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The Spy Who Dumped Me 2:The Spy From Outer Space is the action comedy adventure epic space-opera science-fiction sequel to the 2018 movie The Spy Who Dumped Me.


You Are Cordially Invited To:

The Wedding Of Audrey Stockton & Sebastian Henshaw

Saturday, August 6th

Central Park

Yes, Sebastian and Audrey are finally getting married after a comical 147 dates, and everything seems perfect(with Morgan as the maid-of-honor and Wendy as the officiator) until an interplanetary terrorist organization threatens to destroy Earth. Also, Sebastian's British ex is after him! With the help of an alien agent named Akanah(whose dress inexplicably resembles that of White Diamond), can the kick-ass ladies save the day one more time?

Returning Characters

  • Audrey Stockton
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Sebastian Henshaw
  • Wendy

New Characters

  • Akanah Narcassan
  • Director Vocruen Escalas, the leader of an intergalactic defense organization
  • Guinevere Johnston, Sebastian's ex-girlfriend
  • Dr. Oblivion, an alien terrorist leader and Director Escalas's arch-nemesis


  • The movie is more action-packed and less offensive than the last one.
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