The Shining 2 is a 2013 Horror film and is the sequel to the 1980 film "The Shining".


a man named pierre buys the overlook hotel 33 years after the 1980 incident, and invites his sister, her husband, and their three children- maggie, sean and emily, to visit him for the weekend. soon, emily starts seeing horrific visions of the past and future. meanwhile, jack torrance's ghost posseses pierre and he plots to kill them all. can emily save them with the power of the shining?


robert capron as Sean- The Young son and the survivor of the incident

bailee madison as Emily- The Young daughter and the survivor of the incident

chloe moretz as Maggie- Sean and Emily's older sister

david arquette as Pa- Maggie, Sean and Emily's dad

anne heche as Ma- Maggie, Sean and Emily's mom

jackie earle haley as Uncle Pierre- The Killer and Maggie, Sean and Emily's uncle


Maggie- pinned to bed with kitchen knife.

Ma- stabbed through back in shower.

Pa- throat slit with spear.

uncle pierre- shot in neck.


Sean, Emily

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