The Steampunk Adventures of A Sorcerer's Apprentice is an upcoming Arthurian, historical fantasy fan-fiction series which first quarter of it's overall episodes reimagining events in Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice in a steampunk fantasy counterpart of our world. This fan-fiction has confirmed to be exclusively released as literature in this wikia, so this wikia so far is the only site to read the Fan-fiction. The release date however, is unknown at this point.

This fan-fiction series is set in a fictional Irish town named Trostville in 1938-1939, prior to World War 2. The series involves friendship between the Balthazar Blake, wise but mysterious sorcerer whom actually one of Merlin's three original apprentices with his slightly clumsy but very competent apprentice named Canary Raido, a young sorcerer whom enrolls in Crossmages Academy and being works as a private detective. After found out both true nature of his master and realized that he is a Prime Merlinean, Raido sets out to defeat the unleashed Morgana, and later discovering the true nature of Magus race. You see, not all of humans in the series are same with us. Among them are Magus, an off-shot of humans race whom evolved to the point that they are developed enhanced magical abilities and superhuman physiology.

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