Get ready to enter a new, alternate Earth where fantasy species, cute talking animals, monsters and fairytale creatures coexist with humans, where technology from all eras are being reused together with modern and futuristic ones, and where prehistoric tribes, ancient civilizations and old-time countries from all eras also coexist with modern nations (because they never fell for obvious reasons) in The Story of Civilizations! This is where get to play either as a ruler of a custom civilization (in form of a child or a teenager), or a leader of a civilization of your choice with endless possibilities. What will your new world look like?


Name Description Building Type Technology Cost
Academy Gives children, teenagers and young adults more sophisticated education while increasing research points at the same time. Education & Research Mathematics $5900
Agora Allows you to trade resources from non-traveling merchants while your people is trading for food. Also grants an ability to hold events. Public Services Democracy $3800
Andron Adds a maximum of 100 people (males only). Residential Advanced Pottery $10
Aqueduct Gathers water from water bodies. Resources Water Supply $2500
Arsenal Grants you an ability to store heavier weapons. Military Heavy Infantry $2000000
Art Workshop Processes busts into sculptures. Industrial (Luxury Goods) Sculpture $1500000
Barracks Houses your military personnel and their families. Residential Advanced Stone Weapons $400
Bookstore Have your people buy produced books to boost science points. Businesses & Commerce Education $140
Bouleuterion Allows council meetings to be held. Government Civil Rights $472000
Cemetery Buries dead bodies to prevent disease spreading rates. Public Services Religion $1400
Colossus This is one iof the true Wonders of the World - the great statue of Helios, the Greek god of the Sun! That's right, it's the god of the Sun. That generates 500000 gold per year and encourages heist teams in raiding landmarks. If you research solar energy, then solar power plants would get a boost on. Wonders Banking $4000000
Corral Gathers beef and milk for your population. Requires cattle ranches to be built. Resources Cattle $1000
Cropland Increases maximum limit of farmers by 500. Resources Advanced Agriculture $1000
Customs Houses Improves trading prices. Requires trading buildings to be built. Military Cartography $755000
Defensive Walls Increases strength by 600%. Defenses City Planning $200
Ditch Farmer efficiency increases by 20%. Infrastructure Irrigation $2500
Drill Hall Gives your troops even more strength, albeit slightly slower than training grounds. Military Copper Weapons $142000
Drydocks Allows you to rename, repair, upgrade and dismantle ships, and unlock even more trade routes as well. Requires shipyards to be built. Infrastructure Shipbuilding $472000
Egyptian Pyramid Allows you to bury dead nobles, including dead rulers and politicians. Also grants Kemetism worshipping satisfaction. Once you reach the Tomorrow Era, you'll be able to make this place as a top-secret headquarters for your landmark heist teams. Wonders Megastructures $1500000
Fountain Plaza Gathers water from pipes while increasing its vicinity's beauty slightly. Resources Water Supply $6000
Granary Grants you an ability to store grains (corn, barley, wheat and rice). Requires wheat fields, barley fields, cornfields and/or rice paddies to be built. Resources Plough $4000
Guard Tower Increases defense bonus to all kinds of troops by 30%. Defenses Military Engineering $53000
Gymnasium Increases maximum limit of soldiers by 120. Also gives your soldiers some advanced training. Military Physical Training $170
Gynaeceum Adds a maximum of 100 people (females only). Residential Advanced Pottery $10
Harbor Grants you an ability to store ships. Requires shipyards and drydocks to be built. Infrastructure Cartography $75000
Hunting Camp Gathers game and fur for your population. Requires hunting lodges to be built. Resources Trapping $800
Laboratory Increases research points faster. Education & Research Experiments $1500000
Infirmary Heals your people. Public Services Medicine $1100000
Library Increases culture and research points at the same time. Education & Research Writing $150000
Lighthouse Reduces chances of ship disasters while reducing casualties inflicted from sea-based disasters. Also unlocks new trading routes. Infrastructure Navigation $3800
Marble Workshop Processes marbles into busts. Requires marble quarries to be built. Industry (Luxury Goods) Monuments $5900
Marketplace Allows you to trade resources from traveling merchants while your people is trading for food. Public Services Trade $90
Megalith Increases animist worshipping satisfaction. Religion Religion $7000
Mine Gathers ores. Resources Mining $700
Moat Increases defense bonus to all kinds of troops by 20%. Defenses Military Engineering $84000
Mudbrick House Adds a maximum of 100 people. Residential Mudbrick Construction $80
Palace This is your residence. You can't build a second palace, nor you can't even move the palace at all, because it's in the heart of the capital city, so make sure you place it somewhere appropriate before doing it. After building it, you must protect this building at all costs, or else you'll lost the game! Also trains palace guards. Wonders Social Class $15000
Palisade Increases strength by 200%. Defenses Component Tools $5400
Pier Allows you to build small boats, thus being able to transfer a small amount of resources and/or tranport your citizens and touists to nearby islands or riversides. Infrastructure Seamanship $5400
Primitive Hut Adds a maximum of 10 people. Residential Crude Stone Tools $100
Quarry Gathers stone. Resources Quarrying $140
Road Network Allows vehicles to transport anywhere. Infrastructure Wheels for Transportation $60
Shipyard Processes lumber into ships. Industrial (Miscellaneous) Shipbuilding $75000
Smithy Processes ores into ingots. Requires smelter mills to be built. Industrial (Basic Goods) Metallurgy $23000
Storage Facility Grants you an ability to store all kinds of resources. Requires any production building to be built. Infrastructure & Traffic Captive Animals $3000
Vegetable Garden Produces vegetables. Resources Advanced Agriculture $50
Well Gathers water from the ground. Resources Water Supply $1000
Wharf Gathers fish for your workers. Requires fisheries to be built. Resources Boat $5000
Winery Processes grapes and water into wine. Industrial (Luxury Goods) Advanced Agriculture $1100000
Workshop Boosts stonework production by one point per each worker. Industrial (Basic Goods) Improved Stone Tools $400
Ziggurat Increases Mesopotamian worshipping satisfaction. Religion Polytheism $9000


