The Spring Breakers Is A Comedy Romance Movie Starring Nicholas D'agosto,Andrew Garfield,Laura Vandervooth,Emma Stone,Selena Gomez,Kellan Lutz,Nina Dobrev,Liam Hemsworth,Josh Hutcherson,Alexz Johnson And Chris Evans



Nicholas D'agosto As Johnny Weenkend/a boy of 25 who want to experience a spring breakers before marriage

Andrew Garfield As Rick Von Woodsen /a Young of 25 he is the best friend the next johnny his girlfriend Rachel johnny will help to live a real spring breakers before marry

Laura Vandervooth As Brittany Overstreet/ 25 she is the bride of johnny she left to go to spring breakers to fulfill his dream but with a condition is not sleeping with anyone

Emma Stone As Rachel Wesley/rick girlfriend she is she is very mad with her boyfriend she will give johnny a crazy spring breakers

Selena Gomez As Alice Graham/hotel a girl 21 years old she is very pretty she helped johnny tanbien to live a crazy spring breakers

Kellan Lutz As Devon Wesley/He's a 24-year-old boyfriend is alice

Nina Dobrev As Faith Nelson/a girl who wants to have sex that is set to johnny

Liam Hemsworth As Gail Gilbert/'s gay cousin johnny's a virgin and wants it fucked by any man which sprin g breakers

Josh Hutcherson As Peter Lockwood/a guy who is master surfer who teaches surfing johnny and gail soon falls gail

Alexz Johnson As Erin Orvestreet/her younger sister brittany just going to spring breakers

Chris Evans As Damon Sommer/The groom is the largest erin that is very interested in it

Christian Bale As Mr. Overstreet/Brittany and Erin Father

Heather Graham As Miss. Orvestreet/Brittany and Erin Mother

Bailee Madison As Girl on Pool

Sam Clafin As Finn/Gail Boyfriend/the gail's boyfriend is only interested in getting the girls is not gay just likes to use lies with the faith

Tyler Hoelich As Hot Men

Tyler ¨Posey As boy in Bed

Shanley Caswell As Gril in Bed


laura have long straight hair

selena gomez does a threesome with johnny and Devon

liam makes a scene where josh sucks dick and sits on so the movie tine no censorship


Selena Gomez- Slow Down

Christina Perry- Jar of Heart

Bruno marz-Grenade

Adam Lambert-Cuckoo

Sara Paxton-How Can I Remenber To Fotget

Avril Lavigne-I'm With You

Candice Accola-Yesterday Is Gone

Kat  Graham-Boyfriend Is Back

Lea Michele-Cannoball

Nina Dobrev,Selena Gomez,Alexz Johnson-Wedding Bells

Vive La Vida Loca-Ricky Martin

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