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The Snow, Desert and the Forest is a 1990 American animated film produced by Cosgrove Hall Productions and Lucasfilm released on July 27, 1990 by New Line Cinema. It was Cosgrove Hall Films' first full-length film since The BFG.

Voice Cast:Edit


  • Loverrated - Perisan the Lion, Squeakcheck the Muskrat
  • When You Touch a Golden Star - Tonguehunter the Badger, Ratzenberger the Mouse, Buster the Fox, General Otterson
  • You’ll Be Perfect for the Spotlight - Ratzenberger the Mouse, Lucy Pennines
  • In Summertime - Ratzenberger the Mouse
  • Gee How I Love to Fly - Ratzenberger the Mouse, Orlando the Ginarrbrik


  • The Snow, Desert and the Forest was released theatrically on July 27, 1990 in the United States and Canada and August 3, 1990 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.


  • Although this movie was rated PG in the United States, it was rated U in the United Kingdom.

Home video releasesEdit


  • The Snow, Desert and the Forest


  • The Snow, Desert and the Forest


  • The Snow, Desert and the Forest
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