Country Official Name Capital(s) Leader
Abbasid Abassid Sultanate Kufa Al-Musta'sim Billah
Adal Sultanate of Adal Zeila Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi
Akkadia Akkadian Empire Akkad Sargon of Akkad
Almohads Almohad Caliphate Marrakesh Abu Yusuf Yaqub al-Mansur
Anangunistan State of Anangunistan Alice Springs Sammy Wilson
Andalusia Sultanate of Andalusia Cordoba Al-Hakam II
Antarctica Penguins' Republic of Antarctica Penguin City Sarah Jane Penguinton
Antioch Principality of Antioch Antakya Bohemond VI
Apacheria Chiefdom of Apacheria Mesa Geronimo
Arabia Caliphate of Arabia Mecca Saladin
Arawakia Tribal Republic of Arawakia Puerto Ayacucho Agüeybaná I
Argentina Argentine Republic Buenos Aires Eva Perón
Assyria Assyrian Empire Nineveh Sennacherib
Australia Commonwealth of Australia Canberra Malcolm Turnbull
Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Empire Vienna Franz Joseph I of Austria
Aztlán Aztec Empire Tenochtitlan Moctezuma II
Babylonia Babylonian Empire Babylon Nebuchadnezzar II
Bavaria Kingdom of Bavaria Munich Prince Luitpold of Bavaria
Belgium Kingdom of Belgium Brussels Philippe of Belgium
Bolivia Plurinational State of Bolivia La Paz & Sucre Evo Morales
Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil Brasília Dilma Rousseff
Byzantium Byzantine Empire Constantinople Constantine the Great
Cambodia Khmer Empire Phnom Penh Jayavarman VII
Canada Commonwealth of Canada Ottawa Justin Trudeau
Caria Kingdom of Caria Miletus Mausolus
Carthage Carthaginian Empire Carthage Hannibal
Castiles Kingdom of Castiles Toledo Alfonso XI
Cebu Rajahnate of Cebu Cebu City Rajah Humabon
Celtica Celtic Federation Numantia Boudicca
Chaldea Kingdom of Chaldea Harran Nabopolassar
Cherokeeria Cherokee Republic New Echota John Ross
China People's Republic of China Beijing Xi Jinping
Chile Republic of Chile Santiago Augusto Pinochet
Chinchorronia Tribal Chiefdom of Chinchorronia Arica Mr. Chinchorro
Chola Chola Empire Cholapuram Rajaraja Chola III
Colombia Republic of Colombia Bogotá Gustavo Rojas Pinilla
Confederate States Confederate States of America Richmond Jefferson Davis
Congo Republic of the Congo Brazzaville Denis Sassou Nguesso
Corinth Oligarchy of Corinth Corinth Cypselus
Creeland Chiefdom of Creeland Winnipeg Mistahimaskwa
Crete Republic of Crete Heraklion Minos
Cro-Magnonia Cro-Magnonian Republic Les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil The Master
Cuba Republic of Cuba Havana Fidel Castro
Cyprus Republic of Cyprus Nicosia Georgios Papadopoulos
Dacia Kingdom of Dacia Sarmizegetusa Regia Burebista
Denmark Kingdom of Denmark Copenhagen Margrethe II of Denmark
Dogeland Doge Empire Dogechester Kabosu
Doria Hexapolis Federation of the Dorian Hexapolis Patras Hyllus
East Turkestan Republic of East Turkestan Ürümqi Sheng Shicai
Egypt Pharaohdom of Egypt Cairo Tutankhamun
Ephesus Dictatorship of Ephesus Selçuk Ephesus Council
Equestria Pony Realm of Equestria Canterlot Twilight Sparkle
Ethiopia Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Addis Ababa Sahle-Work Zewde
Etruria Kingdom of Etruria Bologna Lucius Tarquinius Superbus
Finland Republic of Finland Helsinki Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
France French Republic Paris Emmanuel Macron
Francia Kingdom of the Franks Tournai Charlemagne
Gaul Tribal Kingdom of Gaul Lugdunum Vercingetorix
Georgia Republic of Georgia Tbilisi Tamar of Georgia
Germany German Empire Berlin Wilhelm II
Ghaznavids Ghaznavid Dynasty Ghazni Sultan Bahram Shah
Gothia Kingdom of Gothia Gothenburg Alaric I
Greece Hellenic Republic Athens Katerina Sakellaropoulou
Han Han Dynasty Xi'an Qin Shi Huang
Harappa Indus Valley Civilization Harappa King Harappason
Hawaii Kingdom of Hawaii Honolulu Kamehameha I
Heptarchia Federation of the Heptarchy Winchester Harold Godwinson
Hittite Empire Hittite Empire Hattusa Suppiluliumas I
Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire Regensburg Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor
Hungary Kingdom of Hungary Budapest Stephen I of Hungary
Hunnic Empire Hunnic Empire Attila's Court Attila the Hun
Hyksos Hyksos Confederation Avaris Sakir-Har
Ilkhanate Hulagu Ilkhanate Maragheh Huagu Khan
Inca Incan Empire Cusco Atahualpa
India Republic of India Delhi Mahatma Gandhi
Indonesia Republic of Indonesia Jakarta Suharto
Inuit Grand Inuit State Iqaluit Natan Obed
Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Tehran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iraq Republic of Iraq Baghdad Saddam Hussein
Ireland Republic of Ireland Dublin Michael D. Higgins
Iroquoia Iroquois Confederacy Onondaga Hiawatha
Israel State of Israel Jerusalem Ariel Sharon
Italy Italian Republic Milan Silvio Berlusconi
Ivatania Ivatanian Federation Basco Marilou H. Cayco
Jamaica Commonwealth of Jamaica Kingston Andrew Holness
Japan Empire of Japan Tokyo Naruhito
Jin Jin Dynasty Harbin Emperor Zhangzong of Jin
Kanem-Bornu Kanem-Bornu Empire Njimi Idris Alooma
Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan Almaty Nursultan Nazarbayev
Khwarazm Khwarazmian Dynasty Tabriz Qutb ad-Din Muhammad I
Kongo Kingdom of Kongo M'banza-Kongo Afonso I of Kongo
Larissa Democratic Republic of Larissa Larissa Meno
Latvia Republic of Latvia Riga Kārlis Ulmanis
Libya Great Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Tripoli Muammar Gaddafi
Lithuania Grand Duchy of Lithuania Vilnius Mikołaj "the Black" Radziwiłł
Lycia Kingdom of Lycia Xanthos Iobates
Lydia Kingdom of Lydia Sardis Croesus
Macedonia Macedonian Empire Pella Alexander the Great
Mactan Rajahnate of Mactan Lapu-Lapu City Lapu-Lapu
Maguindanao Sultanate of Maguindanao Buluan Muhammad Kudarat
Makuria Kingdom of Makuria Dongola Joel of Dotawo
Mali Malian Empire Niani Musa I of Mali
Mamluks Mamluk Sultanate Aleppo Qutuz
Manchukuo Empire of Great Manchuria Changchun Puyi
Māoristan Kingdom of Māoristan Auckland Te Arikinui Tūheitia Paki
Mauritania Islamic Republic of Mauritania Nouakchott Mohamed Ould Ghazouani
Maya Mayan Empire Tikal K'inich Janaab Pakal
Mexico United Mexican States Mexico City Enrique Peña Nieto
Mochica Pietous State of Mochica Mochetown Ai Apaec
Mongolia Mongol Empire Karakorum Genghis Khan
Morocco Kingdom of Morocco Rabat Mohammed VI
Mughalistan Mughal Empire Agra Babur
Myanmar Republic of the Union of Myanmar Naypyidaw Aung San Suu Kyi
Naples Kingdom of Naples Naples Napoleon Bonaparte
Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands Amsterdam Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
Nicaragua Republic of Nicaragua Managua Daniel Ortega
Nigeria Republic of Nigeria Abuja Muhammadu Buhari
Normandy Duchy of Normandy Rouen William the Conqueror
North Korea Democratic People's Republic of Korea Pyongyang Kim Jong-un
North Macedonia Republic of North Macedonia Skopje Stevo Pendarovski
North Pole Elvish Kingdom of the North Pole Santa's Workshop Santa Claus
Norway Kingdom of Norway Oslo Harald V of Norway
Nubia Kingdom of Nubia Meroë Taharqa
Olmecia Olmec Empire La Venta The Olmec King
Ostrogothia Ostrogothic Kingdom Ravenna Theodoric the Great
Ottoman Empire Sublime Ottoman State Bursa Suleiman the Magnificent
Pala Pala Empire Munger Gopala
Paraguay Republic of Paraguay Asunción Alfredo Stroessner
Parthia Parthian Empire Ctesiphon Arsaces I
Parts Unknown Barbarian Empire of Parts Unknown Whateverton The Barbarian Chief
Persia Persian Empire Persepolis Xerxes I
Philippines Republic of the Philippines Manila Rodrigo Duterte
Phoenicia Phoenician Empire Byblos Luli
Phrygia Kingdom of Phrygia Gordium Midas
Pirate Republic Unified Pirate Republic Tortuga Blackbeard
Poland Republic of Poland Warsaw Lech Wałęsa
Polynesia Union of Federal Polynesian Kingdoms Pape'ete Pōmare I
Portugal Portuguese Republic Lisbon António de Oliveira Salazar
Promania United Aboriginal Lands of Promania Darwin Bungaree
Prussia Kingdom of Prussia Kaliningrad Frederick the Great
Rapa Nui Kingdom of Rapa Nui Hanga Roa Hotu Matu'a
Rhodes Democratic State of Rhodes Rhodes Tlepolemus
Roman Empire Roman Empire Rome Julius Caesar
Romania Socialist Republic of Romania Bucharest Nicolae Ceaușescu
Russia Russian Federation Moscow Vladimir Putin
Samoa Independent State of Samoa Apia Va'aletoa Sualauvi II
Sardinia Kingdom of Sardinia Cagliari Victor Emmanuel II of Italy
Sarmatia Kingdom of Sarmatia Luhansk Tasius
Sassanids Sassanid Empire Estakhr Bahram V
Scotland Kingdom of Scotland Edinburgh Robert the Bruce
Scythia Kingdom of Scythia Nikopol' Ateas
Seleucids Seleucid Empire Seleucia Seleucus I Nicator
Seljukia Seljuk Empire Nishapur Kay Khosrow
Sentinelia Great Sentinelese Empire North Sentinel Island The Chief
Shang Shang Dynasty King Zhou of Shang Anyang
Shoshone Great Shoshone Chiefdom Preston Washakie
Siouxland Republic of Siouxland Hardin Sitting Bull
Songhai Songhai Empire Gao Sunni Ali
South Africa Republic of South Africa Bloemfontein, Cape Town & Pretoria Nelson Mandela
South Korea Republic of Korea Seoul Moon Jae-in
Southern Song Dynasty Southern Song Dynasty Hangzhou Emperor Gaozong of Song
Spain Kingdom of Spain Madrid Felipe VI of Spain
Sparta Kingdom of Sparta Sparti Leonidas I
Sulu Sultanate of Sulu Jolo Muedzul Lail Tan Kiram
Sumeria Federation of Unified Sumerian City-States Sumer Gilgamesh
Sweden Kingdom of Sweden Stockholm Carl XVI Gustaf
Syria Syrain Arab Republic Damascus Bashar al-Assad
Tajikistan Republic of Tajikistan Dushanbe Emomali Rahmon
Tamilakam Empire of Tamilakam Chennai Three Crowned Kings
Tasmania Kingdom of Tasmania, Realm of the Palawa Hobart Mannalargenna
Thailand Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Bhumibol Adulyadej
Thrace Kingdom of the Thrace Komotini Teres I
Tibet Empire of Tibet Lhasa Nyatri Tsenpo
Timurids Timurid Empire Herat Timur
Toltecia Toltec Empire Tula Ce Técpatl Mixcoatl
Tonga Kingdom of Tonga Nuku'alofa 'Aho'eitu
Troy Kingdom of Troy Çanakkale Priam
Tunisia Republic of Tunisia Tunis Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
Tupia Imperium Tupium Palmas Cunhambebe
Turkey Republic of Turkey Istanbul Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
United Kingdom United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland London Elizabeth II
United States United States of America Washington, D.C. Donald Trump
Vandalia Vandal Kingdom Annaba Genseric
Vatican City Vatican City State Vatican City Pope Francis
Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Caracas Hugo Chávez
Venice Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice Enrico Dandolo
Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam Hanoi Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Vichy France French State Vichy Philippe Pétain
Vikingstan Viking Empire Uppåkra Harald Hardrada
Visigothia Visigothic Kingdom Toulouse Ataulf
Volhynia Principality of Galicia-Volhynia Lutsk Konstanty Ostrogski
Volkstaat Republic of Volkstaat Cape Town Paul Kruger
Wales Kingdom of Wales Cardiff Gruffydd ap Llywelyn
Wallmapu Mapuche State of Wallmapu Temuco Lautaro
Western Liao Western Liao Dynasty Balasugun Kuchlug
Xia Xia Dynasty Gaocheng & Gongyi Emperor Xiangzong of Western Xia
Yamato Yamato Nation Nara Prince Shōtoku
Yemen Republic of Yemen Sana'a Ali Abdullah Saleh
Yugoslavia Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Sarajevo Josip Broz Tito
Zaire Republic of Zaire Kinshasa Mobutu Sese Seko
Zimbabwe Republic of Zimbabwe Harare Robert Mugabe
Zululand Zulu Empire Pietermaritzburg Shaka Zulu

