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The Sleepaway Camp is a 2016 film that acts a reboot and remake of the original 1980 Sleepaway Camp film.

Having been in development for years, it was filmed in 2013 before being released in 2016. Originally intended to be released Direct-To-Video, it was given a wide theatrical release on October 31st, 2016.

It was directed by Fede Alvarez, who worked on this film simultaneously with both Evil Dead and Don't Breathe. Like with Alverez's other films, it was produced by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert.

The film stars Andrew Garfield, Maika Monroe, Anna Kendrick, Mark Valley, Jake Abel, Skyler Samuels, Hector David Jr., Donnabella Mortel, Gabriel Basso, Mason Cook, Steele Stebbins, Mackenzie Foy, Izabela Vidovic, Lucas Kelly, Jade Pettyjohn, Ty Simpkins, Dakota Goyo, Morgan Lily, Dante Brown, with Lucy Lawless and Tony Todd.

Felissa Rose and Johnathan Tiersten have uncredited cameos in the film as two police officers.

Plot Summary

A group of eight college students are brought on as counselors for the newly re-opened Camp Arawak. One of the counselors, Dom (Andrew Garfield), starts to become very protective of young Eddie (Mason Cook) when he becomes bullied not only by the other campers but also some of the counselors and even the staff. But Cit soon becomes apparent that someone is taking something too far when the people who've been bullying Eddie turn-up dead one by one.

Plot Synopsis

Eight college-aged youths are seated on a bus headed toward a newly re-opened Camp Arawak, which had been closed down 20 years earlier because of a fire that destroyed all the buildings. One of the youths, a temperamental guy named Dom (Andrew Garfield), is approached by the sweet Lacey (Maika Monroe). The two seem to hit off very well, but are mocked by Tawney (Anna Kendrick) for being 'flirty' in her presence. This causes Dom to snap at her angrily. Before the argument between the two can go any further, the bus reaches it's destination.

Dom, Lacey, and Tawney get out of the bus along with the other youths, delinquent Dillion (Jake Abel), know-it-all Chastity (Skyler Samuels), party-hard TJ (Hector David Jr.), punk rocker Violet (Donnabella Mortel) and jock Adam (Gabriel Basso). They approached by staff leader Eve Wells (Lucy Lawless), who is also Lacey's mother, and camp owner Melvin 'Mel Costic (Mark Valley). The two adults explain to them that the campers will be arriving tomorrow and that they will be held responsible if anything bad happens to the children under their watch.

Dom, Lacey, Tawney, Dillion, Casey, TJ, Violet and Adam head to the main hall to set things up for the campers and are approached by one the cooks, Artie (Tony Todd) who begins to make perverted and salacious comments to Lacey and Casey. When he leaves, all eight counselors agree to keep the young campers away from him.

The next day, multiple buses bring in the young campers. One camper, Eddie (Mason Cook) is practically dragged off the bus by his older step-brother Kyle (Steele Stebbins) when he tells him he doesn't want be at camp. Kyle tells Eddie he doesn't care what he wants. Kyle and Eddie head over to the boys side of the camp.

Over the next few days, Eddie begins to get intimidated by the other campers, especially on one occasion when Craig (Lucas Kelley), Donovan (Ty Simpkins) and Jenny (Izabela Vidovic) dump a bucket of ice water on his head a Kyle's behest. Dom notices the bullying going on and angrily warns Kyle and the other campers that he will not tolerate any one picking on Eddie. Dom and Lacey then take Eddie to the nurse.

Lacey complements Dom on his willingness to stand up for a bullied child and says she wished someone would've stood up for her when she was younger. Dom admits that he was also bullied and that that's the reason he has a huge temper.

Eddie meets Susan (Mackenzie Foy), who befriends him. Kyle then becomes jealous of his step-brother getting attention from a girl, so at lunch he has Ariel (Jade Pettyjohn) and Thatcher (Dakota Goyo) trip him. Humiliated, Eddie runs off. Dom argues with Mel and Eve to have the children punished, as does Lacey, but the adults believe it was just an accident.

Eddie runs into Artie. Artie attempts to kill Eddie, but is stopped by Dom, who tells Artie if he sees around any of the children again that he will kill him. Artie ignores Dom's threat. Later that evening, Artie is boiling water for potatoes when he is chair is pulled out from under him, which causes him to fall face first into the scalding hot water, which severely burns and kills him. Eve and Mel decide to rule Artie's death as an accident and want to keep it quiet despite the protests from TJ, who thinks a psycho may be loose on the camp. TJ later talks with Violet and tell her that he's worried the camp has become unsafe.

Kyle and Craig begin to beat Eddie up, with Dillion doing nothing to stop it. Dom breaks up the fight and chastises Dillion. Dillion says he doesn't care and goes off on his own. He met's up with Chastity, who begins to make out with him. The two make their way to a bathroom for privacy. But before they can get much further, a beehive is dropped through the window. Dillion and Chastity try to escape, but the door has been locked from the outside. Both of them are stung to death by the bees.

Later on, Donovan, Craig, Ariel, Alice (Morgan Lily) and Jamal (Dante Brown) push Eddie off the canoe they're riding in, leading to him almost drowning if not for Violet managing to save him. When Dom finds out what happened, he promises Eddie that his bullies will get what's coming to them.

