The Space Canine Patrol is a 2018 American Superhero-Action film based off of DC Comic's canine superheroes, Krypto/Superdog and Space Canine Patrol Agency, and the 2005 TV Show, Krypto the Superdog, premiering in theatres in theatres on July 31, 2018. This is the third of six installments, and is a spin-off film of the 2015 Film, Superdog and the 2017 Film, Superdog 2, distributed Warner Bros, starring Ryan Kelley, Ellen Kennedy, Kelly Sheridan, Michael Dobson, Dale Wilson, Peter Kelamis, Terry Klassen, Trevor Devall, Dylan Sprayberry, and Tom Hiddleston followed by Superdog 3: Superdog v Bathound, and then a sequel film, The Space Canine Patrol 2.


Krypto is recruited by a team of superpowered extraterrestrial canines, to help them battle Transylian Detrovite, better known as Mechanikat, when the alien feline cyborg returns stronger than ever, with an army of Tetralexian warships to take over Earth, while Kevin and Lois continue to search for Clark, presuming that he's stuck in the Phantom Zone.


  • Ryan Kelley as the voice of Krypto/Superdog, a Kryptonian dog that uses his powers to protect Earth, established as the normal dog of a mild mannered photographer, while secretly as the worlds canine hero. Krypto once belonged to infant baby Kal-El on planet Krypton, but testing a rocket created by Jor-El, Krypto crashed on Earth after two decades in a dormant state. Upon landing he was taken in by a new kid in Metropolis and became Superdog. Now Krypto must team up with a team of super-powered canines to defeat an old enemy he thought long dead. Like all Kryptonians under the radiation of Earth's yellow sun, Krypto has super strength, speed, hearing, breath, heat vision, and flight, but also has a weakness of Kryptonite, radiated pieces of Krypton. Not only does Krypto have Superman's abilities, he also has his good morals and values, such as loyalty, bravery, compassion, and selflessness. Though no literal breed is said for Kryptonian canines, Krypto appears to be a white labrador retriever. When not saving Earth, Krypto wears a yellow collar with a circular dog tag, with a "K" on it, but as Superdog, Krypto wears a blue collar, trimmed in yellow, with a red and yellow House of El "S" shield for a dog tag, and a red cape with a yellow House of El "S" on the back.
  • Ellen Kennedy as Brain Barker "Brainy", the leader of the Space Canine Patrol, a purple afghan hound, with telepathic abilities, to read minds, project force fields, and levitate objects. She is a tough and strong minded, and will do anything it takes to defeat those threatening the Galaxy. Instead of walking, Brainy levitates on a dog pillow.
  • Kelly Sheridan as Mammoth Mutt, a pink chihuahua with the ability to inflate her body into an enormous ball or inflate any of her limbs, giving her enhanced strength and size to defeat enemies.. She is very sweet, caring, and brave.
  • Michael Dobson as Bull Dog, a lavender-blue bulldog, with the ability to grow and retract two large bull horns that he uses for impaling and attacking enemies and breaking objects, and when he grows his horns, he gains super strength close to that of Krypto's. He is very tough and makes smart remarks.
  • Dale Wilson as Paw Pooch, a yellow and brown basset hound, with eight legs, giving him enhanced strength and speed, which he can use to dig and run quickly. He can also expand his legs to un even faster and to reach high places.
  • Peter Kelamis as Tail Terrier, a green scottish terrier, with the ability to extend his tail, which is just as strong as Krypto. He has a stereotype texas accent and constantly uses his tail as a lasso.
  • Terry Klassen as Tusky Husky, a light blue siberian husky with a giant and indestructible tooth that can drill or bite through anything.
  • Trevor Devall as Hot Dog, a red dachshund with the ability to generate tremendous heat and fire, which he usually projects through his breath and can create heat waves from his body, to melt anything around him, but has sometimes accidently created heat waves when he loses his temper.
  • Tom Hiddleston as Transylian Detrovite "Mechanikat", an alien feline-like cyborg bent on destroying all kryptonians, after Jor-El put him in an interstellar prison. As the general of the Tetralexian army, Transylian was severly damaged in battle, and Jor-El saved his life, replacing his missing limbs with robotic parts, but due to his violent and dictative quality, he still attempted to take over Krypton, causing Jor-El to have to shut down his robotic limbs. After escaping captivity, he traveled to Earth, where Krypto defeated him. Now, Mechanikat returns with a whole army to takeover Earth.
  • Dylan Sprayberry as Kevin Whitney, a now 17 year old photographer for the Dailey Planet. working alongside his girlfriend, Andrea Suseman, and ace reporter Lois Lane, while ending his junior year. Kevin is a kind and good hearted friend, son, and boyfriend and only lies when it comes to Krypto's secret, excpt to Lois and Andrea, the other two people who know Krypto is Superdog. In this film, while Krypto is fighting Mechanikat with the Space Canine Patrol, Kevin helps Lois find Clark, who they assume is in the Phantom Zone.
  • Amy Adams as Lois Lane, a reporter for the Daily Planet, who works with Kevin and Andrea. Now, Lois recruits Kevin and Dr. Emil Hamilton, to help her find Clark.