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  • 30 St Mary Axe
  • Abbey Lounge
  • Abraj Al-Bait
  • Abu Simbel temples
  • Abuna Yemata Guh
  • Acropolis of Athens
  • Acropolis of Rhodes
  • Adler Planetarium
  • Adršpach-Teplice Rocks
  • Ajinkyatara
  • Al-Khazneh
  • Albertina
  • Alcatraz
  • Alhambra Palace
  • Amalienborg
  • American Museum of Natural History
  • Anavilhanas National Park
  • Angel Falls
  • Angkor Wat
  • Arc de Trioumphe
  • Arecibo Observatory
  • Aripi Monument
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Atlantis (Wisconsin Dells)
  • Atlantis Casino Resort Spa
  • Atlantis Paradise Island
  • Atlantis Sanya
  • Atlantis The Palm, Dubai
  • Atonium
  • Au Café
  • Avenue of the Baobabs
  • Azure Window
  • Bahrain World Trade Center
  • Baker Street
  • Balancing Rocks
  • Baltoro Glacier
  • Banaue Rice Terraces
  • Banff Springs Hotel
  • Bank of America Center
  • Bank of America Corporate Center
  • Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)
  • Bar Facal
  • Bay of Fundy
  • Beacontown High School
  • Belfast Castle
  • Belfast Eye
  • Belfry of Bruges
  • Berlin State Library
  • Bern Minster
  • Betty Crocker Kitchens
  • Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Big Ben
  • Bill Gates' Mansion
  • Blarney Castle
  • Bloomvale Historic District
  • Blue's Clues House (Blue's Clues)
  • Blyde River Canyon
  • Borobudur Temple
  • Bran Castle
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • British Museum
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Buthrotum
  • Café A Brasileira (Braga)
  • Cafe Fantasy
  • Café Gerbeaud
  • Café Guerbois
  • Candle Rock
  • Canterlot Castle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Canterlot High School (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls)
  • Capital Gate
  • Capitol Records Building
  • Carousel Boutique (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Casa Loma
  • Casa Mila
  • Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Castle of Friendship (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Cathedral of Brasília
  • Castillo San Felipe del Morro
  • Castle of Good Hope
  • Channel Tunnel
  • Chartres Cathedral
  • Château de Chambord
  • Château Frontenac
  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
  • Chichen Itza
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Christ the Redeemer (statue)
  • Chrysler Building
  • Chum Bucket (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Churrería El Moro
  • Circus Maximus
  • Cisterns of Tawila
  • Cliffs of Moher
  • Cloudominium (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • CN Tower
  • Coffee House Positano
  • Coit Tower
  • Colosseum
  • Columbia Center
  • Conciergerie
  • Confederation Bridge
  • Core Pacific City
  • Corps of Cadets (Warsaw)
  • Crescent Cove Amusement Park
  • Croke Park
  • Crystal Castle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Crystal Prep Academy (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls)
  • David (Michelangelo)
  • Dead Sea
  • Denali Trading Post (Molly of Denali)
  • Derawar Fort
  • Devils Tower
  • Dome of the Rock
  • Eggslut
  • Eiffel Tower
  • El Mejunje
  • El Rio (gay bar)
  • Ellis Park Stadium
  • Empire State Building
  • Eungbongsan (Seoul)
  • Faneuil Hall
  • Fernsehturm Berlin
  • Flame Towers
  • Flaming Cliffs
  • Fluttershy's Cabin (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • FNB Stadium
  • Forbidden City
  • Fountain of Neptune, Florence
  • Four Courts
  • Frankenstein Castle
  • French Quarter
  • Frogner Park
  • Galapagos Island
  • Garden of Eden
  • Gandhi Smriti
  • Gateway Arch
  • Giant's Causeway
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Golden Oaks Library (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Golden Temple
  • Grand Canyon
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Grand Palace
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Great Blue Hole
  • Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Great Sphinx
  • Great Wall of China
  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • Hạ Long Bay
  • Habitat 67
  • Hagia Sophia
  • Hang Sơn Đoòng
  • Harrison Hot Springs
  • Hassan II Mosque
  • Headquarters of the United Nations
  • Helix Bridge
  • Helsinki Cathedral
  • Hillbrow Tower
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial
  • Hofburg
  • Holy Innocents' Cemetery
  • Hollywood Sign
  • Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Hoover Dam
  • Horizontal Skyscraper – Vanke Center
  • Hotel Transylvania (Hotel Transylvania)
  • Ice Hotel (Quebec)
  • Ice Nativity Scene (Graz)
  • Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi)
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Istanbul Technical University
  • Independence Hall
  • Installation 04 (Halo)
  • International Criminal Court Headquarters
  • Ismoili Somoni Monument
  • Jefferson Memorial
  • Jeita Grotto
  • John Hancock Center
  • Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park)
  • Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge
  • K2
  • Kadriorg Palace
  • Kalibobo Lighthouse
  • Kazan Cathedral, Saint Petersburg
  • Kelimutu
  • Kerameikos
  • Kiev Pechersk Lavra
  • Kim Il-sung Square
  • Kobe Port Tower
  • Kongreßhalle
  • Krasinski Palace
  • Krusty Krab (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Krzywy Domek
  • Kuang Si Falls
  • Kunstkamera
  • Kweekschool voor Zeevaart
  • La statue de la Résistance
  • Laguna Colorada
  • Lake Kaindy
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Lambert Glacier
  • Large Hadron Collider
  • Las Lajas Cathedral
  • Łazienki Park
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Lenin's Mausoleum
  • Liberation Tower (Kuwait)
  • Library of Celsus
  • Library of Trinity College Dublin
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Lippo Centre (Hong Kong)
  • Little Italy, Manhattan
  • Loch Ness
  • London Eye
  • Lord's Cricket Ground
  • Lötschental
  • Lotus Temple
  • Loud House (The Loud House)
  • Louvre
  • Luxor Temple
  • Luzhniki Stadium
  • Macau Tower
  • Machu Picchu
  • Maczuga Herkulesa
  • Mada'in Saleh
  • Magellan Shrine
  • Maiden Tower (Baku)
  • Mammoth Cave National park
  • Manicouagan Reservoir
  • Manila Memorial Park
  • Matterhorn
  • Meteor Crater
  • MGM Grand Las Vegas
  • Michigan Technological University's Winter Carnival
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  • Milford Sound
  • Millau Viaduct
  • Moai
  • Mohenjo-Daro
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Moosham Castle
  • Moscow State University
  • Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba
  • Motherland Monument
  • Mount Everest
  • Mount Rushmore
  • Mount Thor
  • Mystery Shack (Gravity Falls)
  • N Seoul Tower
  • Naag Mandir Temple
  • Nationalmuseum
  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Newgrange
  • Ngorongoro Conservation Area
  • Nuruosmaniye Mosque
  • Octopod (Octonauts)
  • Oggy's Home (Oggy and the Cockroaches)
  • Oia, Greece
  • Old Faithful
  • Old Royal Naval College
  • Olympic Stadium (Montreal)
  • One California Plaza
  • One World Trade Center
  • Oriental Pearl Tower
  • Palace of Fine Arts
  • Palace of Westminster
  • Palais Bourbon
  • Palm Islands
  • Panama Canal
  • Pantheon, Rome
  • Parícutin
  • Paro Taktsang
  • Parque del Café
  • Parthenon
  • Pentagon
  • People Power Monument
  • Petra
  • Petronas Twin Towers
  • Pie Family Rock Farm (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Place de la Bastille
  • Plitvice Lakes National Park
  • Pont d'Arc
  • Ponyville Schoolhouse (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Portobello Road Market
  • Pravčická Brána
  • Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park
  • Pula Arena
  • Quirino Grandstand
  • Raffles City Chongqing
  • Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando
  • Red Square
  • Reichstag Building
  • Riga Radio and TV Tower
  • Rizal Park
  • Robben Island
  • Rock of Gibraltar
  • Rockefeller Ice Rink
  • Rookwood Cemetery
  • Roseisle Distillery
  • Ross Ice Shelf
  • Rotes Rathaus
  • Royal Mansour Marrakech
  • Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Ryugyong Hotel
  • Sacarello's
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Sahara Desert
  • Saint Basil's Cathedral
  • Salar de Uyuni
  • San Cristóbal Hill
  • School of Friendship (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Scotland Yard
  • Selva Negra Mountain Resort
  • Semuc Champey
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Shalamar Gardens, Lahore
  • Shanath Arena (Far Cry 4)
  • Shanghai World Financial Center
  • Shaniwar Wada
  • Sistine Chapel
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM Megamall
  • SM Southmall
  • Smith Tower
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • SnowCastle of Kemi
  • Snowking Winter Festival
  • Snowzilla (snowman)
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
  • Somerset House
  • Spam Museum
  • St. Peter's Basilica
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Stockholm Palace
  • Stone Forest
  • Stonehenge
  • Suez Canal
  • Sugarcube Corner (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Sükhbaatar Square
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque
  • Super Readers Book Club (Super Why!)
  • Sverd i Fjell
  • Sweet Apple Acres (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  • Sydney Opera House
  • Taiwan 101
  • Taj Mahal
  • Tallinn TV Tower
  • Tentacle Acres (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Teotihuacan
  • Terracotta Army
  • Teylers Museum
  • The Baths
  • The Broadway
  • The Coffee Pot (Bedford, Pennsylvania)
  • The Edinburgh Vaults
  • The Little Mermaid (statue)
  • The Lookout (PAW Patrol)
  • The Pinnacles (Western Australia)
  • The Thinker
  • Thermoppylae Pass
  • Three Gorges Dam
  • Times Square
  • Timna Arch
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Topkapı Palace
  • Tower Bridge
  • Tower of London
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Transamerica Pyramid
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Trinity Testing Site
  • Uluru
  • Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts
  • United States Capitol
  • Vaduz Castle
  • Victoria Falls
  • Vigan
  • Vilnius TV Tower
  • Volcán de Fuego
  • Vulcan's Forge (Star Trek)
  • Walkerville Elementary School (The Magic School Bus Rides Again)
  • Wardenclyffe Tower
  • Washington Monument
  • Wat Phra Kaew
  • Wawel Castle
  • Western Wall
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Whispering Oaks Amusement Park (Left 4 Dead 2)
  • White House
  • Winter Palace
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Yester Castle
  • Zuma Rock

