The Signal is a short supernatural horror sc-fi film it star Maria RobBelle, Sandra McCube, Scott MacDonald, Mariana Hill, Shawnee Swith, Shannon Elizabeth, Jordan Clarkson, Candy Clark and Kayla Hanna it like the movie Unfriended

Running time is 58 minutes


a long day ago the nine teen online in Skype chat video the power ghost go inside the computer the picture can movie and the picture come out in Naniel computer and get her.

Terria chat Naniel but she not chat at the Skype the lights turn off and never on again Baldy, Hanna, Terria, Josh, Karla, Honna, Manny, Lena scream all the ghost torture Baldy at her skin bloody.

Karla go open the door but she cannot open it the ghost follow Honna and she get fall by 1000 conts.

Josh go in the twitter and her computer turn off the ghost hold a knife and eat her body.

Hanna find some big cont crushed by Honna and she fall in pit spikes.

Karla go in basement the door go lock Manny in the pit and crush by boat but Terria died now

Karla go in her computer and haunt by The Ghost and the screen get blocked


Shawnee Swith as Honna

Scott MacDonald as Baldy

Maria RobBelle as Karla

Candy Clark as Manny

Shannon Elizabeth as Terria

Sandra McCube as Hanna

Kayla Hanna as Naniel

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