The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 (Video Game)
Developer(s) Beenox

Other Ocean Interactive (DS)
Gameloft (Android/iOS/mobile)

Publisher(s) Activision
Distributor(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Designer(s) J.M Dematteis

Christopher Markus

Series The Spectacular Spider-Man (Video Game Series)
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Released NA May 6, 2014

EU May 2, 2014
AUS May 9,2014

Genre(s) Action-adventure, beat 'em up
Mode(s) Single-player
Platform(s) PlayStation 3

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation 4

The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 is a 2014 action-adventure video game that will coincide with the release of the film of the same name featuring the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man. It has been developed by Beenox, developer of the previous games Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: Edge of Time and The Spectacular Spider-Man, and published by Activision. A Gameloft version was released on April 17 for iOS, and Android devices. It was released on May 6,2014 in North America,May 2 in Europe and May 9 in Austrilla.The Game is a PlayStation exlusive for PlayStation 3,PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 and the game feature cross-control  


Voice Cast

  • Dylan O' Brien - Spider-Man/Peter Parker
  • Emma Roberts - Gwen Stacy
  • Thomas Sangster - Harry Osborn
  • Chris Gardner - Prowler
  • Alan Rachins- Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin
  • Matt Lantern- Ned Leeds/Hobgoblin
  • Josh Keaton- Dr. Jonathan Ohnn/The Spot
  • Steven Bulm- Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich/Rhino 
  • John DiMaggio- Hammerhead
  • Eric Bazuza- Swarm
  • Bonnie Wright-Mary Jane Watson
  • Mark Bramhall - Uncle Ben Parker
  • Misty Lee - Jean DeWolff
  • Diane Michelle - Aunt May Parker
  • Sumalee Montano - Whitney Chang
  • J.K Simmons - J.Jonah Jameson






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