Sapient Species

  • Angel
  • Australopithecus
  • Catgirl
  • Clownman
  • Cupid
  • Cyclops
  • Demon
  • Doge
  • Dragon
  • Easter Bunny
  • Elemental
  • Elf
  • Ent
  • Fairy
  • Frankenmonster
  • Genie
  • Ghost
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Golem
  • Gremlin
  • Griffin
  • Grim Reaper
  • Half-Elf
  • Homo Erectus
  • Homo Habilis
  • Homo Heidelbergensis
  • Human
  • Kelpie
  • Kitsune
  • Leprechaun
  • Leviathan
  • Mermaid
  • Minotaur
  • Naga
  • Okami
  • Orc
  • Pony
  • Siren
  • Skeleton
  • Talking Cat
  • Talking Lizard
  • Talking Otter
  • Talking Shark
  • Talking Spider
  • Talking Zebra
  • Troll
  • Vampire
  • Werewolf (Lycanthrope)
  • Witch
  • Wizard
  • Zombie


Dawn Era (3,400,000 BCE-40,000 BCE)

As the longest and firstmost era of human history, this is where humans are made from evolving simians! Are you ready to build a civilization?

Name Description Requirements
Behavioral Modernization Modernize your people's behavior (and unlock new options) to advance to the next era! Winter is Coming
Crude Stone Tools Unlocks quarries. Each person makes 3 production with a maximum of 5 people. Also unlocks primitive huts. Nothing
Fire Creation Unlocks fire pit, primitive hut and earth oven upgrades. Use of Fire
Gathering Unlocks gathering camps and gatherers. Each person makes 2 food with a maximum of 10 people. Nothing
Hunting Unlocks hunting lodges. Each person makes 3 food with a maximum of 5 people. Strength is increased by 20%. Nothing
Simple Stone Technology Unlocks quarries and tool workshops. Nothing
Use of Fire Increases the maximum limit of population by 5. Also unlocks fire pits and earth ovens. Nothing
Winter is Coming Unlocks winter clothing factories and winter clothing stores. Brace yourselves for the Ice Age, folks! All Technologies

Paleolithic Era (40,000 BCE-10,000 BCE)

The first era is 3 million years long. These primitive technologies were discovered by ancient people before leaving Africa.

