The Skills (film/I) Action anxiety film.


  • Yuri Ferguson as Michel Coppola\General 43; an assassin killer.
  • Oliver Rivers as Mark Alecon\General 43; an close friend of Michel.
  • Yolanda Swaby as Yanis Rilson (aka. Mother Grace); an FBI agent.
  • Darian Lopez as Ronnie Coleman\General 44 (main villain); half brother of General 43.
  • Axel Dominguez as Walter; an Taxi cab.
  • Tyson Tatum as Becker \ Michel Coppola; false name is Michel and main secondary antagonist.


  • Lewin Solomon Sr. as Detective James Coppola (Michel's deceased father and Ronnie's deceased step-father)
  • Joe U. Tasagling as Mitchell Coppola\General 45; close brother of Michel.
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