The Spherical Extension is a 2015 American Drama film written and directed by Rian Johnson starring Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler, Paul Rudd, Jennifer Ehle, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Edward Norton, Laurie Holden, Terrence Howard and Dylan O'Brien.

The film is currently been analled into the Greatest Films Of All Time by the American Film Institute and has been met with overwhelming universal critical acclaim; from both audiences and critics.

The film is dedicated to all those who put their minds to the maddest tasks.

The film was released theatrically on February 28th, 2015 and has since been awarded with an Oscar For Best Actress: Aniston in a performance met with critical acclaim and one much compared with the role Christian Bale donned in The Machinist and Jared Leto's daring performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

The film has also been awarded with two Oscar nominations For Wardrobe and Best Score.

The film is distributed by FilmDistrict, EndGame Entertainment and Aniston's founded company Echo Films.


Mental patient Eloise Beagley (Jennifer Aniston) is a narcisstic, pessimistic ADD suffering obsessive compulsive who suffers from severe migraines, mass psychosis and schitzophrenia.

She resides at Fontaine Fyer's Mental Insitute and has bizarre friendships with fellow patients Daniel Haven (Gerard Butler) a new transfer patient with a wandering eye and who also hears voices as a result of years of drug abuse, Pauletta Sionis (Jennifer Ehle) a hyper-sensitive manic depressive, Daria Schmidt (Catherine Zeta-Jones) a promiscuous nymphomaniac and masochist who gets off on self-harm and young Wayne Forrester (Dylan O'Brien) a withdrawn introvert who suffers from severe panic attacks, the result of a life of sexual and physical abuse from his pedorest father.

Eloise lives under the delusion she constantly repents to the other patients of a gorgeous prince coming along on his steed to rescue her from inferno and take her through Purgatory to Paradise.

After several severe incidents and a fire Eloise, Pauletta and Daria start under Daniel's provocation she is assigned a new act in doctor Joshua Klein (Paul Rudd) who so happens to be her ex-boyfriend from high school who got her pregnant at 18 and left her to get an abortion.

He claims to not remember her and Eloise becomes compulsively obsessed with Dr. Klein constantly seeking him out and learning he kept all the letters she sent him from years ago and believes he is the prince of fantasy.

She then breaks out after shaving her head and passing off as a man.

She escapes along with fellow patients Pauletta, Daria and a at first reluctant Wayne whilest Daniel remains.

They all take up at a run-down house and fix it up whilest the authorities seek out the escaped group and then tend to their own individual missions.

Eloise checks into Dr. Klein and finds him to have a nearby address and a wife Amanda (Laurie Holden) and son Rhys (Andrew Astor).

Eloise at first breaks and begins coming into the lives of Amanda and little Rhys without Josh knowing.

She forms a strong connection with Rhys and learns he is restricted in life from doing a great many things because of his mother which reminds Eloise of her tragic life of living with a tyrannically religious mother and father who did not allow her out and kept her home-schooled and praying to God.

Eloise convinces herself that if she removes Amanda from the picture she can be with Josh and raise Rhys as her own son as the two have become so close.

Meanwhile Pauletta tries to make amends with the family of a little boy she killed by asphyxiating after she picked on her scars but fails to break through and ultimately kills herself.

Wayne does the same as well after trying to reconnect with his parents who abused him and are currently imprisoned, Wayne proceeds to return to his childhood home and slit his wrists whlest Pauletta shoots herself with a double barreled shotgun she aims in her mouth.

Daria meanwhile takes back to her routes as a nightstrip prostitute and is savagely beaten, robbed and raped.

She afterwards returns to the group's taken up abandoned house and overdoses on cocaine and is discovered by Eloise.

Eloise rushes her to the hospital and Daria is brought back by an ECG machine revival, though however permantely afterwards remains a catatonic.

Eloise abandons the hospital as the authorities come to collect her and bring her back to Fontaine as she heads for the Klein residence.

There she confronts the family and slips poison into a coffee mug of Amanda's as she is the only one home and welcomes her in, telling her husband Josh is with their son Rhys at his soccer final.

It is then revealed that the reason Rhys is so restricted from doing stuff by her is because as a baby he fell from her arms and cracked a table and had to be rushed to hospital, there he had sustained a concussion and a central part of his nervous system had been fractured which apparently the first moment of stress and panic he endures could send him into cardiac arrest, and cause his brain to shut down.

Upon this Eloise breaks down and stops Amanda from drinking her coffee.

Josh and Rhys then return home.

Rhys is sent up to his room and Josh divolges Eloise and her identity to Amanda and Eloise herself reveals what she had planned.

Eloise is attacked by Amanda briefly before being pulled back by Josh who tells her to get out as he calls Fontaine.

Eloise sits out on the doorsteps outside and Rhys overhearing the argument and skirmish from upstairs sneaks down and out to her, consoling her and saying he believes she's a good person and gives her a bracelet he made for her after last meeting with her at the soccer field at his school: the bracelet rings The Spherical Extension which he tells is her has she knows what's right and has helped him.

Rhys then heads back inside and as Eloise looks over at him she sees a small trickle of blood protrude from his right ear.

The authorities then pull up along with the paramedics and she is patched up from her fight with Amanda and brought back to Fontaine.

She expects a newly assigned doctor but is met instead with Dr. Klein who states he does remember her and that he did love her but in order for her mind to heal she must let go of the fantasy she has made and prepare herself for reality.

Eloise then learns about Pauletta and Wayne's suicides and breaks down.

Daniel comes to her and councels her telling the reason he stayed is because being here means they are not right, they are broken and he now himself has accepted the world's not ready them.

Eloise corrects Daniel stating that they aren't ready for the world before kissing him and departing.

Eloise then consults with acting former doctor Gregory Arkin (Edward Norton) a homosexual former doctor of hers.

Writing then tells us that over the next six months little Rhys Klein died of cardiac arrest on Christmas Eve, Dr. Klein retired and Dr. Arkin returned to his practice as Eloise's primary doctor and she herself was released along with patient Daniel Haven.

Eloise first began to live with Dr. Arkin and his husband Roscoe The Mechanic (Terrence Howard) before marrying a physician, Daniel Haven after release went signed up as a grunt in the current Sudanese War and was declared missing in action on Christmas Eve, Daria never came out of her catatonic state but was released into the care of her mother and father and the abandoned house became a halfway home named after Pauletta Sionis and Wayne Forrester which is frequently visited by Eloise after a long working day as a youth for christ councellor.


  • Jennifer Aniston as Eloise Beagley
  • Gerard Butler as Daniel Haven
  • Paul Rudd as Joshua Klein
  • Jennifer Ehle as Pauletta Sionis
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones as Daria Schmidt
  • Edward Norton as Dr. Gregory Arkin
  • Terrence Howard as Roscoe Arkin
  • Laurie Holden as Amanda Klein
  • Dylan O'Brien as Wayne Forrester
  • Andrew Astor as Rhys Klein
  • Eloise Beagley
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