Name Description Requirements
Amusement Park Prestige Unlocks the amusement park earlier than in the Cold War during your first run! You never had a paleolithic amusement park before captain, but now you will. Soft Reset
Bone Flute Unlocks musical instruments factories and musical instruments stores. Behavioral Modernization
Ceramics Allows you to prospect and mine for clay. Also unlocks clay pits. Behavioral Modernization
Fur Clothing Increases the maximum limit of population by 10. Also unlocks tanneries, fur trading posts and clothing factories. Crude Stone Tools
Goodbye Africa! Leave the African continent (and gain an ability to discover the planet) so you can advance to the next era! Oh Yes, Oh Yes, It's Springtime!
Improved Stone Tools Quarries now add 10 job slots. Also unlocks workshops. Crude Stone Tools
Knowledge of Plants Gathering camps now add 10 job slots. Every gatherer generates 1 food. Also increases research points based on gathering and unlocks botanical gardens. Gathering
Logboats Unlocks boathouses, boatyards and boating lakes. Behavioral Modernization
Oh Yes, Oh Yes, It's Springtime! Food production not only returns to normal from the Ice Age, but also slightly increased by 0.1%.  All Technologies
Painting Unlocks art studios and caves. Behavioral Modernization
Primitive Weapons Strength is increased by 20%. Also unlocks weaponsmithies, recruitment offices, army camps and army headquarters. Hunting
Rope Unlocks roperies and hemp plantations. Behavioral Modernization
Sewing Unlocks fashion studios, textile mills and tailor shops. Behavioral Modernization
String Unlocks spider farms and string manufactories. Behavioral Modernization

Mesolithic Era (10,000 BCE-6,000 BCE)

The second era is 950 thousand years long. At this level, people begin to understand the power of nature.

Name Description Requirements
Advanced Gathering Gathering camps now add 30 job slots. Also unlocks upgrades for gathering camps. Knowledge of Plants
Advanced Stone Tools Quarries now add 20 job slots. Also unlocks tool sheds and tool factories. Improved Stone Tools
Art Temples now add 15 job slots. Also unlocks art studios and art galleries. Religion
Brick Unlocks brickworks, bricklayer's offices, brickmasonry workshops, brickyards and clay pit upgrades. Goodbye Africa!
Building of Fire Increases the maximum limit of population by 20. Also unlocks charcoal burner's huts. Use of Fire
Captive Animals Hunting lodges now add 10 job slots. Also unlocks storage facilities. Trapping
E-I-E-I-O Prepare your people for the invention of agriculture after tireless attempts to hunt and/or forage for food so you can advance to the next era! All Technologies
Fishing Unlocks fisheries. Each person makes 3 food with a maximum of 20 people. Hunting
Metalworking Unlocks meteorite mines and smelter mills. Goodbye Africa!
Religion Unlocks temples. Each person makes 3 culture points with a maximum of 10 people. Unlocks cemeteries. Use of Fire
Shelter Increases the maximum limit of population by 100. Also unlocks primitive hut upgrades and new housing types. Building of Fire
Spindle Unlocks yarn factories, tannery upgrades, fur trading post upgrades, clothing factory upgrades, and textile mill upgrades. Goodbye Africa!
Thrown Weapons Strength is increased by 50%. Also unlocks spear workshops and spear ranges. Primitive Weapons
Trapping Hunting lodges now add 5 job slots. Every hunter generates 1 food. Also unlocks trap workshops and hunting camps. Hunting

Neolithic Era (6,000 BCE-4,000 BCE)

A short era lasting only 46 thousand years. Over this short period of time, people were able to prepare to become a civilization. In this period, humans also understood the usage of the natural elements. The Neolithic Revolution took place and humanity made steps from a foraging tribe into a productive society.

Name Description Requirements
Adornment Temples now add 50 job slots. Also unlocks totem poles, jewelry workshops and tiki workshops. Art
Advanced Stone Weapons Strength is increased by 10%. Also unlocks barracks and training squares. Advanced Stone Weapons
Agriculture Unlocks farms. Each person makes 2 food per person with a maximum of 200 people. Advanced Gathering
Animal Husbandry Unlocks feed mills and abilities to breed your farm animals. Domestication
Architecture Increases the maximum limit of population by 200. Also unlocks megaliths (animism), architectural design studios and construction offices. Component Tools
Barter Passive growth of culture and production points is raised by 20%. Also unlocks marketplaces. Agriculture
Cattle Ranches now add 5 slots. Also increases extra 0.5 animal products of animal products of choice per worker and unlocks cattle ranches and corrals. Primitive Animal Breeding
Cloth Outfits One thousand people are added to a maximum population cap. Also unlocks cotton plantations, sheep ranches and textile mill upgrades. Fur Clothing
Component Tools Quarries now add 175 job slots. Also unlocks palisades. Imrpoved Stone Tools
Copper For the Future Move on to dig deeper for metallic ores to advance to the next era! Social Class
Cultivation Farms now add 30 job slots. Every farmer generates 0.3 food. Primitive Farming
Domestication Hunting lodges now add 100 job slots. Also unlocks ranches of different types of animals (save for sheep). Captive Animals
Equestrianism Unlocks stables, horse ranches, equestrian schools. Also unlocks pony houses and allows you to open diplomacy to ponies. E-I-E-I-O
Fish Hooks Fisheries now add 40 job slots. Every fisher generates 1 food. Also unlocks fish hook workshops and bait shops. Fishing
Fishing Nets Fisheries now add 120 job slots. Each fisher generates 2 food. Also unlocks net workshops. Fish Hooks
Leather Unlocks alligator ranches, hunting lodge upgrades and tannery upgrades. E-I-E-I-O
Mining Allows you to prospect and mine for copper ores. Advanced Stone Tools
Mudbrick Construction Increases the maximum limit of population by 300. Also unlocks mudbrick houses, hay factories, mudbrick factories and mud collection facilities. Pottery
Mysticism Unlocks ziggurats (Mesopotamian) and shaman huts (Shamanism). Adornment
Pottery Increases the maximum limit of population by 400. Also unlocks pottery workshops and clay pit upgrades. Shelter
Primitive Animal Breeding Unlocks barns. Every rancher also generates 3 food. Captive Animals
Primitive Farming Unlocks heavy equipment factories. Agriculture.
Ranged Weapons Strength is increased by 100%. Also unlocks fletcheries, bowyeries and archery ranges. Thrown Weapons
Salt Cultivation Unlocks salt mines and salt refineries. E-I-E-I-O
Shovel Allows you to upgrade mines and quarries. Mining
Social Class Unlocks palaces to enchristen your civilization. All Technologies
Weaving Loom Unlocks sheep ranch upgrades, shepherd's huts, weaving mills and fashion company headquarters. Cloth Outfits
Wheel Unlocks ceramic studios and clay pit upgrades. E-I-E-I-O

Copper Age (4,000 BCE-3,000 BCE)

Humanity build their first settlements, developing nearby territories. The metal working technology made revolutionary brilliance as in warfare matters, as in a usual way of life.

Name Description Requirements
Birth of Bronze Mix tin and copper together while you're smelting, and you get bronze to advanced to the next era! All Technologies
Boat Unlocks boatyard upgrades, boathouse upgrades, boating lake upgrades, boat factories and wharves. Fishing Nets
Bread Each food-gathering job generates 0.5 food. Also increases the maximum limit of population by 500. Also unlocks wheat fields, flour mills and bakeries. Cultivation
Copper Weapons Strength is increased by 50%. Also unlocks drill halls. Copper Working
Copper Working Copper mines now add 70 job slots. Each miner generates 1 ore. Also unlocks copper mine upgrades. Mining
Irrigation Farms now add 500 job slots. Each farmer generates 0.2 food. Also unlocks ditches and acequias. Cultivation
Metallurgy Unlocks coppersmithies. Copper Working
Oar Fisheries now add 20 job slots. Each fisher generates 1 food. Also unlocks oar factories. Boat
Polytheism Unlocks taanas (Serer), high places (Canaanite), mandirs (Hinduism), Greek temples (Hellenism), Roman temples (Roman paganism), stone circles (Wiccan) and glades (Druidism). Mysticism
Stonebrick Construction Increases the maximum limit of population by 1,000. Also unlocks stonebrick factories and stonebrick houses. Mudbrick Construction
Trade Passive growth of culture and production points is raised by 20%... again. Also unlocks marketplace upgrades. Bread
Veterinary Medicine Ranches now add 30 job slots. Each rancher generates 0.3 food. Also unlocks veterinary clinics. Cattle

Bronze Age (3,000 BCE-2,000 BCE)

The golden age of the ancient civilizations took place exactly in this period, but only a few civilizations left behind after the Bronze Age collapse.