Additionally, Allesandro Juliani, portrays S.T.A.R Labs scientist who occasionally helps Superman, and must now help Lois discover where he is. Kira Kosarin plays Andrea Suseman, Kevin's girlfriend and Daily Planet. Makayla Jade Bolkin as Melanie Whitney, Kevin's little sister. Michael Rosenbuam voices Ignatius in a small cameo, in which he escapes after LuthorCorp was damaged.


The film begins with a red starship under attack by a warship that is revealed to be one of Transylians "Mechanikat". The Leader of the Red Starship, Brain Barker, orders her team to head towards Earth, to gain help from the only being to ever defeat Mechanikat, "The Kryptonian Mutt."

On Earth, Perry White yells for Kevin and Andrea to help Lois cover a terrorist attack at Metropolis National Bank, where Lois is currently sneaking inside the building. The terrorist spot her and capture her, but Superdog shows up and saves her. As Kevin and Andrea arrive, one of the terrorists activates the bomb, so Superdog takes and buries it deep underground and barely escapes the explosion and crashes. As Kevin arrives, Krypto notices the red starship above them and they are beamed into it, where they are greeted by a group of extraterrestrial dogs. The leader introduces her self as a telepath, Brainy Barker and her team, the Space Canine Patrol; Mammoth Mutt, Bulldog, Tusky Husky, Tail Terrier, Hot Dog, and Paw Pooch, each with extraordinary powers. Brainy informs Krypto that Transylian Detrovite is returning to takeover Earth, bringing an armada with him and recruits Superdog to help the defeat him,

Flying into space, they are confronted by Mechanikat. Superdog flies out and begins battling Mechanikat's drones. As they begin surrounding him the SCP shows up and helps him, when suddenly, Mechanikat arrives preparing for battle, so Superdog confronts him, while the others battle the drones. After a short battle, Mechanikat beats Superdog with his Kryptonite heart, so Brainy saves him and they retreat to Earth, but Mechanikat sends the first wave of his Armada as the rest of his army have yet to arrive.

On Earth, Krypto and the SCP prepare to battle Mechanikat's army, while Kevin goes to get Andrea. As the Drones arrive, Superdog, Brainy and Hot Dog take the fight to the skies and fire at multiple incoming drones, while the others battle on the ground. Mammoth Mutt enlarges her hands and begins smashing the drones with vehichles, while Tail Terrier uses his tail to grab the drones and smash them into the others. The drones attack the Daily Planet in search of Kevin and attack him and Andrea, before Bull Dog and Tusky Husky save them, while Paw Pooch help them escape. Meanwhile, Mechanikat breaks into LuthorCorp and breaks Ignatius free and asks for his large source of Kryptonite, so Ignatius makes a deal with him. He joins the battle and attacks Superdog and they battle, until Mechanikat injects Superdog with Kryptonite and throws him to the bottom of the lake, while the others begin losing the battle. Brainy attempts to save Superdog, but Mechanikat uses an EMP device to disrupt her powers and fall to the ground as pain fills her mind. Hot Dog is surrounded by four drones that blast him with liquid nitrogen, as he does his best to block it with waves of fire, he becomes completely frozen. Mechanikat cracks the ground underneath Bulldog and Tusky, causing them to fall. After that, he quickly defeats Mammoth, Tail Terrier, and Paw Pooch.

Meanwhile, Kevin dives into the lake and gets Krypto, as Andrea and Lois arrive in Kevin's pick up with Krypto's ship, since Lois assumes it can heal the Kryptonite poisoning as Clark's ship once saved Clark by neutralizing Kryptonite. Kevin activates the ship and it creates a large flash that surrounds Krypto, neutralizing the poisoning. After recovering, Superdog goes to save the others, starting by destroying the EMP generator and saving Brainy and then uses his heat vision to free Hot Dog, while Brainy recovers Mammoth and Tail Terrier. A large creature appears and Superdog battles and damages it. As it crashes into the ground Bulldog and Tusky Husky resurface and Bulldog uses his horns and superstrength to stop it, while Krypto and Hot Dog blast it in half. Afterwards they confront Mechanikat in the final battle and after a long fight, finally defeat him, ending with Brainy deactivating Mechanikat's robotic half, in order to take over his mind to call off his armada.

The film ends with Superdog becoming an honerary member of the Space Canine Patrol and Kevin and Krypto watch as the SCP leaves Earth.

In the mid-credits scene, Ignatius breaks into highly secure LuthorCorp vault, containing a large chunk of meteor rock, lined in red crystals

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