The Snapchat Murders is a 2018 American Slasher Horror film written by Oz Perkins and Juliet Snowden and directed by Anthony and Joe Russo. The film was conceived a Netflix original film premiering on March 18th, 2018 after the delay of Netflix's Scream third season and after it's overwhelming one day viewing success it was upgraded to a week long theatrical release where it grossed past it's 1.3 million dollar budget. The film was produced by Jason Blum and released under it's distribution company Blumhouse Productions. Upon release the film was met with mixed reception from critics who praised it's simplistic slasher film convention originality, social commentary and glossy atmosphere. The film stars Erinn Westbrook, Tony Revolori, Lili Reinhart, Ross Butler, Ken Baumann, Ramona Young, Colton Haynes, Phoebe Tonkin and Taissa Farmiga.


High school Jasmine Class returns home after a break up with her boyfriend to be greeted by her gay best friend Nate Atchison. Her single mother leaves for drinks with friends and Jasmine convinces Nate to abandon a night in and go clubbing. Nate is murdered outside as a killer stabs and incapacitates him, then smashes his head down upon the outside sprinkler tap.

His death is snapchat recorded and the video is sent to Jasmine who is upstairs. Jasmine herself is then pursued by a Jeff the Killer masked and costumed assailant prompting her to hide her in bedroom closet as she calls the police. Fortunately over a period of remaining hidden as the killer searches for her, her mother returns home and is soon followed by the police.

Jasmine is then killed as the killer reveals himself in the closet and stabs her multiple times in the back and then once in the chest, piercing her heart. Nate's body is found strung up by authorities outside and the sprinklers spraying blood, Jasmine is found upside down with a Gustavo smile carved into her cheeks.

Jasmine's former group of friends led by Amelia Silver and her ex-boyfriend Jordan DiMarco address the issue of Nate and Jasmine's murders.

Amelia feigns sickness and taking a note and lie-down from the school sick bay returns home, unable to cope with Jasmine's death and that Jordan has been sleeping with her best friend Krystal.

As Amelia is leaving sick bay Jordan, Krystal and the group's other friends: Sanshey, Francis, Abigail, Rick and Bron all receive snap videos of Nate and Jasmine's murders by the Jeff the Killer costumed murderer.

All but Rick on account of his previous criminal record for drug dealing come to the local precinct and present the footage.

Rick at home contending with his abusive father and uncle undergoes some heavy drug use in the shed whilst overseeing his motorcycle.

Girlfriend Bron comes to console him when they both receive snap photos of the killer on the property.

Bron urges to call the police but Rick argues against opting to instead just leave. The killer in snapchat message offers Rick the chance to have his uncle and father's lives spared if he simply contacts the police. Rick contemplates the decision and then decides against bringing about the snap video to himself and Bron that shows their demise, as the killer enters the kitchen and breaks the uncle's whiskey bottle and stabs Rick's father in the back of the neck. Rick's uncle is pushed down the stairs and breaks his neck. Rick and Bron end up against Bron's wishes inspecting the scene and a shocked Rick remains with his father who slowly bleeds to death as the police arrive which Bron called.

Bron abandons the scene in a panic and begins to return home where receives snaps of the pursuing killer who drowns her as she reaches the small pond of her backyard, her death snap circulating around to the other characters.

As the other characters come to the station to contest on Rick's behalf he ignores the snap message to remain put and exits, stealing back his motorcycle and taking off unaware that the killer had cut his break-line resulting in his bike stacking and him becoming shredded along the road.

At Francis' party to lure out the killer with patrolling officers Krystal makes amends with Amelia as Jordan in a drunken stupor makes a move on Abigail. Sanshey declares his attraction to Amelia and knowledge in Jordan's previous affairs from their relationship. The killer creates a distraction with the officers and kills all four patrolling deputies.

Sanshey is then attacked and hurled from a balcony to a glass roof which collapses and leaves him cut up in the foyer, believed to be dead. The party begins to evacuate and snaps are sent to Amelia, Jordan, Krystal and Abigail of Sanshey. Realising that Francis is nowhere to be found the killer gets to him as he heads outside with his guitar and lights a cigarette.

The killer snap videos in telekinesis as Francis is struck to death with his own guitar. The party flee in horror and Abigail who had arrived outside to see Francis' body retreats back into the house to find Amelia, Krystal and Jordan.

The killer reveals the ability to teleport as he pursues Krystal through the empty, trashed house to the front balcony and after stabbing her in the leg throws over to her death right before Amelia, Krystal and Jordan.

The others discovered Sanshey to still be alive and as they hear police sirens also make a call for paramedics.

Jordan is killed after a lengthy discussion with Amelia regarding their past relationship and is stabbed numerous times in the back serving as a shield between her and the attacking killer.

His body is then thrown through glass pool doors. Amelia and Krystal take hold of the bleeding Sanshey and escort him outside to safety.

Amelia then reveals herself as an accomplice in the murders as she immolates Sanshey before a horrified Krystal. She reveals her motivation as the cruel treatment done of all her closest friends lying to her and her female companions and Nate Atchison's involvement with Jordan.

The killer is revealed to be an actual conjured manifestation of the legendary creepypasta urban legend character Jeff the Killer, controlled by her.

The killer pursues Krystal across the nearby woods and she discovers the entity abides to moral codes remembering Bron and Rick's final moments. Krystal snap messages the entity and reasons for Amelia's morals. However Jeff catches Krystal and ultimately impales her on a protruding tree branch. After Amelia is unable to send away the entity and he on the reasoning of Krystal stabs her in the heart. The authorities discover Krystal and Amelia's bodies in closing as an officer withdraws the talisman Amelia had to control the entity. Amelia's body is seen with a carved Gustavo smile.


  • Erinn Westbrook as Amelia Silver
  • Tony Revolori as Sanshey Douglas
  • Lili Reinhart as Krystal Brien
  • Ross Butler as Jordan DiMarco
  • Ken Baumann as Francis Moore
  • Ramona Young as Abigail Tunning
  • Colton Haynes as Rick Larson
  • Phoebe Tonkin as Bron Abeling
  • Taissa Farmiga as Jasmine Class
  • Connor Jessup as Nate Atchison


  1. Four Out Of Five- Arctic Monkeys
  2. Sit Next To Me (Around The World)- Foster The People
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