Name Description Requirements
Bronze Weapons Strength is increased by 60%. Also unlocks gyms. Bronze Working & Copper Weapons
Bronze Working Allows you to prospect and mine for tin ores. Also unlocks tin mines and bronze refineries. Metallurgy
City Planning Increases the maximum limit of population by 20,000. Also unlocks cartography offices and defensive walls. Code of Laws
Code of Law Increases the maximum limit of population by 8,000. Also unlocks law offices. Writing
Currency Allows you to prospect and mine for gold ores. Also unlocks gold mines and mints. Trade
For All the Marbles Don't forget to say hello to ancient Greece for everybody after a long, exhausting run in search for marble rocks as you advanced to the next era! Megastructures
Megastructures Unlocks wonders. Also allows you to perform raids on landmarks. Code of Law
Monotheism Unlocks Egyptian temples (Kemetism), fire temples (Zoroastrianism), gurdwaras (Sikh), ovoos (Tengrism) and synagogues (Judaism). Polytheism
Plough Unlocks agricultural schools, heavy equipment factory upgrades and granaries. Irrigation
Riding Strength is increased by 100%. Also unlocks stable upgrades, horse ranch upgrades, equestrian school upgrades, cavalry corps headquarters, saddleries and horse tracks. Copper Weapons
Sail Unlocks sail workshops. Oar
Selective Breeding Ranches now add 1,000 job slots. Each rancher generates 1 food. Also unlocks artificially-made animal dwellings to have animals work for you. Veterinary Medicine
Writing Culture is increased by 20%. Also unlocks libraries and language schools. Trade

Marble Age (2,000 BCE-1,000 BCE)

The Marble Age showcases a Hellenistic golden age where ancient Greek cities would come together in existence. That's also when marble is more frequently used. However, this would give birth to a large, menacing civilization of the same sea and the same continent from the west of their lands...

Name Description Requirements
Advanced Agriculture Some of your gatherers become farmers with an increase of their efficiency by 25%. Farms now add 12 job slots. Also unlocks vegetable gardens, croplands, granary upgrades, ditch upgrades, vineyards and wineries. For All the Marbles
Advanced City Planning Increases the maximum limit of population by 10%. Sannitation
Advanced Irrigation Unlocks cnaals. Advanced Irrigation
Advanced Pottery Increases the maximum limit of population by 10. Also unlocks androns, gynaeceums and pottery workshop upgrades. For All the Marbles
Advanced Trading Unlocks tax office upgrades and marketplace upgrades. Craft
Applied Science Sage efficiency increases by 20%. Education
Banking Unlocks colossi and banks. Bureaucracy
Bureaucracy Trading and income increase by 5%. Weighing Scales
Cartography Unlocks cartography houses, harbors and customs houses. Navigation
Civil Rights Unlocks bouleuterions. Also reduces impact of loyalty to you when you arrest, execute or deport a person. Democracy
Combat Formation Unlocks drill hall upgrades. Militia
Craft Central workers (unemployed) generate more resources by 50%. For All the Marbles
Democracy Unlocks agoras. Also makes elections happen frequently while reducing the chance of civil uprisings at the same time. Revising the Code of Laws
Education The birth of science! Every sage generates 4 culture. Also unlocks bookstores, bookbinderies, preschool buildings, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities. Mythology
Experiments Unlocks laboratories. Applied Science
Fortification Increases defense bonus to all kinds of troops by 20%. Also unlocks defensive wall upgrades. Physical Training
Greater Than Alexander! Increases relationship to all Greek city-states! All Military Technologies
Greek Alphabet Technologies cost less by 20%. Mysticism
Heavy Infantry Unlocks arsenals. Combat Formation
Hellenization Overload Allows your people to have Greek first names. Greater Than Alexander!
I Am Iron Man Be amazed as you find iron, an ore that's way common than copper and tin, in the mines. That way, you'll be on your way to the next era! All Technologies
Marble Masonry Unlocks masonry workshop upgrades. Marble Working
Marble Working Allows you to prospect and quarry for marbles. Also unlocks marble quarries. Mine Pa More!
Mathematics Unlocks academies. Education
Mechanics Building construction and upkeep cost less by 30%. Also unlocks machine workshops and allows you to prospect and mine for tungsten. Wheels for Transportation
Medicine Unlocks herb gardens, herb drying facilities, medicine factories and infirmaries. Water Supply
Military Engineering Unlocks engineering laboratories, moats and guard towers. Fortification
Militia Unlocks militia headquarters. Physical Training
Mine Pa More! Unlocks mine upgrades. Craft
Monuments Unlocks monuments and marble workshops. Marble Working
Mythology Allows you to open diplomacy to non-human sapient species while opening opportunities to search for cryptozoological animals for taming and. Also unlocks house types for non-humans and some edicts to give rights to non-humans. Advanced Agriculture
Navigation Unlocks lighthouses. Seamanship
Philosopher's Stone Alchemical experiments generate 300,000 culture per year. Experiments
Plant Growing Increases farmer efficiency by 10%. For All the Marbles
Physical Training Unlocks gymnasiums. Advanced Agriculture
Revising the Code of Laws Every tax collector generates more money by 15%. Advanced Trading
Sanitation Decreases death rate by 10%. Also unlocks bathhouses, water pumps, sewers, sewage treatment plants, outhouses, soap factories and animal fat harvesting facilities. Medicine
Sculpture Unlocks art workshops and monument upgrades. Monuments
Seamanship Unlocks piers. Advanced Trading
Shipbuilding Unlocks shipyards. Seamanship
Siege Engines Unlocks siege workshops. Military Engineering
The Wheels on the Chariot Go Round and Round! Unlocks charioteer's workshops. Wheels for Transportation
Water Supply Unlocks wells, fountain plazas and aqueducts. Advanced Pottery
Weighing Scales Unlocks weigh houses. Advanced Trading
Wheels for Transportation Growth of all resources increases by 5%. Also unlocks road networks and wheelwright's workshop upgrades. Mine Pa More!

Iron Age (1,000 BCE-500 BCE)

The Iron Age is the Roman Empire's favorite part. It's also feared by non-Roman tribes of Europe of whom the Romans call them as "barbarians." That's where most of barbarians would capitulate and subjugate under the great Roman authority... well, almost.

Ancient Era (500 BCE-10 BC)

The ancient era is the beginning of the end of the Roman Empire, the demise of the Egyptian pharaohs, and worse, the ultimate destruction of Rome's cultural parent, ancient Greece. That's also when Hellenization is WAY too much in the Middle East! Oh, and that's when those surviving non-Roman tribes would do their best to end Roman supremacy... despite Pax Romana, right?

Classical Era (10 BC-500 AD)

The classical era is the curtain call of the ancient times. A kickstarter of the modern times. That's because, after Jesus Christ was born, he would help out many Israelites until being crucified by occupying Romans to his very death. When he gets resurrected, that's when the Pope would come by and say hello to a new religion: Christianity! Oh, and not to mention, that's also the birth of the Silk Road. Also, would you love to see Indianization of Southeast Asian kingdoms too?

Dark Ages (500 AD-1000 AD)

Hey, what's so dark about this era that you're in anyways, captain? Well, the Dark Ages is, yes, not a good time for you to live. As you can see, my gentle gamers, the Roman Empire became a Christian-tolerant nation after years of intolerance, and divided up into two Roman Empires; the Byzantine Empire, and the Western Roman Empire. While Chandragupta I (no, not Chandra Gupta silly!) is happy to have India under a new age, the nearly defeated Germanic tribes had destroyed the Roman Empire, and they have done the impossible. Well, at least the Byzantine Empire's technically the Roman Empire, and also, at least they still have a Pope.

Medieval Era (1000 AD-1300 AD)

For a few centuries long ago, the medieval era (or the High Middle Ages) began when wounds that are left over from the fall of the Western Roman Empire started to recover whereas Arab, East Asian and Eastern European nations became more advanced while the Western Europeans were a bit primitive. Towards the start of the High Middle Ages, this is when the Seljuk Turks would step into the ring. This is when Duke William of Normandy would put an end to Anglo-Saxon dominion and assimilate within the victorious warriors from its southern neighbors, the French. This is where a new cathedral in Pisa would be built for over a century. Not to mention; this is when the first successful explorer of the New World (until we find some more archaeological finds), Leif Erikson himself, even before Christopher Columbus did set foot five centuries later.

