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New Line Cinema

Cosgrove Hall/Lucasfilm Ltd.

The Snow, Desert and the Forest

From the novel by
C.T. Louis

Adapation by
Jimmy Hibbert

Produced by
Brian Cosgrove Mark Hall
George Lucas

Directed by
Mark Hall

Closing Credits

Cast of Characters:

Ratzenberger the Mouse
Prince Paramount
David Jason
Lucy Pennines Amanda Root
Helen Pennines Angela Thorne
Perisan the Lion George Cole
Edmund Pennines Richard Briers
Susan Pennines Barbara Wilshere
Peter Pennies Joe McGann
Eustace Sharpsteen Brian Southwood
Professor Dorling Kindersley David Suchet
Mrs. Murphy Myfanwy Talog
Santa Claus Edward Kelsey
Bergman the Faun Martin Jarvis
Jefferson the Dwarf
King Marvel
Jimmy Hibbert
General Otterson Neil Buchanan
April the Madness Terry Scott
Peterson the Horse Jack May
Templeton the Pevensie Kerry Shale
Narina the Scrubb John Derum
Grampian the Bird Brian Trueman
Mr. Gopher John Alderton
Mrs. Gopher Pauline Collins
Mr. Bear Willie Rushton
Venice the Wolf Brian Wilde
Magnum the Griffin Michael Hordern
Buster the Fox Richard Pearson
Tonguehunter the Badger Peter Sallis
Patterson the Bull Don Henderson
Orlando the Ginarrbrik Peter Hawkins
Squeakcheck the Muskrat Dennis Waterman

Music Score by
Jerry Goldsmith

Music and Lyrics by
Keith Hopwood
Malcolm Rowe

Nigel Rutter

Sue Marke

Keith Scoble Andy Roper

Neil Graham Paul Shardlow

Lloyd Price Rachel Hall
Paul Berry Sue Pugh
Andrea Lord Marjorie Graham
Stuart Sutcliffe Claire Bissiker
Barry Purves Steve Moss

Model Characters Designed and Sculpted by
Colin Batty Patricia Brennan
Rebecca Hunt Neal Scanlan

Model Characters Constructed by
Noel Baker Peter Bentley
Ian MacKinnon Marcia L. Pidgeon
Peter Saunders Bridget Smith
David Hayes Brian Cosgrove

Models, Sets and Props:
Graham G. Maiden Pippa Greenwood
Rick Kent Christine Keogh
Fiona Randall Richard Sykes
Jeff Spain Paul Simpson
Yvonne Fox Colin Armitage

Model Camera:
Joe Dembinski Jerry Andrews
Mark Stewart Bryan Parsley

Lighting Camera:
Ted Martin Paul Street

Rostrum Camera:
Frank Hardie

Costume Design:
Helen Plaumer

Costume Makers:
Patricia Brennan
Geraldine Corrigan
Clare Elliott

Terry Brown

Post Production Co-ordinator:
Christine Walker

Post Production Manager:
Chris Phillips

Art Director:
Bridget Appleby

Dubbing Mixer:
John Wood

Animation Supervisor:
Jackie Cockle

Associate Producer:
Chris Taylor

Post-Production Supervisor:
Mike Stern

Dolby Consultants:
Ray Gillon
John Iles

Voice Recording:
John Wood Studios

Sound Track Re-Recorded at
World Wide Sound Studios

Sound Effects by
Wellington Productions, Inc.

Main and Title Design by
Saxon/Ross Film Design

Assistant Animators:
Barry Leith George Laban
David Johnson John Gilluley

Animation Director:
Brian Little

Assitant Dubbing Mixer:
Trevor Barber

Arthur Morton Michael Young

Song Arranged by
Phil Bush and Chris Dibble

Rank Film Laboratories

Music Performed by
London Symphony Orchestra

Conducted by
Jerry Goldsmith

Music Supervisor:
Mark Hall

Assistant Film Editor:
Hilary Wyatt

Production Secretaries:
Carmel Wilson
Jane McCooey
Julie Barter
Sian Hopkins

Effects Editor:
Howard Lanning

Production Accountant:
Phil Slattery

Accounts Assistant:
Julia Salt

General Manager:
Michael Robinson

Beverly Bush

Still Photography:
Margaret Riley

Executive Producers
John Hambley David Clutterbuck


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