemma WardLaura Margolis and Kip Weeks though in this film thrown into the mix are two new additional hooded, porcelain gloved "strangers" portrayed by Derek Mears and Tracy Morgan respectively.

The sequel like the first opens with a narration explaining the story to follow and is credited as "Inspired By True Events," like its' predecessor though like the predecessor is heavily inspired by break-in's which occured in Bertino's neighborhood as a child and also heavily based on the Keddie Cabin Murders of 1981. The new additional hooded strangers are a take on the cult classic 2006 French film Them.

The film was shot on two constructed cabin houses in Enfield Connecticut as well as a railway line road, and at a faux police station set for the climax situated within Universal Studios Florida.

The film is distributed by Mandate Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment as well as Universal.

It was made on a larger budget than its' predecessor which was made on a budget of $9 million, the sequel being made on a budget of roughly $12 million.

The film was a box office success being released on a large theatrical scale to theatres all over on April 12th, 2014.

The film was praised by critics such as Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times as being a skin crawling, actually satisfying obligatory sequel, Peter Travers of the Rolling Stone and Empire Magazine gave the film four out of five stars praising its' jump out scares, genuine terror knocked up a notch and thoroughly engaging characters beset against a nightmarish situation, Director Robert Rodriquez acted as a promoter of the film professing his love for its' realistic and unnverving violence, raw tenacity and in your face thrills.

It received a 89% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 69/100 on Metacritic.


The film begins with the three strangers of the first film as masked children knocking upon doors on a small street and after finding no one to be answering or home at the residences abruptly breaking in and vandalising everything inside, but not stealing anything.

They engrave in crayon upon the windows the words "Hello" and "Goodbye" before departing.

The break-ins are reported to the police before the title appears before the screen and the narrator of the fprevious film tells that on August 8th, 2007 45 year old Markus WIlliams, his 45 year old wife Connie Williams and their three youngest children: 13 year old Jonathan Williams, 10 year old Zachariah Williams and 8 year old daughter Rose Williams departed from their Arizona home after a family BBQ to their Enfield, Connecticut summer cabin.

Along the way they travelled to the University of Brown and collected their 19 year old son Derek Williams and his 18 year Rhode Island State Senior girlfriend Riley Keogh whom they took along with them to the cabin.

On August 9th, 2007 the bodies of many of them were discovered strewn over the nine acre property with the exception of one sole survivour whom delivered an unnerving testimony relating the case to the horrific massacre which took place at the Hoyt summer home in Rhode Island where the bodies of James Hoyt and his bestfriend Michael Westcott were discovered, aside James' badly wounded girlfriend Kristen McKay who had proceeded to leave a wedding reception with them.

The culprits of both incidents have still not been captured and the case still remains open today in 2014.

We are then introduced to the Williams family and outgoing, pampering fretful mother Connie who deeply misses her eldest son Derek and whom is spoiling her youngest child and only daughter Rose as her birthday is fast approaching.

At a family BBQ Connie and Mark's friends bring up whilst the kids are playing inside the summer cabin outing which they had to cut out of due to their son Jonathen's appendix removal surgery.

This springs the idea to Connie as it almost the winter holidays for all schools including Derek at Brown that they call up and see if he would like to accompany them down for a winter cabin outing.

Mark seems not particurlarly fond of the idea stating Derek at his age for the holidays will be wanting to party and spend time with his new girlfriend he messaged him about.

Connie proposes they do it and also invite along his girlfriend so they can meet her.

Connie contacts Derek whom actually himself wants to introduce his girlfriend Riley to his family and she proposes they all head down to the cabin for a week of the holidays.

Derek reluctantly agrees considering the warm weather is about to die out and rainstorms are to flood in.

Riley Keogh his 18 year old girlfriend from Rhode Island State whom is smitten with Derek seems eager to meet his family and soon Connie organises for them all to travel together in the Williams family combi van.

The family collect Derek and Riley from Brown University and then head off to Enfield bopping along to the Doors song "Roadhouse Blues."

Upon arrival the group settles in and Derek decides to take up residence in the guest cabin for him and Riley.

The family settles in over a nice meal and are blissfully unaware they are being watched by hooded strangers.

They meet a psychotic elderly neighbor who catches come nightfall Riley and Derek making out on the verge of their property which they had taken a long walk towards.

After returning to the Williams property they all finish out the rest of the night and come 4 a.m both cabins receive knocks at the door by women.

Both concealed in shadow, one with blonde hair and one with brown hair and both asking "is Tamara home?"

Markus at the main cabin tells the blonde girl who has knocked upon their door that no Tamara lives upon this property and Derek tells the brunette that Tamara lives up on the elderly man's property as a joke.

Both women then promptly disappear after asking "You Sure?"

Both Connie and Riley are deeply unsettled by these random not properly seen women knocking at their cabin doors at 4 a.m.

Connie against Markus' disconcerned protests calls Derek's cell and asks that he come over to the main cabin.

Sharing the same mindset as his father he walks over without Riley thinking it to be nothing and he must go calm his mother down.

He hears how a woman knocked at their door asking the same thing.

They talk it over briefly and banging sounds at the main cabin door again.

They hear the same utterings as before and Markus threatens to call the police and upon the banging continueing as he goes to do so discovers the line to be dead.

At the guest cabin Riley is frightened stiff by banging at her door and the same uttering., she attempts to call the police and then by cell tries only discover the phone to be flat and in need of charging.

Derek rushes out after Riley upon hearing her scream as the lights go out in the guest cabin and a man in a burlap sack walks past frightenly in the hallway.

She rushes for the door and meets up with Derek who runs with her over to the main cabin spotting along the way two hooded strangers and two masked female ones walking the woods.

Derek tries by his cell to call but discovers someone to have smashed it while he left it in the van earlier.

They reach the cabin lock themselves inside and set the alarm.

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