Name Description Requirements
Shopping Mall Prestige Unlocks the shopping mall earlier than in the Cold War during your first run! You never had a medieval shopping mall before captain, but now you will. Soft Reset

Gunpowder Era (1300 AD-1500 AD)

Out with bows and in with guns! The gunpowder era is, when bows and arrows, which were getting used to for too much by Europeans and Asians alike, the time firearms and explosives are born. Boom! Michael Bay would love to see this. Oh, and there's more; the Mongol Empire would continue on to expand throughout most of Asia. Sadly for the Islamic world, they had lost Iberia as the victorious Christians finally took it all back and banned many other religions with inquisition, but the good news for them is that they held ground on the Holy Land, or the Middle East, from those pesky Crusaders. But guess what? There's even a sinister time to shine for the rats and fleas alike: the Black Death. That's when a plague would kill off most of European population, including those unlucky from Asia and North Africa while Mesoamerican, Oceanian, Malayo-Polynesian, Australian Aboriginal, Native American, First Nations, Eskimo and Bantu civilizations were at least lucky (but their luck would soon change to turn against them in the coming years). Plague is no joke, guys!

Renaissance Era (1500 AD-1650 AD)

Gladly, the Renaissance era is here to change that, answering the call to help out the survivors whose luck and health would forever change European society. With the help of Italian scientists and artists, this made Europe a better place to be once again, giving themselves an ability to discover new worlds, collect all the abundant resources, and sadly, kill most natives that live within newly-discovered lands. Well, at least not all the time. Since the spice trade ban by the Ottoman Empire, the destroyer of the Byzantine Empire that would last for the next four centuries, Portugal would travel to India while Columbus would head to the Caribbean, making him another successful explorer to set foot to the New World. That's when the great Mesoamerican civilizations would kick the bucket while Europeans realize that the Americas aren't India after all.

Enlightenment Era (1650 AD-1820 AD)

The Enlightenment era opens a sealed door of new, endless scientific possibilities that challenge the Roman Catholic Church's thoughts about how humanity and Earth all began. Oh, and that's where pirates and republican revolutions galore could come up. That's when the United States is born, and when France would attempt to be a democratic state until Napoleon shows up. That also includes a Haitian revolution, friends.

Industrial Era (1820 AD-1875 AD)

The Industrial era lets countries that are once powered with outdated watermills and windmills to build a new source of power: steam engines. That's right, it's more powerful than these two combined. Since paintings can last for too long, that's also when photography is just right around the corner. Since Napoleon's bitter ending in Waterloo, that doesn't mean that peace had reigned in Europe once more (except in some places), but there are a ton of wars being ignited, and they would go for some more. Meanwhile, Queen Victoria would turn Britain into an industralized nation with a cost of human rights while America is getting more people than ever before. Oh, and that's where cowboys have their fun time in the Western United States. Not to mention, slavery would be all but over when Abraham Lincoln decided to abolish it for good with some support from European countries. Worse still, Africa would be left vulnerable to European and/or Ottoman colonization, except for Ethiopia and Liberia while Native Americans were also vulnerable to America's westward expansion.

Modern Era (1875 AD-1900 AD)

The modern era is where new technologies are being made towards Vicky's late life. With the United States more greedier for more of its territories, this would be a right time when Filipinos, Hawaiians, Cubans, Alaskans, Russians and Spaniards would have paranoia over US control on their respective territories. France is now a republic once again, after all these decades. As the Industrial Revolution went on, this gave a booming boost for economy, but it all came with a great, environmental cost. However, industralized nations don't give a hoot about that... yet.

Progressive Era (1900 AD-1914 AD)

The Progressive Era says goodbye to the late Queen Vicky, and also says hello to the new king Edward VII. When everyone realized that gas lighting would ruin their lives for everybody, they would decide to ditch this outdated technology for a new source of power; electricity. Remember when Benjamin Franklin made this on a key-tied kite in the middle of a thunderstorm? That's what foreshadowing a modern era would look like. That's when the American Golden Age is coming to an end with the establishment of the Federal Reserve by US president Woodrow Wilson, even though America's still the richest and most powerful country of that time when all this happened. That's when peace is about to get unstabilized. Can you not forget about the Titanic getting sunk down when it hits an iceberg?

World War I Era (1914 AD-1918 AD)

In this war, the European nations are getting ready to rumble in World War I by kicking some ass in a fight, as if everyone knows about that! And I mean everyone. Why? Well, because Franz Ferdinand was shot in the head by a young adult student from Serbia named Gavrilo Princip. Not to mention, several causes did that in previous years. This could be a perfect time when the Russian Empire would collapse, along with the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and the long-lasting Ottoman Empire. That's where you can go fight in the trenches. That's where you can fly for the first time in combat, and that's the bottom line, 'cause the Wright brothers said so. Oh, and that makes way for a communist Russia too.

Interwar Era (1918 AD-1935 AD)

Well, now that the Great War is over with the Allies victorious, it seems that the Armistice is being signed in the Palace of Versailles. Remember that place from the 18th century? Yeah, that's where all bad things would go on, like the Spanish flu (and no, it's not made in Spain) and the Great Depression. That's when Adolf Hitler would come by to reshape a battered Germany for vengeance, sparking another war that's similar to World War I, well sorta.

World War II Era (1935 AD-1945 AD)

Man, that's gonna be another great war everybody had been waiting for. You get to see these forces of democracy fight it out against fascist jerks for awesomeness, having the Axis Powers a taste of whoop butt for the Allies. That's when, after the Soviets captured Berlin before the Western Allies did made it, the atomic bombs that ended World War II (but if those aren't enough, that could be also by the Soviet invasion on Manchuria and the attempted coup in Japan) are made to be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Well, that's gonna make America a bad egg for sure, and I felt sorry when they all did that.

Atomic Age (1945 AD-1960 AD)

After Japan's unconditional surrender, it seems that it's the beginning of the end of the world. That's what the Atomic Age's for. Despite growing fears of a nuclear apocalypse, the United States and the Soviet Union can have a great time doing a friendly competition on each other. That's when America made a giant leap for themselves as humanity's baby steps. Oh, and the Soviet Union made a lot of giant leaps too. That's what humanity's adult-sized walk is for, thanks to the Russians.

Cold War Era (1960 AD-1985 AD)

With the Korean War ended in a stalemate, the Cold War heats up, but not into World War III silly. I meant, into some sorta like a friendly competition that I said earlier. That's when the Vietnam War would end in a communist triumph with the Viet Cong's best skills to outmatch the technologically-superior American troops out there, despite outdated technology. Unfortunately for the USSR, they would lose their ally, China. That's gonna be a three-way Cold War (if you don't think that China sided with the USA).

Postmodern Era (1985 AD-2000 AD)

In the postmodern era, the Soviet Union would dissolve itself, thus ending the Cold War. That doesn't mean that America had "won" the Cold War. The third world nations did win. No, really. They won. That's where Soviet republics would declare their independence. That's where the Euro currency is born, but the UK never seemed to like it at all. They'll have to keep the pound (not a weight measurement unit type, but a currency of their own). This is when America's era of greatness is wanning, giving advantages for other world nations like Japan, Switzerland and Canada to be more famous than ever. At least we still play arcade games nowadays when Japanese companies brought a renaissance to video gaming since American companies lost their prominence in the video game crash. Thanks, Japan!

Information Age (2000 AD-2015 AD)

On that fateful day, the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in 2001 would lead a war on terror. However, this benefited humanity with a quick advance on technology with new gadgets on the horizon with the Information Age going underway. Don't forget new cartoon shows as well. Can that be perfect for teen superhero shows to admire for yourself?

Name Description Requirements
Hero Garage Prestige Allow teenagers to become auto heroes unlike in the first run! Be careful, this could piss superheroes off unless you built another hero garage. Oh, and that can damage liberty as well, like most defense and military buildings. Soft Reset

Contemporary Era (2015 AD-2030 AD)

Before hoverboards, flying cars and self-lacing shoelaces would come out later than what 80s kids had predicted when they watch Back to the Future movies, there's a new generation of technology coming in. And so do cartoon shows that involve all-kid hero teams and kids being able to drive vehicles, right? That'll be awesome if this came to a reality, but the coronavirus outbreak could be just a temporary setback on the road to humanity's advancement.

