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The Sleigh Ride Adventure is a 2020 family-friendly FamilyChoice original movie directed by Mark Waters.


During winter break, two kids go on a sledding competition with their parents, but they meet up with their rivals: a group of teenage girls consisting of Ruby, a high school junior.



  • Iain Armitage as Charlie Hayes, a 10-year-old boy
  • Kingston Foster as Lily Hayes, an 8-year-old girl and Charlie's younger sister
  • Dax Shepard as Peter Hayes
  • Kristen Bell as Diane Hayes
  • Julia Butters as Katie Chase, Charlie's friend
  • Lonnie Chavis as Lucas Roberts, Charlie's friend
  • Sofia Vegara as Mrs. Jennifer Guzman, the school teacher
  • Jenna Davis as Ruby, a troubled teen
  • Kennedi Butler as Carly, Lily's friend who goes on a sleigh ride competition.
  • Skai Jackson as Alisa, Ruby's friend
  • Lizzy Greene as Taylor, Ruby's friend
  • DeVore Ledridge as Courtney, Ruby's 16-year-old cousin and the Santa Girl
  • Sean Astin as Santa Claus


  1. Bella Thorne - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (used in the trailer)
  2. McClain Sisters - Jingle Bell Rock


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International Titles

  • There are titles in different countries:
    • Spanish: El Paseo del trineo de Aventura
    • France: L'aventure De Promenade en Traîneau
    • Italy: L'avventura Corsa in Slitta
    • German: Die Schlittenfahrt Abenteuer
    • Russia: Катание на санях Приключения (Kataniye na sanyakh Priklyucheniya)
    • Japanese: そりアドベンチャー
    • Korean: 썰매를 타고 모험
    • Greek: Το Έλκηθρο βόλτα περιπέτεια (To Élki̱thro vólta peripéteia)
    • China: 在乘坐雪橇冒险 (Zài chéngzuò xuěqiāo màoxiǎn)
    • Norway: Kanefart eventyr
    • Finland: Rekiretki seikkailu
    • Sweden: Den Sleigh Ride äventyr
    • Iceland: Sleðan ríða ævintýri
    • Poland: Kulig Przygoda

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