The Strange Zone Club is an animated web television series.



Main Characters

Raven Deadwood - a sarcastic and hot tempered teen who prefers solitude over having to associate with overbearing cliques.

Marcy Decay

Wendy Chambrot- she has shown to have a crush on Mildred and is willing to do everything in her power to help her.

Mildred Witkowski- A tomboyish, laid back goth and cousin of Alex. She is the oldest and tallest of her family; however, she was treated poorly by her father due to her gender.

Recurring Characters



  • Oh, i'm sorry that my class is boring to you Ms. Deadwood. I can see that you couldn't help but sleep through it.

Raven Deadwood: It wasn't really your class that put me to sleep. It's the boring school that did.

Well, since you're having such a hard time paying attention, why don't you catch up on what you missed in detention.

Raven Deadwood: Seriously, its the first day of school and you're giving me detention because I dozed off for a bit?

And that comment just bought you another day of detention.

Raven Deadwood:(shouted) WHAT THE CRAP!


  • Calvin Hawk: Well, at least my mom doesn't scream like a demonic turkey.


Calvin Hawk:Yes?

Shut up, Calvin.

Yeah! Shut up, Kevin!

Calvin Hawk:That's not my name.

Well, at least it sounded the same!

Calvin Hawk:No it does not.

Raven Deadwood: Calvin! whenever somebody tells you to shut up, you shut up! Now, do me a favor and eat a bowl of shut up, Calvin!


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