Name Description Requirements
Driving Prestige Make kids be able to drive go-kart-styled vehicles for emergency responses only unlike in the first run! I know this idea is only pure fiction before when you watch those kids shows that have kids driving cars in it, but let's make it real, okay? Soft Reset
Fancy Restaurant Prestige Make all fancy restaurants have a mandatory law that grownups should bring children with them unlike in the first run! Let's hope they always behave, okay? Soft Reset
Prom Prestige Have students of all ages, all classes and schools to have proms unlike in the first run! Maybe we'll have to talk about giving prom kings and prom queens a daily dose of politics on the next run. Soft Reset
Prom King and Prom Queen Prestige Let prom kings and prom queens govern schools for you unlike in the past two runs! Maybe you can bow down to prom kings and prom queens, but that won't change if you change a government on your country. Soft Reset (2 Times)

Tomorrow Era (2030 AD-2050 AD)

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Britain enters a new age, as it truly approaches to the 21st century. As the coronavirus outbreaks fade away into oblivion, humanity is giving an upper hand with the tomorrow era on the rise. With so many new innovations, they could plan a battle for their existence by colonizing other planets, starting with the Moon (or Luna). That would also be the end... of nuclear weapons.

Name Description Requirements
Blanket Fort Prestige Make blanket forts more impeccable and more well-armed than ever from your first run! I guess blanket forts aren't just for kids anymore. It's also for the men and women serving in the army. Soft Reset

Future Era (2050 AD-2100 AD)

It's the last stand for Mother Nature. A great battle between the two futures: a greener, safer world, and a 2 degree world that would destroy or damage Terran life permamently. As they unite together with all the nations of the world would come together for a great battle fought not for wealth or resources, but for the good of the environment. In a fight that they must, they must go green and prepare for the final showdown against ever-rising greenhouse gases that could soon reach into over two trillion tonnes of greenhouse gases. Their decision is final and irrevocable. If they fail, they must leave Earth and let it suffer the consequences while seeking for a new world to live in, uninhabitated. If they succeed, they would earn a medal that they would deserve in doing the impossible.

Arctic Future (2100 AD-2200 AD)

With the final battle against global warming finally over with a triumphal victory for the environment over global warming, humanity can now thrive once more in celebration, but this came with a terrible cost. As overpopulation worsened life conditions on Terra (even though it's now free from global warming), they decided to colonize the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica without melting its ice caps. Let's hope global warming won't return someday! Hope Santa's real.

Oceanic Future (2200 AD-2300 AD)

With humanity's success on populating the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica (and also the discovery of Santa Claus and his elvish friends in the North Pole and the transformation of penguins into sapience by humans) without any harm on polar ice caps, they decided to move on to the oceans to create underwater cities (just like Rapture from Bioshock!). I hope they won't harm coral reefs either. Just remember, SpongeBob was here!

Virtual Future (2300 AD-2400 AD)

With the success of ocean colonies without any harm on coral reefs, Terra is now a complete ecumenopolis, but in fears of overpopulation, they have to go to virtual worlds and start their journey to find new worlds of other types with a new machine that travels through time and space. Perfect for doing a soft reset, captain! That would be a condition when those virtual programs, an indigenous race from that dimension, would be first met.

Cartoon Future (2400 AD-2500 AD)

Humanity is growing in population real faster than they expected. As they finally succeed on colonizing virtual worlds, they would make a last resort for themselves (including their new-found allies, the virtual programs), to colonize fictional worlds that their ancestors had seen centuries ago. With the perfection of a dimensional travel machine, their journey to search for brand new worlds based on fiction is about to begin. Also, we must pray that humans wouldn't do any harm to cartoon characters, like what Europeans did to the indigenous peoples.

Fantasy Future (2500 AD-2600 AD)

Eons of mythological knowledge have created curiosity to colonize fantasy worlds without harsh treatment on fantasy creatures. With a century of peaceful colonization on cartoon worlds passed, toons and humans must band together to colonize fantasy worlds and give their indigenous races futuristic technology. Will you combine futuristic technology and medieval technology too? That'll be cool.

Space Age (2600 AD-3000 AD)

Cartoon worlds, virtual worlds and fantasy worlds are now under a benevolent control of humanity without any harm or brutality on their indigenous peoples, the cartoon characters, the virtual programs and the fantasy races, thanks to a very rich culture from humanity. As humanity is still conquering newer heights, they would mix cultures from humans, programs, fantasy races and toons alike, thus starting a joint mission to colonize even more planets. Centuries before, they did conquer Luna, Mars, the rings of Jupiter and Titan, but now it's time for them to colonize for some more with the help of these new races. Will they be able to treat aliens that don't have empires very well, or will they face a new threat: a myriad of empires that are evil? This is what the space age could look like.

Post-Singularity Era (3000 AD-Beyond)

Day by day, toons, programs, fantasy races and humans have banded together with non-scientifically advanced aliens to conquer galaxies and universes. With the ultimate defeat of space pirates, overthrow of evil alien emperors (including replacement with good, benevolent ones from their respective races), and a new era of peace, the post-singularity era will bring a golden age to all sapient species, and they are all happy. What will the future hold next, captain?



  • A Wheat Field with Cypresses (Vincent Van Gogh)
  • Ancient Greek and Roman mosaics
  • Australian aboriginal art
  • Bayeux Tapestry
  • Bold and Brash (Squidward Tentacles)
  • Cai Jia paintings
  • Chessboard with Flower Border (Giovanni Battista Sassi)
  • Dürer's Rhinoceros (Albrecht Dürer)
  • Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Expectation (Gustav Klimt)
  • Hibakusha drawings
  • Laurentian Library (Michelangelo)
  • Mountains and River on the Kiso Road (Utagawa Hiroshige)
  • Navajo baskets
  • Navajo woven art
  • Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun (Vincent van Gogh)
  • Peaceable Kingdom (Edward Hicks)
  • Pool in the Woods (George Inness)
  • Qiu Yin paintings
  • Saint Jerome by the Pollard Willow (Albrecht Dürer)
  • Sunflowers (Vincent van Gogh)
  • Tahitian Mountains (Paul Gauguin)
  • The Great Wave off Kanagawa (Katsushika Hokusai)
  • The Merry Jesters (Henri Rousseau)
  • The Road in Front of Saint-Simeon Farm in Winter (Claude Monet)
  • The Scream (Edvard Munch)
  • The Shore at Bas-Butin, Honfleur (Georges Seurat)
  • The Starry Night (Vincent van Gogh)
  • The Tree of Life, Stoclet Frieze (Gustav Klimt)
  • Tiger in a Tropical Storm (Henri Rousseau)
  • Totem poles
  • Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry
  • Watercolor paintings of Venice (John Singer Sargent)
  • Woman in the Garden (Claude Monet)
  • Zhang Lu paintings
  • Zosan paintings


  • Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Carmen Suite No. 1 (Georges Bizet)
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • Flight of the Bumblebee (Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov)
  • Für Elise (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • Horn Concerto No. 2 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
  • Hungarian Dances (Johannes Brahms)
  • L'Arlésienne Suite No. 2 (Georges Bizet)
  • New World Symphony No. 9 (Antonín Dvořák)
  • Ode to Joy (Ludwig van Beethoven)
  • Orchestral Suite Number 2 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Peer Gynt (Edvard Grieg)
  • Sogno di Volare (Christopher Tin)
  • The Four Seasons (Antonio Vivaldi)


  • Blanket forts and snow forts are used for children games in real life. In this game, it's used as an extremely cheap alternative for poorer civilizations to defend themselves with a free cost and an extremely minimal upkeep as they behave like defensive structures. However, it can be researched in Modern Era and only available if either furniture factories are built, or during wintertime. To make matters worse, they're extremely vulnerable to almost all attacks.
    • They can be used for kids with their improvised weapons in case of an invasion.
  • Unique buildings are used by their respective civilziations, but players of different civilizations can get these if they succeed a delegation.
  • Having an amusement park in the paleolithic era and a shopping mall in the medieval era are references of Prehistoric Park Builder (paleolithic amusement park) and Shop Empire 3 (medieval shopping mall). That can only be done in soft resets.
  • This game will also feature famous celebrities, dead or alive, as great people to earn your bonus.
  • The game will have a combination of game features from various strategy games.
    • Residential, commercial and industrial zones can be built, just like in SimCity.
    • There would also be factions, like in the Tropico series.
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