As Eve and Lacey are arguing about the bullying that the campers are committing, they find the bodies of Dillion and Chastity. That night, Thatcher and Ariel sneak out to use the canoes again for a romantic rendezvous. However, the canoe is overturned where an unknown assailant drowns the two.

Early the next morning, TJ rounds up Adam, Violet and Tawney, telling them that they have to convince Eve and Mel to shut down the camp. Tawney and Adam think he's being stupid but Violet agrees since it seems the camp isn't safe. The four then find the bodies of Thatcher and Ariel.

Eve and Mel still try to cover murders so as not receive a lawsuit, though Mel suspects Dom is the killer, especially since he's become protective of Eddie and the ones dying are people who've tormented him.

Kyle, Craig, Donovan, Alice, Jamal and Jenny continue to torment Eddie. When Eddie goes to Tawney and Adam for help, they mock him themselves for being a crybaby. Susan gets Dom and Lacey and the three take Eddie away. Eddie says he doesn't know why Kyle hates him, but Dom tries to assure him that just because the others are mean, he doesn't deserve his treatment.

Tawney tries to seduce Mel and asks him if they can have dinner. Mel thinks on this and tells her yes but that she can't tell anyone. That night, as Tawney is showering for her dinner, she is stabbed in the back through the shower wall, killing her.

Adam is watching over some sleeping campers, including Craig, Donovan, Alice, Jamal and Jenny. When he comes back from using the bathroom, he sees the five of them have been chopped with an axe. When he runs to go get help, he gets his leg stuck in a bear trap. Adam is then decapitated with the axe.

Eddie sees that Kyle isn't in the cabin, but sees Susan outside. She suggests they go swimming, to which he agrees. Meanwhile, Mel finds Tawney's corpse and immediately suspects Dom. Mel confronts Dom, but when Dom denies hurting Tawney, Mel explodes with anger. Mel then beats Dom's head in with a rock, which eventually knocks him out.

Walking off, Mel is killed when an arrow is shot through his neck. Hearing his screams, TJ goes off to get help. TJ runs into Violet, who also heard Mel's scream. TJ and Violet find Eddie with Susan. The two counselors tell them not to go into the water and to come with them. TJ, Violet, Eddie and Susan go to the head cabin to get help from Eve.

Opening the door, the four of them find Eve on the floor, dead and having been strangled. TJ and Violet tell Eddie and Susan to use Eve's phone to call the police while they look for the others. Eddie begs them to find Kyle and Dom.

As TJ and Violet search the camp, they come across all the bodies of those who were killed. The two eventually find Lacey, covered in blood. Violet asks her if she's okay and Lacey says she's never been better, holding up the decapitated head of Kyle. Horrified, TJ and Violet question why she killed him. Lacey says she killed everyone who bullied Eddie because he needed someone to protect him the way she needed someone to protect her when she was younger. TJ and Violet call her crazy, which angers her. Lacey lunges at them with the axe, but before she can kill them, she is shot in the head by a police officer who has just arrived on the scene.

The next morning, as the police are rounding up the bodies. TJ and Violet are comforting Eddie, Susan and the other surviving campers when they see Dom being lifted into the ambulance. Dom gives Eddie a smile, showing him that he's okay. They smile as the ambulance leaves.


  • Andrew Garfield as Dom Shepard
  • Maika Monroe as Lacey Wells
  • Anna Kendrick as Tawney
  • Mark Valley as Melvin 'Mel' Costic
  • Jake Abel as Dillion
  • Skyler Samuels as Chastity
  • Hector David TJ
  • Donnabella Mortel as Violet
  • Gabriel Basso as Adam
  • Mason Cook as Eddie Miller
  • David Mazouz as Kyle Miller
  • Mackenzie Foy as Susan
  • Izabela Vidovic as Jenny
  • Levi Miller as Craig
  • Jade Pettyjohn as Ariel
  • Ty Simpkins as Donovan
  • Dakota Goyo as Thatcher
  • Morgan Lily as Alice
  • Dante Brown as Jamal
  • Lucy Lawless as Eve Wells
  • Tony Todd as Artie

Main Cast Gallery


TJ, Violet, Eddie, Susan and Dom


  • Lacey - Shot in the head by gun
  • Kyle - Decapitated by axe
  • Eve - Strangled
  • Mel - Shot by arrow
  • Adam - Decapitated by axe
  • Jenny - Hacked by axe
  • Craig - Hacked by axe
  • Donovan - Hacked by axe
  • Alice - Hacked by axe
  • Jamal - Hacked by axe
  • Tawney - Stabbed in back
  • Ariel- Drowned
  • Thatcher - Drowned
  • Dillion - stung by bees
  • Chastity - stung by bees
  • Artie - Burned by boiling water


The film receive mixed to positive reviews, with many praising how it when with it's own twist rather than reusing the one from the original. Maika Monroe's performance in particular was praised, do to how different it was from her usual 'final girl' roles in previous horror movies.

T.V. Tropes

  • Adaptational Villainy: Unlike Angela Baker, who spared the ones that found out about their killing sprees, Lacey has no problem trying to kill TJ and Violet after they find out and also had no problem killing younger bullies who are most likely in middle school.
  • Jerk Victim: The bullies and counselors
  • Bittersweet Ending: Sure, the killer is dead and Dom is gonna be fine but everyone is a little bit traumatized over the killing spree.