The Singles of Desolation's Caverns is the Fourth EP released by Mexican Extreme Metal band Black Autumn released in 1998 by Evil Metal Records. The EP features singles from the band.

Track Listing

  1. I Know (I'm Dead) (6:58)
  2. Love is a Curse (8:41)
  3. Nazi Punks Fuck Off! (1:04) (Dead Kennedys Cover)
  4. Anarchy In The UK (3:34) (The Sex Pistols Cover)
  5. Dead Woods (2:38)
  6. Blood Walls (7:56)
  7. Spiritual Cramp (3:22) (Christian Death Cover) (Bonus Track)*
  • The song just appears listed in some editions of the album and it appears as Christian Death


  • Aleskei Bayle - Vocals & Bass
  • Miguel Bayle - Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
  • Mateo Araya - Keyboards
  • Christian Sanchez - Drumms
  • Roberto Martinez - Bass
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